Security surveillance CCTV Cameras Home Office & Commercial CCTV systems
Security surveillance Cameras for home security system & commercial CCTV

DiY CCTV for Showrooms Shops Offices Warehouses from $29 Importer Direct
½+ million Pixel analog HD CCTV cameras 33% better than DVD Sony EffioE DSP CCD Megapixel ADSL/Network/Mobile remote view Dome Maxi Infrared Day Night Vision 960H & Mega-Pixel Video Recorders

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Dome CCTV Cameras

from $59

Effio 960 + H-Pixel Extra-High Resolution Infrared Ball Camera

650+ TVL Sony CCD | Seawolf 690 HTVL-E Pixim DPS Nightwolf IR optimised | Effio 960H | Vandal Hardened | Pan Tilt Zoom | Auto-Focus | inbuilt Infra-Red Illuminator

Mini CCTV & Surveillance Cameras

from $59

960H infrared night vision security camera Lipstick style Helmet Camera Effio 960 + H-Pixel Extra-High Resolution Infrared Ball Camera

Infrared Night Vision | Bullet Lipstick Tube | 1/3" Sony 540 TVL CCD Auto-Focus Motorised Optical Zoom | Seawolf 690 HTVL-E Pixim

Infrared surveillance Illuminators See-in-the-Dark

from $5

Covert Invisible NO GLOW Infrared LED video surveillance IlluminatorInfrared Security Illuminator67 LED Night Vision Security Light
Infra Red Illuminator PCB ready to use107 LED Infrared surveillance lamp

940 nm Invisible | 850 nm High Output
Indoor Outdoor | experimenters 36 LED PCB

Lenses | Filters | Lens Holders

from $5

LENSES 220º FishEye Pinhole Megapixel IR CS Mount Board VariFocal Auto-Iris
220º FishEye | Pinhole | Megapixel | IR focus-shift Corrected | C/CS Mount | Board | VariFocal | Auto-Iris | C-Spacer | Board to CS Converter | AI Amplifier

Power Supplies Plug Packs

from $2

AC Power Supply Transformerrechargeable Li-Polymer Battery Pack
Power Supply Switchmode Plug PackIn-Line Rectifier Switch Mode Regulator

Plug Packs | Power Supplies | DC | AC | Regulated | Unregulated | IEC Power Cables | 24vac-12VDC Rectifier-Regulators

BalUns use Cat-5 LAN Cable for Surveillance Video VGA Component S-Video Audio

from $4

DVR surveillance camera Video BalunS Video YC Balun
4 Channel security Video Balun
Plug-in Network Patch Cable Video Balun Rectifier Data

Future-Proof Cabling Solutions use low cost flexible Cat-5 LAN Cable for Video Audio Power today & IP Network surveillance Cameras in the future

Video Splitters AV Amplifiers RS485 Joystick PTZF Controller
from $20

Video Audio AmplifierVideo Distributor Splitter
Speed Dome RS485 Joystick Pan Tilt Zoom Focus Washer Light ControllerVideo Amplifier

2 Way 4 Way Video Splitters | Video Amplifiers | AV Amplifiers | Pelco™ compatible PTZF RS485 Joystick Controller

Camera Brackets Outdoor Indoor Housings

from $1

surveillance Video Camera BracketSecurity Camera Indoor Outdoor Housings BracketsDome Security Camera Housing

Indoor | Outdoor | Recessed Ceiling Dome | Large 9" 12" 14" Ceiling Domes Multi-Camera Omni Vision

PC Related VGA-Video-VGA RS232-485 Converters WiFi WLAN Antennas
Genius NetScroll 120 OpticalRS232 to RS485 ConverterVideo VGA Converter
High Gain WiFi 2.4 GHz AntennasVGA to VIDEO ConverterWireless Network High Gain Antenna

2.4 Ghz Wireless High Gain Antennas | VGA Splitters Extenders | IP Cameras | Audio Video WiFi Audio Server | RGB VGA Skew Corrector

Plugs Sockets BNC-RCA-BNC

BNC plug RCA socket AdaptorAdaptor BNC to BNC socket
DC Plug Plug-In Wire-In Terminal BlockAdaptor RCA plug BNC socket

BNC-RCA | BNC-BNC | RCA-BNC | RCA-RCA | SMA | N | SMA-N | SMA-Rev Polarity | SMA-SMA | 2.1 x 5.5mm Power Plugs Sockets Wires

Dummy Surveillance Cameras
Dummy C Mount Camera with Light Emitting Diode DUMMY Ball Camera

from $5

Dummy Dome Camera
Dummy Night Vision High Resolution Infrared Ball Security Camera

Video & Power & Audio Security Cables
Power Distributor Splitter power 9 cameras MicrophonesDiY Security Video Power Cable
UTP Cable 100 & 305 metre CartonsPower Cable Splitter

Ready-to-Use Video Audio Power Cables | Power Splitters | Gender Changers | Cables: VGA IEC SMA N BNC F RCA Scart PCB DC PS/2 RJ45 HD15 DB9 Plugs Sockets Adaptors

Wireless Video Transmitters AV Senders
Video Transmitter + Audio 2.4 GHz AV Sender4 Channel Mini 2.4 GHz Audio Video Receiver Pinhole Camera Transmitter 2.4 GHz Sender Wireless Covert Tiny Hidden Pinhole Spy Video Camera
Portable Video Monitor Wireless AV Video Sender Receiver Monitor 1000 milliwatt Video Transmitter VIDEO & AUDIO 2.4 GHz AV Sender

Pinhole TX Camera | 7" 16:9 Wide Screen Monitor with inbuilt 4 Channel RX | High-Gain 2.4 GHz Antennas | 1000 mW TX




Misc Bitz Thingz
Desktop Microphone Stand GooseneckCotton Gloves handle PCB Modules Domes Components
PCB module mounting bushes spacers nuts screw pak

Fans: DVR Power-Supply Outdoor Housing | PCB Mounting Hardware | PCB Gloves | Gooseneck |
16 mm B&H Lenses | Xenon Bulbs | 35 mm Sprockets

Pixim Seawolf DPS
Learn about Pixim Seawolf DPS
Learning & knowledge center

Articles | Information | News

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