TV RF Modulator distribute Video Audio Security CCTV
TV / VCR RF Modulator distribute Video Surveillance CCTV Video Audio via TV Antenna System View Record on all TVs VCRs


UHF-Box $9 assembled

UHF-Box2nds $4 details

Low-Noise Linear Power Supply $12


Connect between TV Antenna & TV/VCR or Splitter, allows Video & Sound to be Monitored & Recorded on all TVs & VCRs.
TV RF Modulator
Modulator - Mixer - Antenna Amplifier 'Kit'
All items pictured above are supplied.

RF Input from Antenna via std 9.5 mm Coax Female socket.
 RF Output to TV/VCR via ~ 30 centimetre Cable & std 9.5 mm Coax Male plug.
Allows easy (VCR like) plug-in installation.

This unit may be used with most Australian TVs & VCRs if the Tuner is capable of being tuned in 1 MHz steps.

Composite Video Input 1 v p-p, 75 ohm ohm impedance via ~ 180 centimetre Cable & Yellow RCA Plug.
Audio Input (mono) 2.0 v p-p, ~ 10K ohm impedance via ~ 180 centimetre Cable, Red & White RCA Plugs.
Supply 9 ~ 12 Volts DC Regulated, Modulator ~ 75 milliamps, Booster ~ 55 milliamps, via ~ 180 centimetre Cable & 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket, center pin = (+).

Modulation: CCIR PAL G European Standard, Monochrome/Colour, 5.5 MHz Mono Audio. Booster Amplifier amplifies FM & VHF/UHF TV signals between approximately 47 & 862 MHz.

RF Modulator Output: 16 Channels 30 ~ 45 PAL G European Standard. PAL G Channels fall approximately between Australian Channels 30 and 47, output frequency is approximately 543 to 669 MHz, selection of the 16 PAL G European Channels is via 4 DIP switches.
This unit may be used with most Australian TVs & VCRs if the Tuner is capable of being tuned in 1 MHz steps.

PCB is populated with all Surface Mount components, assembly involves fitting, Crystal, Switch, LED, Regulator, Capacitors, Diode, etc. A good knowledge of Electronics and good soldering skills are required to assemble this unit. Circuit NOT available. Now supplied fully assembled

NOTE: We have a limited quantity of UHF-BOX/2nds that due to a design glitch produce an almost imperceptible audible click & fine white horizontal line each 2 to 5 seconds. In most situations this glitch is unnoticeable.

Typical arrangements

TV RF Modulator distribute Video Audio Security CCTV
UHF-MOD (discontinued) for common single module installation, connect positive from a well filtered 5 Volt DC supply to pins c and e. Connect an 82 ohm resistor between pins a and d, connect video signal (coax center conductor) to pin a and coax shield to pin d (or solder to module can). Using standard 9.5 mm IEC RF Plugs connect coax cable from antenna to ANT IN and coax cable to TV, VCR or Splitter to RF OUT.

distribute Video Audio Security CCTV

TV RF Modulator Video Audio Security CCTV

TV RF Modulator Security CCTV

For multi channel / module installations, set each module to a different channel with a gap of two or more channels between each and any Off-Air TV Station. The outputs from several modulators may be combined by using a splitter (in reverse) as a combiner. Leave booster pin e disconnected on all modules except the module connected to the antenna, output of combiner may be connected to the input of a splitter for multiple outlets.

The arrangements pictured & notes above in general also apply when using UHF-BOX. To disable the Booster in UHF-BOX a PCB track needs to be cut.


Unique allows Closed Circuit Television Video Surveillance Cameras, Video Switchers, 4 / 8 channel Dual Page Video Quad Screen Processors, Wireless Receiver, AV Senders and Video Cameras with Inbuilt Microphones to be connected into normal TV Antenna systems in Homes, Flats, Duplex Units, Community Housing Estates, Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, etc etc. Video Signals are viewed in the same manner as an off-air TV station, simply select Modulator Channel and see who is at the door, breaking into your car / boat / caravan, observe swimming pools & sleeping babies, check for intruders, etc, etc. Video and Audio signals from Cameras and associated equipment can be monitored and/or recorded on all TVs and VCRs that are connected to TV antenna system. A vast improvement over conventional Video Intercom systems that usually consist of a single small monitor located in one room, every TV becomes a monitor and any VCR connected to antenna system may be used for recording. In multi residential units UHF-MOD and a Camera or Cameras may be used to monitor Car Parking Areas / Pools and other Common areas * an advantage of this shared monitoring is the likelihood that someone will be viewing or recording at any given time. Several cameras may be used on different channels or Sequentially Switched or Quad Screen images from Four or Eight areas may be displayed on a single channel.