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⅓" SONY Super HAD II CCD & EffioE DSP powered Colour PCB Camera Module hidden behind a Mirror

Covert Camera behind Mirror

composite HD CCTV 33% better than SDTV


960H Analog HD CCTV DVR 16 Video 16 Audio 960x576 960 Horizontal-pixel Real-Time 16 x 25 (400) FPS Full-Screen 568 032 pixel Recording best ever composite CCTV recording resolution. Dual-Core CPU. 8 x 3 TB SATA internal + 12 TB eSATA 36 000 GB total storage capacity. Live-Monitoring Recording Network Remote View. ADSL / HTTP / TCP/IP / UPNP / RTSP / UDP / SMTP / NTP / DHCP / DNS / IP Filter / PPPOE / DDNS / FTP / Alarm Server. USB Ethernet Pan-Tilt-Zoom RS485 Alarm I/O simultaneous VGA + Composite + HDMI outputs. 64 Channel Network Central Monitoring software with IP & Megapixel integration

HD CCTV 568 032 pixel Full Screen Real Time AV Recorder

33% better than DVD HD-analog


33% better resolution than DVD SDTV D1 960H ⅓" SONY 568 032 Pixel EXview HAD II CCD & EffioE DSP Colour Covert HD Security Pinhole Camera PCB concealed in a PIR Detector Case

hidden HD PIR Security Camera

33% better than SDTV analog-HD

HD-Analog 960H DVR 568 032 pixel Security Recorders

960H Analog-HD Security DVR

650+ HTVL-E 0 Lux with IR LEDs
Varifocal AI Lens ⅓" SONY 960H 568 032 Pixel Super HAD II ExView CCD. EffioE DSP. OSD Setup. IR illuminator. Motorised IR-CUT. SEE-in-the-DARK
Day Night Extra High Resolution 960H Security Camera External Focus & Focal length Adjusters
Best ever composite resolution HD Security


960 Horizontal Pixels 960x576 Highest-ever-Resolution ⅓" SONY 568 032 Pixel EXview HAD II CCD & EffioE DSP Colour HD Camera Module concealed in Smoke Detector Case Dual-Camera option

Covert HD CCTV Smoke Camera


960+ H-Pixels 0 Lux with LEDs
Extra-High-Resolution ⅓" SONY Effio 568 032 Pixel Super HAD II CCD & DSP InfraRed Night Vision Ball style Security Camera

Effio 960 + H-Pixel Extra-High Resolution Infrared Ball Camera

750 H-Pixels 0 Lux with LEDs
Recessed Ceiling (Downlight style) Hi-Res Colour Night Vision IR Camera
⅓" SONY Super-HAD-II CCD Image Sensor


Ceiling recessed Downlight style Security Camera

BalUn pair for Audio & Video & Power connect Microphones & Cameras & Video Recorders & Power Supply. BNC Plugs for Video 10 cm Cable for DVR. RCA Plugs both ends for Audio. 2.1 x 5.5 mm Plug & Socket for Power via Twisted Pair. Interconnection via RJ45 8p8c socket.

BalUn pair for Video & Audio & Power interconnect Cameras & Microphones & Video Recorders & Power Supply

3.5 Inch Test CCTV Cameras Test & Analyse RS485 PTZF Devices
Setup CCTV Cameras Lenses Pan Tilt Zoom Focus Cameras RS485 devices TEST & DISPLAY Hexadecimal PTZ control data from PTZF controllers TEST Audio, UTP Network Cables Measure Video Signal mV & IRE levels
Power 12VDC Cameras
3.5 Inch Test CCTV Equipment

IR-Illum107Ready-to-Use Plug-In LIGHT EMITTING DIODE INFRA-RED ILLUMINATOR for use with Monochrome & InfraRed sensitive Day/Night Colour Cameras, Automatic On/Off Night/Day.

IR-Illum107on Always "ON" special version Ideal for difficult Back-Lit entrance type situations with Mono or Day/Night Colour Cameras that have a Notch IR-CUT Filter

107 LED Infrared LED CCTV Illuminator

Socket & 4 Plugs Power multiple Cameras / Microphones or other devices from a single Power Supply, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm Socket to Four Plugs

4 Plugs & Socket Power multiple Cameras Microphones other devices
Pixim Seawolf Ball Security Camera

690 HTVL-E
0 Lux with IR LEDs
Pixim Seawolf
DPS Image Sensor designed for difficult high contrast lighting conditions Wide Dynamic Day/Night Infrared
Ball Security Camera Seawolf Day Night Camera

720 H-Pixels
21 mm diameter
COLOUR ⅓" SONY SUPER HAD II CCD Image Sensor Cylindrical Bullet Camera Digital Signal Processing Lipstick style Tube Camera
Wide 1.8 ~ Tele 25 mm Lenses
Lipstick Camera Tube Camera Bullet Camera SONY CCD

720 H-Pixels 0 Lux with IR LEDs
Vandal-Hardened InfraRed sensitive VariFocal Lens Day Night IR Night Vision Surveillance Camera
⅓" CCD
Rugged Aluminium Ball Security Camera
22X-ZoomAF Quick-Install

Mount-it Aim-it walk away no focussing required

22X Optical Zoom | Automatic Focus | 500
H-Pixels | 1 Lux | " SONY Super HAD CCD |
Fully Self Contained | COLOUR Security Camera
Zoom Auto Focus Security Camera

Microphone with inbuilt preamplifier

only $5

Output: Line Level Audio via RCA socket.

Microphone with inbuilt preamplifier

720 H-Pixels 0 Lux with IR LEDs
2.8~12 mm Variable Focal Length Lens On-Screen Setup Day Night
Infrared Night Vision ⅓" CCD Security Camera


Digital Wide Dynamic Security Camera Day Night

650+ HTVL-E 0.1 Lux
568 032 Pixel 960H Sony Effio Super HAD II CCD & Effio-E Wide-Band DSP Extra-High-Resolution
Effio 960H Sony Super HAD II CCD Wide-Band DSP

Composite Video Passive CCTV Video Balun, Flexible Coax with BNC Plug screw press-to-release terminals
Composite Video Balun

690 HTVL-E 0 Lux with IR LEDs
Pixim Seawolf
DPS Image Sensor Outdoor Indoor Security Camera Excels in High Contrast & Back-Lit conditions Wide Dynamic 2.8~12mm or 4~9mm Automatic-Iris Lens Day/Night Infrared
Pixim Seawolf 690 HTVL effective
Covert Pinhole PCB

750 + H-Pixels 0.5 Lux
COLOUR 32x32mm Pinhole 3.7 mm Lens Camera PCB Module
Plug-In & View/Record
Pinhole PCB Camera Module

750 + H-Pixels 0.5 Lux
COLOUR Security Camera Module
⅓" SONY Super HAD II CCD concealed in a Smoke Detector Case
Plug-In & View/Record
Covert Smoke Detector Security Camera

690 HTVL-E On-Screen Menu-Driven Setup Seawolf DPS Pixim Image Sensor Wide Dynamic or difficult high contrast excellent Colour rendition
Wide 2.1 ~ Tele 25 mm Lenses
Mini Pixim Seawolf Security Camera

30 metres & longer Cat5e-UTP Cable, two BalUns, DC Plug & DC Socket for Camera & DVR.

Pre-wired on request. It is easier to install cable first (only requires 6mm 1/4" hole to pull Cable through) & then attach fittings.
Easier to install, only 6 mm diameter, more flexible than Coaxial & reusable for Network Cameras in the future
with BNC Plug & 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC Plug for Camera end.
BalUn with BNC Plug & 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC Socket for Power Supply & DVR end.

UTP Cable-5e LAN Cable 30 metres & longer - Box not included+
Box not included
Video Balun with flexible lead & BNC Plug for Camera - DVR - Monitor. Easy Push-In Wire Terminals+Male DC Power Plug for Camera end. Easy screw-in Wire Terminals+Easy Push-In Wire Terminals. Video Balun with flexible lead & BNC Plug for Camera - DVR - Monitor+Easy screw-in Wire Terminals. Female DC Power Socket for DVR - Monitor end
BalUn image is for illustrative purposes
type(s) supplied may vary