We are excited to work with Kiwi as we continually look for ways we can help our customers improve the ease of integration, performance and return on investment of using our solutions
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Pixim and Kiwi Semiconductor Announce Partnership for Development of Companion Analog Integrated Circuits
Kiwi Semiconductor's companion integrated analog IC's will be optimized for use with Pixim's digital imaging systems aimed at security camera applications

Sunnyvale, Calif., January 28, 2010 - Kiwi Semiconductor Ltd., a developer of companion analog chip solutions, and Pixim Inc., a leading provider of imaging technology for enterprise security cameras, today announced a partnership to develop IC solutions for digital imaging systems aimed at security camera applications.

Pioneering the concept of companion IC development, Kiwi Semiconductor integrates the analog functionality of an embedded system into a single chip, while working in close collaboration with its partners' system engineers to ensure the best in functionality, performance and cost.

"Our focus on developing companion chips is perfectly highlighted by our effort with Pixim to offer higher performance, a smaller footprint and a cost advantage to our customers" said Luc Lussier, chief executive officer of Kiwi Semiconductor. "By working in lock-step with Pixim's engineering team, we are able to integrate the analog functionality into a single chip, to help ensure customers bring more competitive solutions to market."

"We are excited to work with Kiwi as we continually look for ways we can help our customers improve the ease of integration, performance and return on investment of using our solutions," said John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development at Pixim, "With this type of companion chip effort, our customers will enjoy more flexibility integrating our solutions into their camera products."

About Kiwi
Kiwi Semiconductor Ltd. is the Analog Companion IC CompanyTM, focused on analog and mixed signal ASIC and ASSP product development for the security systems, LED illumination and wireless communications markets. Kiwi combines the singular focus of a world-class engineering team with our partners' application knowledge and market leadership to deliver solutions that optimize applications by reducing cost and form factor while increasing performance. As a result, customers and partners are able to get to market sooner with more competitive products. For more information, visit www.kiwisemi.com.

About Pixim
Pixim Inc. has developed unique imaging technology that revolutionizes the way video cameras capture and process images. Unlike traditional image capture technologies, where each pixel cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene, Pixim's patented Digital Pixel SystemŽ technology empowers hundreds of thousands of pixels to act like individual cameras constantly self-adjusting. This all-digital system enables Pixim-powered cameras to efficiently capture the whole picture, regardless of lighting condition or application - thus securing the widest dynamic range, natural color, and clarity, while automatically eliminating image-compromising visual noise (e.g., glare, reflections). The result is more than superb image quality; it is accurate, actionable information that gives users the strength of certainty.

Pixim chipsets are incorporated into millions of security cameras installed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Visit www.pixim.com/cameras for a complete listing of Pixim-based cameras. For general information, visit www.pixim.com or call Pixim's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., at (650) 605-1118.