More CCTV in Melbourne if it helps make city safer
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More CCTV in Melbourne if it helps make city safer Doyle

Matt Johnston
August 19, 2009 12:58pm

UPDATE 6:06pm AN INCREASE in CCTV cameras in the city has been backed by CBD bash victim James Macready-Bryan's mother.

James suffered brain injury after he was punched in a city laneway in October 2006, and Robyn Macready-Bryan said CCTV had been used in the case against James' attackers that gave her family a small element of closure.

She said more cameras could help prosecute more criminals.

"I think it's an excellent idea because in our case with James it was the CCTV footage that enabled police to mount a very strong case against the attackers," Ms Macready-Bryan told late today.

"I think it would have haunted me if they had been able to get awy without having to face the consequences."

Melbourne could become the "Big Brother" capital of Australia if late-night violence continues to grip our streets, the Lord Mayor said today.

Robert Doyle says he will do whatever it takes to help make the city safe, as he released the locations of 54 council-controlled CCTV cameras.

He said he would look at introducing more cameras in the future if police told him they were necessary and warned criminals they would be identified