Ghostly image caught on security camera
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Ghostly image caught on security camera

By David Gear

A GHOSTLY image captured on a security camera in Perth’s northern suburbs has set tongues wagging.

The white translucent shape appears to dance before the camera, and at one stage is looks as though an “arm” reaches into the tray of a parked ute.

The unusual shape was captured early Tuesday morning on the security camera of a Ridgewood man, who did not want to be named for fear of being ridiculed.

The shape appears intermittently over a four-hour period on the security vision, which was captured by a motion-activated camera in the man’s backyard.

“I’m not sure what it is,” the property’s owner said.

“I think people should look at the video themselves and make their own mind up.”

Inmycommunity inspected the camera and could not see any obvious cause of the vision, such as a spider on a web.

Inmycommunity can confirm the footage has not been digitally altered.

Further vision is being examined to help shed light on what the image could be.

The man said the apparition returned last night at virtually the same time, just after 1am. He said this time it appeared to sit in the ute.

Tonight he plans to move his ute out of the shed, remove the clothesline and change the camera angle in an attempt to solve the mystery.