Cameras at level crossings
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 Cameras at level crossings

Motorists and pedestrians need to take care at level crossings. In the interests of monitoring the safety of its level crossings and preventing traffic breaches, RailCorp currently utilises CCTV cameras across its network in NSW.

Cameras at level crossings record images of vehicles and people using the crossing. Signs at level crossings will tell you if a camera is in operation.

RailCorp collects, uses, stores and discloses CCTV images for the purpose of:

•monitoring and recording any offence or infringement, which may be reported to the Roads & Traffic Authority or appropriate law enforcement agencies;
•investigating safety/security incidents on or about level crossings;
•monitoring the ongoing safety on or about level crossings and assess the need for additional safety or maintenance measures; and
•statistical or research purposes related to level crossing safety.
Any image taken of you may also be used for other purposes directly related to the purpose set out above. For instance RailCorp may disclose the images to the RTA or other law enforcement agency such as the NSW Police Service or Australian Federal Police.