Bank card skimmer found on building society cash machine
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Bank card skimmer found on building society cash machine

24 January 2008
By Paul Foster

Police are asking people to urgently check their bank accounts after fraudsters targeted a cash machine.

A card-skimming scam was uncovered at the Nationwide building society in Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth, when a customer tried to withdraw cash at 12.15pm on Tuesday.

The ATM did not give out any money, or return the man's card, and so he alerted the building society manager.

Police found a skimming device over the card slot as well as a small camera overlooking the keypad area where the PIN is entered.

It's not known how long the device was on the machine before it was found so police say anyone who has used it should check with their accounts.

PC Allison Fraser said: 'At this time we do not know when the device was put in place at this cash point, and so I would urge anyone who has used it recently to check their accounts and ensure no money has been taken without their knowledge or permission.

'If anyone has any concerns they should contact their bank or building society as soon as possible.'

The hi-tech thieves use the skimming devices to clone cards while the camera records the person's PIN.

Armed with this information they can steal thousands of pounds from bank accounts.

But the devices are sometimes incredibly difficult to spot.

PC Fraser added: 'The device we found here was not obvious and looked the same as the rest of the cash point, but people should be aware when using cash points to take note of anything out of the ordinary.

'If you discover a device do not attempt to remove it, and inform the bank and police immediately.

'I would ask that anyone with any information about the device found at Nationwide in Edinburgh Road should contact police so that we can gather all the information available and find the person responsible.'

Anyone with any information in relation to this incident should contact PC Allison Fraser at Southsea police station on 0845 045 45 45 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.