Alleged rapist caught on CCTV
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Alleged rapist caught on CCTV


July 17, 2009 12:01am

..UPDATE: A MAN who surrendered to police after CCTV footage of a sex attack suspect was released was initially sent home before police arrested and charged him.

On Wednesday, police released footage of a man wanted for questioning over a sex attack in Modbury on Monday.

In Elizabeth Magistrates Court , lawyer Craig Ellis said his client was alerted by family members to footage of a man matching his appearance, shown in media reports on Monday night.

His client is a priest from Adelaide's northern suburbs, who cannot be identified.

"When he heard about this from the family members he then went to the Port Adelaide police station to make inquiries," Mr Ellis said. Police said he was not the man they were seeking and sent him home, where he was later arrested, the court was told.

Mr Ellis told the court his client had not yet given him full instructions.

"It may be his instructions are that he was present at the premises but nothing happened, or it may be he wasn't present . . . at all," he said.

The man was charged with serious criminal trespass, assault, compelling a person to sexually manipulate him and indecent assault.

Police said they would not comment on why the man was sent home after presenting at the police station.

In court, magistrate Jack Fahey granted the man bail, to reappear in August.