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AV Sender set

TX/RX AV System
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AV Sender set AV Sender set
Plug-In & Play: Complete with two Australian/NZ Mains Plug Packs & two ~ 1.2 metre Stereo AV RCA Cables.
Euro 2-pin Mains Plug Packs are supplied with orders destined for the 'Continent'..

AV Sender set
TX/RX AV System is a Wireless Audio & Video Transmitter - Receiver link for the transmission of audio and video up to ~ 100 meters in ideal clear line-of-sight conditions.


Observe showrooms, warehouse, offices, entrances, etc without the need to install expensive and inflexible wiring.
Distribute images to multiple remote Monitors (&/or Recorder) for training, presentation or general surveillance and observation.
View images from Satellite TV, Pay TV, Cable TV, DVDs, VCRs, Computers, Cameras, Quads, Multiplexers, etc in multiple rooms from one source without distribution amplifiers or wiring.
Transmit your message to multiple TVs / Monitors in showrooms, tradeshows, etc without wires.

See who is outside your door before opening it using a Video Camera and your regular TV.
Monitor your baby, your children, the swimming pool, the elderly, ill or recuperating using a CCTV camera or camcorder.


LIPD Band: 2400 ~ 2483 MHz (Australia 2.4 ~ 2.463 GHz).
TV System: Suits ALL TV Systems in ALL Countries, operation is independent of TV System.
Multi Channel (Australia = 2, Export = 4) Transmitter & Receiver.


ISM Band: 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz (Australia 2.4 ~ 2.463) Audio/Video 2 or 4 channels.
Antenna: Directional.
Modulation: FM.
Oscillator: P.L.L. (Phase Locked Loop) IC Bus Control.
Video Input & Output: Standard 1 v p-p, 75 ohm Composite Video, via RCA female sockets.
Audio Input & Output : Line-Level, via RCA female sockets.
RF Output Power: 10 mW EIRP (maximum allowed).


DC Power Supply: 12 VDC, 300 mA. Suitable for operation from a 12 V Battery
DC Power Output: ~ 12 VDC unregulated @ maximum 50 mA for external equipment.
Power Consumption: ~ 2.4 Watts plus output load.
Size: with antenna folded down 120 mm (W) 155 mm (D) 47 mm (H) ~ 285 g.


DC Power Supply: 12 VDC, 300 mA. Suitable for operation from a 12 V Battery.
DC Power Output: 12 VDC (unregulated) @ maximum 20 mA for external devices.
Power Consumption: ~ 3.6 Watts.
Sensitivity: -92 dbm.
Size: with antenna folded down 120 mm (W) 155 mm (D) 47 mm (H) ~ 290 g.

Audio & Video Input & Output for:

DVD Player, Satellite TV, Reversing Video Camera, Tuner, Camcorder, Surveillance Video Camera, PC DVD / MPEG / AVI Playback, TV Set (AV), Switcher, Video Monitor, PC Audio/Video Capture Card, VCR, DVR, etc.


Depends on Surroundings, Obstructions, other Transmitters (2.4 GHz Cordless Phones, Wireless LAN, etc). Antenna Alignment,  Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency interference in the vicinity. This device will be affected by and will affect other devices that operate on or near the same frequency causing minor to severe interference.

In ideal, clear, Line-of-Sight conditions up to ~ 100 metres.

Due to the nature of Radio Signals results are unpredictable (in the same manner as Mobile / Cellular Telephones) signals reflected from surrounding objects arriving at Receiver antenna may Add-to or Subtract-from the direct signal from Transmitter. In a typical 'Household' type situation reception between Rooms with antennas aligned may vary from Excellent to Poor.


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AV Sender set

Video Transmitter & Stereo Audio 2.4 GHz AV Sender with Directional Antennas suitable for transmission of signals from Wireless Covert Tiny Hidden Pinhole Spy Video Cameras, DVR, VCR, Satellite TV, DVD, PC, Pay TV, Surveillance Cameras, Cable TV, Remote Control Cars - Boats - Hovercraft, Security Cameras, Portable & Covert CCTV Video Surveillance * up to 100 metres range. wireless, wireless audio transmitter, wireless audio video, wireless av 2.4 ghz transmitters, wireless av transmitters, wireless cable tv transmitter, wireless color video camera usb, wireless security cameras, wireless spy camera, wireless spy cameras, wireless surveillance cameras, wireless transmitter, wireless transmitters, wireless tv transmitter, wireless video, wireless video camera, wireless video cameras, wireless video sender, wireless video transmission, wireless video transmitter, video transmitter, video transmitters, transmitter wireless video, transmitter wireless video camera, 2.4ghz video transmitter