discreet pinhole covert wireless camera

discreet pinhole covert wireless camera
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discreet pinhole covert wireless camera
Pictured with Micro Plug-In Antenna (supplied)


TX-CAM2 Wireless Camera / Transmitter with 3.7 mm Board Lens and Micro Antenna.

High Sensitivity * High Signal:Noise Ratio
Compact 2.4 GHz 4 Channel Wireless Colour CCTV Video Camera with inbuilt Video Transmitter and Micro Antenna.

Ideal for portable & discreet / covert applications or virtually unlimited Monitoring / Observation / Recording locations using multiple Receivers.

Wide range of lenses available 2.1 mm to 25 mm. Use 25 mm Lens for full screen 'Head & Shoulders' or 'Cash Drawer' shots at 6 m.

REG12/0.3A Regulated Plug Pack $12
BRKT-1I Aluminium Swivel Mounting Bracket $8

CAMERA Image Sensor: 1/4 inch  LOW BLEMISH CCD, 512 x 582 pixels, PAL TV System. Sensitivity: ~ 3 lux @ F1.2 (this value is provided for comparative purposes only. Signal : Noise Ratio ~ 48 dB. Resolution: ~ 440 Horizontal Pixels (this value is provided for comparative purposes only). Automatic Electronic Shutter: 1/50 ~ 1/100 000 second, 20 ms ~ 10 microseconds, additional information here. Standard 1/4 inch UNC female thread Top & Bottom for Mounting Bracket.

Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC well filtered and Regulated, ~ 160 mA, via 2.1 x 5.5 mm socket, Center Pin = (+). Dimensions: ~ 65 mm (L), ~ 32 (W), ~ 29 mm (H), excluding antenna. Antenna ~ 62 mm long, ~ 6 mm diameter. Total weight ~ 60 grams.

VIDEO TRANSMITTER 4 Channel (Australia 2 Ch) with 'Micro' antenna. Output: 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz, 10 mW EIRP with 3 dB Micro Antenna, SMB connector.

All values are approximate.

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

Width of Vision with 2.1 mm Lens

5.1 m 8.6 m 15.4 m 25.7 m

Width of Vision with 3.7 mm Lens fitted to Camera

3 m 5 m 9 m 15 m

Width of Vision with 5.7 mm Lens

1.9 m 3.1 m 5.7 m 9.5 m

Width of Vision with 8 mm Lens

1.4 m 2.2 m 4 m 6.7 m

Width of Vision with 16 mm Lens

0.7 m 1.1 m 2 m 3.4 m

Width of Vision with 25 mm Lens

0.4 m 0.7 m 1.3 m 2.1 m

Security camera Lenses


Manufacturer's Experience: 10 + Years ISO 9001 Certified, made in Taiwan.

Camera is completely "Self-Contained" no other components required, simply connect to Power Supply & Video source.

Lens: Board Type 3.6 mm Focal Length, accessory Lenses: 2.1, 2.9, Varifocal 3.9~8.3, 5.7, 8, 16 & 25 mm (BL) CCTV Lenses, CCTV Security lens.

Compatibility: Transmissions may be received with:

4 Channel Mini 2.4 GHz Audio Video Receiver
Mini 2.4 GHz AV Receiver

Video Transmitter Receiver Monitor with Audio
2.4 GHz AV Receiver & 5" Colour TFT LCD Monitor


Wireless Video RF Transmission link for covert spy and Cable-Free Wireless CCTV Video Surveillance Cameras, Quad Screen Processors, Switchers, Monitors, Multiplexers, Video Recorders, Digital PC Recording.

Portable Wireless Video Transmitter for covert pinhole video camera surveillance in Shops - Showrooms - Exhibitions - Work Places - Casinos - Theatres - Concerts - Nightclubs - Outdoor Events - Cinemas - etc. Portable Home Video Surveillance to monitor Swimming Pools - Caravans - Boats - etc.

Observation of Horses - Show Animals - Livestock - etc during transportation in Floats - Trucks - etc.

Automobile Rear Vision and general observation Video Systems for Caravans - Large Boats - Semi Trailers - Road Trains - Aircraft - Buses - Modern or Historic choo.. choo.. Trains - etc.

Wireless link for VCRs, PCs, Lightweight Compact Video Cameras for shooting video program material, Remote Control: Cars - Boats - Hovercraft - Aircraft, etc.

In Australia Video Transmitters may be legally used without a licence within the *LIPD 2400 ~ 2463 MHz Band and 10 mW *EIRP limit.


Depends on Surroundings, Obstructions, other Transmitters (2.4 GHz Cordless Phones, Wireless LAN, etc), Antenna Alignment,  Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency interference in the vicinity.

In ideal, clear, Line-of-Sight conditions with Vertical 3 dBi Whip antenna on TX

Vertical 3 dBi Whip antenna on Receiver up to ~ 100 m.

Correctly matched and aligned 18 dBi antenna on Receiver up to ~ 600 m.

Due to the nature of Radio Signals results are unpredictable (in the same manner as Mobile / Cellular Telephones) signals reflected from surrounding objects arriving at Receiver antenna may Add-to or Subtract-from the direct signal from Transmitter. Directional antennas may reduce affect of reflected signals.


Range and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) may be improved by increasing gain of antenna on Receiver and/or Transmitter (in Australia TX may only be fitted with 3 dBi antenna). For maximum signal transfer TX and RX antennas should be the same polarity, that is both oriented Vertically or Horizontally.

Parabolic Yagi & Flat are directional antennas. Whip antennas when used vertically are for most practical purposes omni or non directional.

To maximise 'Range' minimise the length of Coax Cable between Antenna and TX/RX.

Antenna Gain... what does it mean ??? a simplified explanation

Received signal strength from an antenna with 3 dBi gain will be double that from an antenna that has 0 dBi gain, received signal strength from a 6 dBi will be double that from a 3 dBi and so on... An increase in antenna gain of 3 dBi is approximately equal to doubling the transmitter output, received signal strength or range can be increased by raising antenna gain or transmitter output. Range can be doubled by either increasing antenna gain by 6 dBi or quadrupling the transmitter output.

The maximum allowed 2.4 GHz LIPD Video Transmitter output power is 10 milliwatts (mW) EIRP (in Australia), increasing transmitter output is illegal and therefore not an option.

Increasing the gain of the receiver antenna is an alternative to increasing transmitter output.
In very simple terms: increasing antenna gain from 0 dBi to 3 dBi is equivalent to raising the output power of a 10 mW transmitter to ~ 20 mW. (5 dBi to ~ 33 mW) ( 8 dBi to ~ 66 mW) (12 dBi to ~ 160 mW) (15 dBi to ~ 320 mW) (18 dBi to ~ 640 mW) 

* LIPD = Low Interference Potential Devices. * EIRP = Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power. Source: Australian Communications Authority
Click below for information on Frequencies & Power Limits

Video Transmitter & Colour CCTV Video Camera * High-Sensitivity High Signal:Noise Ratio CCD Camera with Wireless 4 Channel 2.4 GHz Video Transmitter & Micro Antenna * Ideal for lower levels of illumination, Portable applications and for Multiple Monitoring / Observation / Recording locations * Compact 12 VOLT DC CCTV Video Camera & 2.4 GHz VIDEO SENDER / TRANSMITTER with Micro Antenna * Range in ideal clear line-of-sight conditions up to 600 m with High 18 dBi Gain Antenna * EXCELLENT for discreet or portable monitoring at a distance, produces Full Screen images of Cash Register Drawers * Head & Shoulders for ID @ 5 m with 25 mm Lens.