2.4 GHz AV sender receiver switcher with Antenna

2.4 GHz AV sender receiver switcher with Antenna

RX-Box Compact 4 Channel 2.4 GHz Stereo Audio & Video Receiver with Omni Directional Antenna. Manual Selection or Automatic Sequential Switching.

Line Level Stereo Audio & Composite Video outputs, fully self contained only requires Power supply to operate.

Cable-RCA3 Video & Stereo AV Cable $8

PP12/0.5A 12 VDC 0.5 Amp Plug Pack $12


Observe showrooms, warehouse, offices, doors, etc without the need to install expensive and inflexible wiring
Distribute images to multiple remote Monitors (VCR) for training, presentation or general surveillance and observation
View images from Satellite TV, Pay TV, Cable TV, DVDs, VCRs, Computers, Cameras, Quads, Multiplexers, etc in multiple rooms from one source without distribution amplifiers or wiring.
Transmit your message to multiple TVs / Monitors in showrooms, tradeshows, etc without wires.

View & Listen all over the house and even out on the patio or pool area from a central source
Enjoy Satellite TV, rented tapes and DVDs in every room of the house without expensive wiring

See who is outside your door using a Video Camera and your regular TV.
Monitor your baby, your children, the swimming pool, the elderly, ill or disabled using your camcorder or a CCTV Video Camera.
Observe your home or office on a monitor with up to four cameras.


ISM / LIPD Band: 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz Audio / Video 4 channels.
TV System: Suits ALL TV Systems in ALL Countries, operation is independent of TV System.
Four Channel Receiver, single channel selection or Automatic Sequential Switching with ~ 4 second dwell.
Built-in P.L.L. circuit
Antenna: Dipole Whip not-removable (omni directional when used vertically).
Demodulation Method: FM.
Video Output : Standard 1 v p-p, 75 ohm Composite Video via RCA female socket.
Audio Output: Line Level Audio ~ 10 000 ohms impedance, via RCA female sockets.
Power Supply Requirements: ~ 14 VDC, ~ 300 mA, 2.1 x 5.5 mm socket.
Power Consumption: ~ 3.6 Watts.
Noise Figure: 3.0 db Max.
Sensitivity: -92 dbm.
Size: 130 mm (W) 105 mm (D) 25 mm (H) excl sockets & antenna. ~ 180 g.

Audio & Video Output for:

DVD Player, Satellite TV, Reversing Video Camera, Tuner, Camcorder, Surveillance Video Camera, PC DVD / MPEG / AVI Playback, TV Set (AV), Switcher, Video Monitor, PC Audio/Video Capture Card, VCR, DVR, etc.

Manufacturer's Experience: 10 + Years ISO 9001 Certified, made in Taiwan.


Receives transmissions from: TX-Mini, TX-Box, TX-MOD 2, TX-MOD 3, TX-ELECTRET, TX-BNC, TX-AV050, TX-AV500, TX-AV1000, TX-AV2000, TX-CAM2, TX-CAM2P, TX-CAM3 & TX/RX AV System II.


2.4 GHz AV sender receiver switcher with Antenna

2.4 GHz AV sender receiver switcher with Antenna 2.4 GHz AV sender receiver switcher with Antenna


VIDEO & STEREO AUDIO 4 Channel 2.4 GHz RECEIVER * For Wireless AV Links / AV Senders * Omni Directional Vertical Antenna* for: VCRs, Satellite TV, DVD, PCs, Pay TV, MDS, Cable TV, Remote Control: Cars - Boats - Hovercraft, Portable CCTV Video Surveillance * Up to ~ 100 metres range in Ideal Line-of-Sight conditions * Wireless Audio (Stereo) & Composite Video for Covert Tiny Hidden Pinhole Spy Video Cameras & Transmission of CCTV Surveillance Video from/to Cameras, Switchers, Quad Screen Processors, Multiplexers, Monitors.