Infrared Remote Control Extender

$79 * Infrared REMOTE CONTROL Extender * Extends the range of most Infrared Remote Controls, allows operation through walls, upstairs/downstairs etc, suitable for Televisions - Video Cassette Recorders - Amplifiers - CD Players - Audio Cassette Decks - Radio Receivers - Air Conditioners - Satellite TV Receivers - DVD Players - Computer IR Mouses or Mices or Keyboards - Computer ROMs - Computer Radio / TV / Capture Cards - Handycams - LD Players - etc - etc


only ! $69 Including Tax

Plug & Play

complete with Transmitter & Receiver Mains Plug Packs.

"Similar to review in Electronics Australia"
see page 86 of November '99 issue

Infrared Remote Control Extender

Transmitter receives infrared radiation from Remote Control(s) and relays the data via a Radio Frequency (RF) Signal through walls, floors, outdoors, etc.

Receiver receives RF data and radiates it via Infrared LEDs for reception by TV/VCR etc.


l Band: 433 MHz LIPD
l Antenna: Vertical Whip (Omni Directional)
l Range: ~ 10 metres

l Power Supply: Unregulated Mains Adaptor 9 VDC, 100 mA
l Size: excluding antenna 66 mm (W) 60 mm (D) 58 mm (H) ~ 46 g

Suitable for:

l Camcorder l Television Set l Satellite TV Receiver l Cable TV Decoder l LD Player l PC TV / Capture Card l VCR l Computer Wireless Mouse / Keyboard l Radio Tuner l VCD l Audio Amplifier l DVD Player l CD Player l Air Conditioners l Etc

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