wireless VGA Video converter
Video Transmitter Receiver and Video to VGA Converter * Compact 2.4 GHz * Wireless AV Receiver  PC VGA Monitor Converter for: Covert Surveillance, Baby Monitoring, Satellite TV, DVD, Pay TV, MDS, Cable TV, Portable CCTV Video Surveillance * Wireless Audio & Video for Covert Tiny Hidden Pinhole Spy Video Cameras & Reception of CCTV Surveillance Video from Cameras, Switchers, Quad Screen Processors, Multiplexers.


(Net) $249

2.4 GHz Video & Audio Receiver combined with Video to VGA Converter

wireless VGA Video converter

VGA Cable DB15 VGA male to male (Net) $5
Cable-RCA3 Video & Stereo AV Cable (Net) $8
PP12/0.5A 12 VDC 0.5 Amp Plug Pack $12


l Observe showrooms, warehouse, offices, doors, etc without the need to install expensive and inflexible wiring.
l Receive images to multiple PC Monitors for general surveillance and observation.

l See who is outside your door using a Video Camera and Transmitter.
l Monitor your baby, your children, the swimming pool, the elderly, ill or recuperating using your Camcorder or a CCTV Video Camera & Transmitter.
l Observe your home or office using up to four transmitters and cameras (in Australia maximum is two transmitters).

TV System: CCIR / PAL (Australia/UK), EIA/NTSC (USA/Japan).
l Four Channel Receiver.

Receiver section:
ISM Band: 2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz, 4 channels.
l Antenna: Directional Circularly Polarised.
l Demodulation Method: FM.
l Oscillator: P.L.L. (Phase Locked Loop).
l Sensitivity: -92 dbm.

Video to VGA Converter section:
View 100% !
View Sharper Images !
View Images Accurately with less Distortion !

Ordinary Video Monitors and Televisions are generally more expensive than PC Monitors and the images they produce suffer from many shortcomings:

Distortion (poor linearity)
Low Resolution, lack sharpness and detail
Over Scan (you lose up to 15% of the image)
Poor overall convergence

In contrast, the cheapest Computer VGA Monitor will generally produce images with considerably better:

Linearity (geometrically more accurate)
Bandwidth and Resolution (sharpness and detail)
Zero Overscan (see 100% of the width and height of images)
Convergence (more accurate from edge to edge and in corners)

This combination VIDEO TO VGA Converter / Receiver will convert Composite video signals to a VGA signal for display on common PC CRT or LCD monitors.

This unit may be easily connected to a VGA Computer Monitor and almost any Video Source such as CCTV Video Surveillance Camera, Quad Processor, Multiplexer, Switcher, VCR, DVD player, TV, Video Game Machines, etc, without any software installation, just plug-in and view.

An existing Computer System Monitor can be shared between Surveillance Monitoring and usual Computer purposes at the press of a button.

Ideal for display of 100% of Quad Screen images, with an ordinary TV or Video Monitor, eight 'sides' of the images (up to 15% of Quad image) may be cropped and lost due to Over-Scan.

100% of Image displayed on a VGA Monitor

90% of Image seen on an ordinary TV or Video Monitor

10% of Image Lost in Over-Scan on an ordinary TV or Video Monitor

100% seen on VGA Monitor

90% seen on TV / Video Monitor

10% lost on TV / Video Monitor

Over-Scan is typically 5% ~ 15% on an ordinary TV or Video Monitor, above representation is 10%.

Video - VGA Converter specifications - VGA Monitor requirements:

l Plug-in and View installation, no software or PC required.
l Compatible with: PAL BGHI / NTSC M, NTSC 4.43 (50Hz) / PAL 4.43 (60Hz), PAL N / NTSC 4.43 (60Hz), NTSC N / PAL M and SECAM TV systems. This device takes a moment to recognise input signal and therefore is not suitable for discontinuous signals such as those from an unsynchronised Switcher, etc.
l On Screen Display (OSD) for Hue, Colour, Contrast, Brightness adjustments.
l No specific or any PC system required.
l VESA VGA compatible monitor, HSync 31.5kHz and VSync 60Hz (NTSC) or HSync 31.25kHz and VSync 50Hz (PAL) AUSTRALIA.
l Video input device: e.g. Camera, Quad, Multiplexer, Switcher, Video Sender Transmitter, VCR, DVD Player, TV, Game Machine or any other Standard Composite Video source.

l Standard 75 ohm Composite Video via RCA female socket (Video output from Receiver disconnects when Video Input is used).
l Standard VGA via DB15 female socket from PC.
l 2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz via directional Antenna.
l Power Supply via 2.1 x 5.5  mm Socket, center pin = (+).

l Line Level Stereo Audio via RCA female sockets.
l Output to VGA monitor (DB15 female).

Controls - Press Buttons:
l Power On/Off, Left side.
l Two Channel Select / Manual +/- Adjust.
l Mute.
l Source Select VGA (from PC) or Video (from Receiver or Video Input).
l Menu: Hue (NTSC only), Colour, Contrast, Brightness.

Indicator LEDs - behind Tinted Front Panel:
l Mute (Left side).
Channel 1, 2, 3, 4.

Power Requirements:
l 12 ~ 14 Volts DC, ~ 450 milliamps, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket, Center Pin = (+) located at Back.

l ~ 140 mm diameter ~ 80 mm high.
l Weight ~ 400 grams.

Compatibility 2.4 GHz RECEIVER Section

! NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE with 2.4 GHz Transmitters that we stock !

! Under some circumstances this unit may function with some of following however results may be erratic and are not guaranteed !


Video Transmitter Receiver with Video to VGA Converter Video to VGA Converter 2.4 GHz Wireless AV Sender Receiver
Manufacturer's Experience: 8 + Years ISO 9001 Certified, made in Taiwan.
Video to VGA Converter AV Sender Receiver


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