Mega Pixel Security IP Surveillance Network Camera
MegaPixel IP Surveillance Cameras Network Security Day Night CCTV Dome Camera
Infrared Night Vision SD Memory two-way Audio Vandal Hardened Aluminium Housing with thick Acrylic Dome

Two Megapixel Security Network Dome Camera up to 1600 H-Pixels with Motorised movable IR Cut Filter Colour Day / Night SEE-in-the-DARK Infrared Night Vision.

Variable Focal Length Lens allows 5.3m wide shot @ 3 m or up to 8 m wide shot @ 15 m.

IP-Dome2MP only $449 Taiwan Quality


Power Supply 12 VDC 1 Amp $20

SD-2GB 2 GigaByte SD Memory Card $25

Cable-LANxo short LAN Cable $5 simplify setup

Microphones better than inbuilt microphones from $5

H.264, MPEG-4 & M JPEG Video Compression.

Easily relocatable Two Megapixel Dome Security Camera just connect to Power & Local Area Network.

36 Channel Multi Camera Surveillance using free software.

Internet Explorer Browser Remote Access 10 Simultaneous connections.

Two-Way Audio for communication / intercom.

Web Cam using IE Browser.

Remote Monitoring / Playback / Search / Backup.

Adjustable quality/compression to cater for fast/slow &  narrow/wide Bandwidth Networks, dual streaming MPEG-4 / JPEG codec.

Motion Detection 10 Sensitivity Levels, 3 Zones.


FTP, e-mail & Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) capabilities.

SD Card Slot for 'Periodical Snapshot' stand-alone or backup Recording, Triggers include Motion Detection, Alarm Input, IP Check & Network disconnection.

High Resolution for high to zero illumination levels in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, sheltered outdoor use under eaves, etc.

Superb Images ! Superb Value ! Versatile
IP Surveillance Cameras

This Camera addresses shortcomings associated with ordinary Day / Night Colour Cameras & Infrared Illumination
Automatic motorised Infrared Cut Filter for Vivid Colour Rendition & better low light & Infrared Sensitivity
MegaPixel CMOS Micron
" Image Sensor
Fast Automatic Iris Lens to cope with High Levels of Illumination increase depth-of-field & maximise low light transmittance
Wide Angle Variable Focal Length Lens corrected for major Visible-Infrared focus shift
Rugged Aluminium Housing thick Acrylic Dome
SD Memory Card slot for 'Stand-Alone' Periodical Snapshot Recording & 'Back-Up'
free 36 Channel Remote Monitoring Recording Software that is compatible with following product family: IPw-CSdnProg | IPw-TX | IP-DdnAV | IP-CSdnAV | IPw-CSdnAV | IP-CSHR | IP-CSdn | IP-CSdnHR | IP-CSdnProg | IP-Dome1.3MP | IP-CSdn

free: SDK & API for System Integrators & Software Developers


Two Mega Pixel Network Camera High Definition Security Dome Camera IP Megapixel Camera Network Camera MPEG 4 Compression Network Megapixel Camera H.264 Compression Network Megapixel Camera JPEG Compression Megapixel CCTV Security Camera SD Card Back Up IP Network Mega Pixel Camera Web Cam IP Megapixel Camera Remote PC View Network Megapixel Camera Remote View Mobile Phone Network IP CCTV Megapixel Camera Two Way Audio IP Network Camera Video Motion Detection Alarm Input Alarm Output

to view pages from IP Network Dome Camera 'User's Manual'

free 36 channel network IP camera remote monitoring recording software to view pages from free 36 Channel Network Security Camera Monitoring Recording Software 'User's Manual'


All values are approximate. @ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m
Width of Vision @ 2.7 mm setting 5.3 m 8.9 m 16 m 26.7 m
Width of Vision @ 9 mm setting 1.6 m 2.7 m 4.8 m 8 m
IP surveillance Lens selection information        


Camera / SD / Mechanical 

" Micron Progressive Scan 1 920 000 Pixel CMOS Image Sensor.

Inbuilt LED Infrared Illuminator Infrared See-in-the-Dark Night Vision.

Versatile 3.3 X Variable-Focal-Length Automatic-Iris lens.

VANDAL HARDENED - Robust Aluminium Case - Thick Acrylic Dome - Security Screws with Wrench - Side or Top Cable entry.

Suitable for Extra High Resolution images & high to zero illumination levels in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, sheltered outdoor use under eaves, etc.

Image Device: 1600 (H) x 1200 (V) " CMOS Micron Progressive Scan.

Lens: Variable Focal Length 2.7 mm ~ 9 mm, Automatic Iris copes with High levels of illumination, passes more light and provides greater depth-of-field than ordinary fixed Iris Lenses. Corrected for major Visible-Infrared focus shift, there may be a slight shift that requires a compromise or choice between crisp colour or crisp monochrome. Under some lighting conditions image may be affected by internal reflections between Lens & Dome, these are usually insignificant. There are no Accessory Lenses for this Camera. Lens Width of Vision Table.

Horizontal Pixels: 1600 this value is provided for comparative purposes only. Better resolution than possible with traditional Composite Video Interlaced Scan PAL Video Cameras. Higher resolution than DVD & SD DTV.

Sensitivity: ~ 0.5 lux @ F1.2 (this value is approximate and provided for comparative purposes only), 0 lux with LEDs 'ON'. Depending on Lens 'focal length' setting Infrared LEDs illuminate up to ~ 80% of the Width-of-Vision and are effective up to ~ 10 m depending on the Infrared reflective characteristics of subject.

Light Emitting Diodes: Eighteen ~ 850 nm wavelength Infrared, these produce a dull Red visible glow. Automatic Light Sensor switches LEDs On/Off depending on illumination level.

Movable Infrared Optical Filter:
Movable Infrared Cut Filter Day positionmoreMovable Infrared Cut Filter Night position
In Day mode (well lit, colour) mechanism automatically positions IR-CUT optical filter between Lens and Image Sensor to exclude Infrared radiation that would otherwise adversely affect colour reproduction, this ensures colour rendition not possible with ordinary non-filtered or notch-filter type Day/Night cameras.

In Night mode (low light, monochrome) mechanism automatically removes IR-CUT optical filter to allow Infrared radiation to pass improving low light and Infrared sensitivity, the result is significantly better night images using inbuilt Infrared Illuminator or with Infrared rich light sources. Infrared Response without Infrared filter is ~ 700 to ~ 1100 nm better than a 'CCTV notch IR Filter'.

Spectral Response: ~ 400 to ~ 1100 nm with Infrared 'CUT' Filter 'out' of optical path, additional CCTV Infrared Night Vision information.

Signal to Noise ratio (SNR): 42 + dB, measured with AGC off.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Yes.

Back Light Compensation (BLC): User configurable On/Off.

Automatic White Balance (AWB): Yes.

Made in Taiwan in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

Manufacturer's Experience: 20 + Years.

SD card management

Recording Trigger: Motion Detection (3 separate areas), IP check, Network disconnected & Alarm Input.

Video Playback: Yes.

Card Slot: Inside Camera.

Compatibility: 128 MB to 4 GB SanDisk or Transcend.


Video Output: for Setup &/or integration into an existing analog system, 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, BNC socket, ~ 20 cm cable.

Audio input: Red, Line level for Microphone & Preamplifier, RCA socket, ~ 20 cm cable.

Audio output: Green, Line level for Amplified Speaker, RCA socket, ~ 20 cm cable.

Alarm input: Software programmable to trigger on opening or closing contacts, via GND-ALARM terminals on Screw Terminal Block, ~ 20 cm cable.

Alarm output: Software programmable as On/Off or Time Switch with 1~10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 second interval, Normally Open contacts, 24VDC 1A or 125vac 0.5A, COM-NO terminals on Screw Terminal Block, ~ 20 cm cable.

NETWORK: Standard RJ45 8p8c socket, ~ 20 cm cable.

Power: 12 Volts DC Regulated (or PoE IEE802.3af), ~ 500 mA Peak (LEDs = On & Filter Moving), ~ 350 milliamps with LEDs Off, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket, center pin = (+), ~ 20 cm cable. Consider cable resistance when installing, ask us about solutions if voltage drop is a problem with existing wiring.

Dimensions: ~  137 mm Diameter, ~  115 mm Deep, ~  1020 grams.


Network Protocol: HTTP, TCP/ I P, SMTP, FTP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, 3GPP, UPnP.

Remote Software: Free 36 Channel remote monitoring and recording software.

Video Resolution: 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 960, 1280 x 720, 800 x 592, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 176 x 144.

Backup SD Card 128 MB to 4 GB SanDisk or Transcend Card.

Ethernet LAN / WAN Port 10/100 Base-T , RJ45 connector.

Firmware Upgrade: http mode, can be upgraded remotely.

Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.

Compression Formats: H.264, MPEG-4, M JPEG.

Triggered Actions: Mail, FTP, Save to SD card.

Security: Password Protection configurable.

Video Bitrate Adjustment: CBR, VBR.

Simultaneous Connections: Up to 10.

Video Motion Detection (3 Areas).

Pre / Post Alarm: Configurable.

SDK: available for integration.

Video Format: AVI , JPEG.

Full Screen Monitoring.

Alarm I/O 1 in / 1 out.

Video Playback.

Image Snapshot.

Audio 2 Way.


Included with IP Surveillance Cameras are Wrench for Security Screws, CD ROM with free 36 Channel Remote View Recording Software, Installer Software, Trial Version of MaxiWatch Professional Software & Full User Manual (PDF).

Many customers also purchase following with this product:

[REG12/1A] Plug Pack Regulated 12 VDC 1 Amp.
[Cable-LANxo] Short PC to Camera Crossover LAN Cable (simplify initial setup).

Software Updates are available for buyers of this product
Available Now: "
36 Ch IP Recording v3.1.20" e-mail a copy of your Purchase Receipt & we will reply with URL



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