Day Night CS Network Megapixel CCTV Security Camera

TRUE Day Night Megapixel CCTV Sony Progressive Scan CCD EXTRA-HIGH Resolution two-way Audio CS Mount Colour Network CCTV Camera

Extraordinarily High MegaPixel Resolution Images !
Day Night CS Network Megapixel CCTV Security Camera
pictured with optional Lens

1280 x 960 " SONY Progressive Scan 1 228 800 Pixel CCD
for: extraordinarily Crisp, Detailed & Low Noise Images and significantly Higher Sensitivity (low light & Infrared) than ordinary CMOS Image Sensor

Two Alarm Inputs * Two Alarm Outputs * RS485 Output
Two-Way Audio ideal for entry communication and access control (using Alarm Output)
This Camera utilises an Automatic mechanically movable Infrared Cut Filter for Vivid Colour Rendition & maximum low light & Infrared Sensitivity solving the shortcomings associated with ordinary Day / Night Colour Cameras

Multi-User up to Ten


free 36 Channel Remote Monitoring Recording Software that is compatible with following product family: IPw-CSdnProg | IPw-TX | IP-DdnAV | IP-CSdnAV | IPw-CSdnAV | IP-CSHR | IP-CSdn | IP-CSdnHR | IP-Dome2MP | IP-Dome1.3MP

free: SDK & API for System Integrators & Software Developers

EXTRA-HIGH MEGAPIXEL RESOLUTION Network CCTV Security Camera 1280 H-Pixel Colour Day / Night Infrared Sensitive with Motorised movable IR Cut Filter.

Wide range of lenses 2.7 mm to 60 + mm, Automatic Iris output for best results in high and low illumination levels. Use 60 mm Lens for full screen 'Head & Shoulders' or 'Cash Drawer' shots @ 10 + m.

Suitable for Extra High Resolution images, copes with high to low and infrared illumination in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, Outdoors, etc.

640 x 480 MPEG4 or 1280 x 960 JPEG Live Monitoring

IE Browser Remote View.

Two-Way Audio for direct communication / intercom.

Dual streaming MPEG-4 / JPEG codec with adjustable quality/compression to cater for fast/slow, narrow/wide Bandwidth Networks.

Video Motion Detection 3 Zones & 10 Sensitivity Levels.

Centa-View Remote monitoring and recording software.

Optional Maxi-Watch Megapixel multiple-brand (Axis™, ACTi™, Panasonic™, Sony™, D-link™, Lumenera™, Mobotix™, PIXORD™, Vivotek™, JVC™) software available.

Central Monitoring System and SDK for integration available.


FTP - e-mail - Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) capabilities.

[IP-CSdnProg] $599

BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information $449 < 5 + >
ISO9001 Taiwan Quality

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[REG12/1A] Plug Pack Regulated 12 VDC 1 Amp $20
[Cable-LANxo] Short Crossover LAN Cable $5 (simplify setup)
[Rect-Reg+] Rectifier Regulator for long cable run, 24 vac power, etc

PoE-5/9/12] Power over Ethernet Injector $89
Swivel Mounting Bracket $8

2.7~60 mm Auto/Manual Iris, VariFocal, IR focus-shift corrected & MegaPixel Lenses

Use existing Composite Video Coaxial Cable for Network low cost easy speedy analog-cctv to Network-CCTV conversion more...

Wireless Version
lower cost 720 H-Pixel version

Progressive Scan Megapixel SONY CCD Day Night Security Network Megapixel CCTV Camera to view pages from IP Network Megapixel CCTV Security Camera 'User's Manual'

free 36 channel network IP camera remote monitoring recording software to view pages from free 36 Channel Network Camera Monitoring Recording Software 'User's Manual'

All values are approximate. @ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m
Width of Vision with 3 mm Lens 4.8 m 8 m 14.4 m 24 m
Width of Vision with 5 mm Lens 2.9 m 4.8 m 8.6 m 14.49 m
Width of Vision with 8 mm Lens 1.8 m 3 m 5.4 m 9 m
Width of Vision with 50 mm Lens 0.28 m 0.5 m 0.86 m 1.4 m
Width of Vision with 80 mm Lens 0.18 m 0.3 m 0.54 m 0.9 m
Additional Lens selection info here        


Camera/ Mechanical 

Image Device: 1280 (H) x 960 (V) 1 228 800 Pixel 1/3" Sony Progressive Scan CCD image Sensor.

Lens: C or CS Mount, Lens is NOT SUPPLIED with this Camera.
ompatible lenses are: C Mount (with C-Spacer), CS Mount, Fixed, Manual Iris, Auto Iris & IR focus-shift corrected on this page, EXCEPT Cat Code: CS25AIDC.
Megapixel recommended - a
dditional Lens information here.

Horizontal Pixels: 1280 this value is provided for comparative purposes only.

Sensitivity: ~ 0.1 lux (3200şK) @ F1.0 without IR CUT filter, with AES = Auto, AGC = Max & Slow-Shutter = Max, this value is provided for comparative purposes only.

Movable Infrared Optical Filter:
Movable Infrared Cut Filter Day positionmoreMovable Infrared Cut Filter Night position

In Day mode (well lit, colour) mechanism automatically positions IR-CUT optical filter between Lens and Image Sensor to exclude Infrared radiation that would otherwise adversely affect colour reproduction, this ensures colour rendition not possible with ordinary non-filtered or notch-filter type Day/Night cameras.

In Night mode (low light, monochrome) mechanism automatically removes IR-CUT optical filter to allow Infrared radiation to pass boosting low light and Infrared sensitivity, the result is significantly better night images using an Infrared Illuminator or with Infrared rich light sources. Infrared Response without Infrared filter is ~ 700 to ~ 1100 nm better than a 'CCTV notch IR Filter', additional CCTV Infrared Night Vision information.

Switch-Over: Colour to Monochrome ~ 3 Lux, Monochrome to Colour ~ 7 Lux.

Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES): User configurable On = 1/50 to 1/10 000 second, 20 to 0.1 milliseconds, Off = 20 milliseconds for use with an Automatic Iris Lens, low 20 ms shutter speed reduces/eliminates smear associated with High Shutter Speeds that are necessary to control exposure with a Fixed Iris Lens, additional CCTV Automatic Electronic Shutter information.

Back-Light Compensation (BLC): Auto-Iris mode, user configurable.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): User configurable.

Spectral Response: ~ 400 to ~ 1100 nm with Infrared 'CUT' Filter 'out' of optical path, additional CCTV Infrared Night Vision information.

Automatic Iris (AI) Lens Output: DC Drive, common 4 pin socket, user configurable level.

Made in Taiwan in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

Manufacturer's Experience: 20 + Years.

INPUT / OUTPUT / Dimensions

Video Output: 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, BNC socket, for Lens setup using a Video Monitor (Test mode = Video Output, Normal mode = Network, requires Re-Boot after change).

Audio Output: Line Level output for Amplified Speaker, RCA female Socket.

Alarm: 2 x Inputs (pins 3 & 4), 2 x Outputs (pins 5 & 6), 8 pin Mini-Din socket.

RS485: pin 7 (-), pin 8 (+), 8 pin Mini-Din socket.

I/O Pinout, click on image to enlarge

NETWORK: Standard RJ45 8p8c socket.

Power: 12 Volts DC Regulated ~ 500 mA (~ 600 mA Peak), 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket, center pin = (+).


Dimensions: ~ 80 mm Wide, ~ 70 mm High, ~ 145 mm Deep, excludes I/O sockets/connectors, ~ 480 grams.

 Network / Software


System: Name, Location, Admin ID & Password.

TCP/IP: Static IP Address, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Dynamic IP Address, DHCP, PPPoE (User ID - User Password), Primary DNS Address, Secondary DNS Address, Dynamic DNS, UPnP.

Users: 3 levels, Administrator / Viewer.

Date Time Settings: Y/M/D, H/M/S, NTP Protocol, NTP Server Address: Adjust frequency Time Zone.

Compression: 5 levels.

Frame Rate: Adjustable.

Resolution: QCIF, CIF, VGA, Quad-VGA (Full scan mode 1280 x 960).

MPEG4 640 x 480 Live Monitoring.

JPEG 1280 x 960 Live Monitoring

Image: Rotation, Flip.

Digital: Pan / Tilt / Zoom.

Camera settings: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, BLC, White Balance.

Upload configuration: FTP, SMTP.

Dynamic DNS: Service, User Name, Password, Domain Name.

Motion Detection: Sensitivity adjustable, Masking configurable.

Alarm & Motion Detection Actions: e-mail, upload to ftp, alarm out.

Triggered Actions: e-mail, upload to ftp, alarm out, send notification to TCP/HTTP server.

Open API: CGI commands for Camera control, Media SDK for streaming. 

Centa-View Remote monitoring and recording software.

Optional Maxi-Watch Megapixel multiple-brand (Axis™, ACTi™, Panasonic™, Sony™, D-link™, Lumenera™, Mobotix™, PIXORD™, Vivotek™, JVC™) software available.

Ethernet LAN / WAN Port 10/100 Base-T , RJ45 connector.

Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.

SDK: available for integration.

Audio 2 Way.

Included with Camera are: 4 pin AI Lens Plug, CD ROM with free Centa-View Remote View Recording Software, IP Installer Software, Trial Version of MaxiWatch Software & Full User Manual (PDF)

Following are often sold with this product:

[REG12/1A] Plug Pack Regulated 12 VDC 1 Amp.
[Cable-LANxo] Short PC to Camera Crossover LAN Cable (simplify initial setup).
Lens (Use an Automatic Iris Lens for best low-light performance and for Outdoor Daylight applications).

A Firmware Update is available
v1.2.18" e-mail a copy of your Purchase Receipt & we will reply with URL

A Software Update is available
36 Ch IP Recording v3.1.20" e-mail a copy of your Purchase Receipt & we will reply with URL