IP Network Security CCTV Camera
Low-Cost quick-setup Network CCTV | IP CCTV | Remote View (ADSL Internet) Surveillance | Remote PC Recording

Low-Cost Colour Network CCTV Camera, this multi purpose device can be used as a PC WebCam via USB interface or as a Surveillance Recording System using free Software and a PC or for Remote Monitoring via a Network or Internet (ADSL) using IE Browser.

Camera is suitable for average to zero (with InfraRed LEDs) illumination levels common in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, etc.



Colour+ additional Lens $10 more about this

Quick-Setup connect to Mains Power and plug-in to your Network or ADSL Router/Switcher and View images on any PC connected to Network using common Internet Explorer Browser. Record images on any PC connected to Network with automatic recycling of storage on a FIFO basis, use Motion Detection to Record only when image changes.

PC to Camera USB Cable

Regulated 5 VDC Plug Pack

Short Crossover LAN Cable
User Manual & free Software on CD
Swivel/Tilt Camera Mounting Bracket

Use existing Composite Video Coaxial Cable for Network low cost easy speedy analog-cctv to Network-CCTV conversion more...


 Taiwan Quality
progressive scan Image Sensor

IP Network Security CCTV Camera

Infrared see-in-the-dark Night Vision using inbuilt IR LED Illuminator
WebCam via
USB interface
Internet Browser
Remote View
free 1~16 Channel Remote Recording Software
Quick-Setup instant low-cost Network CCTV
Compatible with Windows 2000 XP Vista LINUX Operating System


pages from IP-CCTV Network IP CCTV Security Camera User Manual
pages from User Manual

All values are approximate. @ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m
Width of Vision with 3 mm Lens fitted to Camera 2.7 m 4.5 m 8.1 m 13.5 m
Additional Lens info here        

free 16 Channel Surveillance Security Software
Free 1/4/9/16 Channel Remote Recording Surveillance Software


To maximise Infra Red and Low Light sensitivity enabling "See-in-the-Dark" operation, White-Balance, Colour-Rendition and Image Sharpness are compromised.

When fitted with "Colour+" Lens "See-in-the-Dark" capability is disabled and White-Balance, Colour-Rendition and Image Sharpness are enhanced eliminating the 'Pinkish' tint associated with Infrared rich light sources, additional information below.


Day Night Colour Infrared Light Emitting Diode (Night Vision) CCTV Security Cameras

Colour Day Night CCTV Cameras with inbuilt Infrared Light Emitting Diodes "See-in-the-Dark" and produce images when visible illumination is zero.

At average levels of illumination these CCTV Cameras produce Colour images, depending on their sensitivity (Lux) at low illumination levels and in total darkness the image is Monochrome.

Ordinary Colour CCTV Cameras are relatively insensitive to Infrared because they have an IR CUT Filter between the Lens and Image Sensor, this filter excludes Infrared radiation with a wavelength greater than ~ 700 nm that would otherwise adversely affect White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness.

Day / Night Colour CCTV Cameras are sensitive to Infrared because they either do not have an IR CUT Filter or utilise a special NOTCH IR CUT Filter that excludes the wavelengths most harmful to colour quality (720 ~ 830 nm) from reaching the Image Sensor.

A Colour CCTV Camera that does not have an IR CUT Filter usually has poor colour rendition characterised by a Pink-Red 'tint' when the illumination is InfraRed rich, use of a 'Notch' Filter helps however White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness are compromised for Infrared sensitivity.

The IDEAL Day / Night Infrared Sensitive Colour CCTV Camera would utilise an Automatic Iris Lens to cope with high illumination levels and the Lens would also have a large aperture (low 'F' number) to maximise light transmission when illumination levels are low * it would also utilise a Traditional IR CUT Filter when illumination levels are adequate for Colour and then REMOVE the IR CUT Filter when levels are low Maxi-D/N Maxi-dnHQ1 Dome DPS Maxi-DayNite Dome-DayNite Maxi-D/NiteHQ1 DomeIR-DPS  Dome-D/NiteEx Maxi-D/NiteEx & CCS-IRdnWD2 have these features and are recommended for OPTIMUM results - the ULTIMATE SOLUTION is AutoCam-dn or DomePTZ-dn2 or DomePTZ-dn3 these also have Automatic-Focus to ensure crisp images under all conditions.

Infrared rich light sources include Daylight and most Filament type lamps including common Spot lamps, Tungsten lamps, Halogen lamps, etc.

The majority of Light emitted from 'Cold' type sources such as Fluorescent, Mercury Vapour, Sodium Vapour, etc., is visible, these sources contain little Infrared energy.

SUMMARY: "See-in-the-Dark" Infrared capability using a 'Notch' or no 'IR CUT filter' is a trade-off that adversely affects Colour Rendition in "Infrared Rich" environments.

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