Network IP Security Camera WebCam
MegaPixel High Resolution SMART IP Camera / Security Camera / WebCam / Network Camera

2 Megapixel Smart IP Security Camera / Network Camera

pictured with optional Lens

economy MegaPixel High Resolution SMART  IP Camera / Network Camera / Security Camera / WebCam.

JPEG Image Quality.

High 1600 x 1200 Recording Resolution to SD Memory.

Instant Plug-In easily relocatable Security System just connect to Mains & LAN

8 User IE Browser Remote View.

Web Cam using Internet Explorer Browser.

Remote View Monitoring / Playback.

Video Motion Detection 2 Zones each with variable Sensitivity.


FTP - e-mail - Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) capabilities.

Inbuilt 1 GB Flash Memory holds 7000 ~ 9000 + images recorded at highest resolution & highest JPG quality.

" Progressive Scan Image Sensor - progressive scan eliminates image degradation caused by interlacing fields.

Minimum period between images recorded to internal memory ~ 6 seconds.

Suitable for average to high levels of illumination in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, etc.

Order Code: [Cam2Mpix] $199
BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information $149 < 10 + >
ISO9001 Taiwan Quality
fitted with 6 or 8 mm C-Mount Lens
with IR CUT filter for best Colour Rendition
+ $45

fitted with 6, 8 or 16 mm Lens + $25 fitted with 25 mm Lens + $40 without IR CUT filter for InfraRed sensitivity more...

Plug Pack Regulated 5 VDC 1 Amp $20
[BRKT-221] Swivel Mounting Bracket $8
[Cable-LANxo] Crossover LAN Cable $10 (simplify initial setup)

Use existing Composite Video Coaxial Cable for Network low cost easy speedy analog-cctv to Network-CCTV conversion more...

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All values are approximate. @ 3 metres @ 5 metres @ 9 metres @ 15 metres
Width of Vision with 6 mm Lens 3.6 metres 6 metres 10.8 metres 18 metres
Width of Vision with 8 mm Lens 2.4 metres 4 metres 7.2 metres 12 metres
Additional Lens selection info here        

to view pages from IP Camera Security Camera 'User's Manual'

Network IP Security Camera

Network IP Security Camera

Package includes: Smart IP Camera Security Camera & CAM_EZ Software on CD ROM.

InfraRed Sensitive Colour Cameras

Ordinary Colour CCTV Cameras are relatively insensitive to Infrared because they have an IR CUT Filter between the Lens and Image Sensor, this filter blocks Infrared radiation with a wavelength greater than ~ 700 nm that would otherwise adversely affect White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness.

Colour CCTV Cameras that are sensitive to Infrared either do not have an IR CUT Filter or utilise a special NOTCH IR CUT Filter that excludes the wavelengths most harmful to colour quality (720 ~ 830 nm) from reaching the Image Sensor.

A Colour CCTV Camera that does not have an IR CUT Filter usually has poor colour rendition characterised by a Pink-Red 'tint' when the illumination is InfraRed rich, use of a 'Notch' Filter helps however White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness are compromised for Infrared sensitivity.

Infrared rich light sources include Daylight and most Filament type lamps including common Spot lamps, Tungsten lamps, Halogen lamps, etc.

The majority of Light emitted from 'Cold' type sources such as Fluorescent, Mercury Vapour, Sodium Vapour, etc., is visible, these sources contain little Infrared energy.