CCTV Quad Screen Processor

QUAD-BW 507 CCTV Quad Screen Processor

4 Camera * Real Time MONOCHROME Quad * Time * Date * Camera Title * Alarm I/O

$151 (A)
$189 (B)

Security Camera Power Supplies Mains Plug Pack $12

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Quad Screen Home Surveillance Camera
Output to Monitor: Quad Screen, Full Screen or Sequentially Switching.
Output to VCR: always Quad Screen.

Quad Screen Home Surveillance Camera Processor

CCTV Home Surveillance Camera Quad Screen Processor
Home Surveillance Camera CCTV Quad Screen Processor

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NEAR SUPER-VHS Horizontal Resolution
50/60 fields per second sampling and display, 8 bit A/D, 256 level Grey Scale.
5 Channel Switcher Mode 1 ~ 256 second Adjustable Dwell.
Video Loss Detection with Audible Alarm
Full Screen Call on Alarm, Monitor Output switches from Quad to Full Screen Display of Channel(s) In-Alarm.
Four CCIR / EIA (software selectable) 75 ohm Composite Video Camera Inputs each with Gain Control.
Quad Screen 75 ohm Composite Video VCR Output.
Quad Screen, Camera # 1, 2, 3 ,4 manual select or Automatic Sequential 1,2,3,4 switching Composite Video Monitor Output.
4 Normally Open Alarm Inputs.
Alarm Output adjustable period.
On Screen Set-Up Menu.
BNC Video I/O.
Power Requirements 12 Volts DC, ~ 4 W.
~ 220 mm (W) ~ 50 mm (H) ~ 140 mm (D), ~ 725 grams.

Use a low-cost domestic VCR and our 'VCR Controller' for 'Event-Only' recording, 12 ~ 15 Hours Real-Time VCR controller.

Home Surveillance Camera made in Taiwan

Manufacturer's Experience: 15 + YEARS

CCTV Quad Screen Processor: Suitable for all CCTV Video Surveillance Cameras in this catalogue. Connect Four Video Cameras (or other Video Sources) to Digital Quad Processor which performs an Analog to Digital conversion on signals from each input then digitally constructs a Quad Screen image that is output as a standard 75 ohm 1 v p-p Composite Video signal. VCR Output is always Quad Screen. Monitor Output for live viewing may be a Quad Screen Image, Automatic Sequentially Switching Images or any Manually Selected input channel. Alarm inputs and output may be used to control a VCR for 'Event-Only' recording, Alarm period is programmable and may be used to control VCR recording.