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RS232-485 $9

Control RS485 Pan/Tilt Domes via PC Com Port
RS232 to RS485 Converter

control RS485 Pan/Tilt Units & other RS485 devices via PC Com-Port
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2.4 GHZ Antennas
Wireless Local Area Network 2.4 GHz AntennasParabolic Antenna 2.4 GHz High 25 dBi gain

Wireless LAN WiFi 2.4 GHz 3~24dBi Antennas
High Gain Wireless Network Wi Fi Antennas 12 dB Whip Omni-Directional Yagi Flat-Panel Grid Parabolic Extension Coax Cables SMA N TNC Reverse SMA Adaptors

Mouse-H264 $4

Genius NetScroll 120 Optical
to suit H264 DVRs
Genius NetScroll 120 Optical wheel mouse | 3 button | USB | 800dpi |
Microsoft Windows Vista certified
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only $19

VGA to VIDEO Converter
VGA to Video & S-Video
PAL TV System converter Plug-n-Play PC / MAC G4 use a Video Monitor or Video Projector or TV to Display or VCR to Record PC / MAC VGA Images

NEW with Picture-on-Picture-in-Picture
NEW now with PoP ! Video to VGA CONVERTER
Video/S-Video to VGA converter Picture-on-Picture resizable / movable window ideal for Surveillance Monitoring while working on PC Composite & S-Video 50 to 60/75 Hz Frame Rate Conversion PC VGA & Audio inputs allow VGA Monitor & Amplified Speakers to be switched between Computer or Composite or S-Video inputs - no cropping displays 100% of Image - IR Remote Control


only $29

VGA to VIDEO Converter
VGA to Video & S-Video  RGB Y.Cb.Cr UV,Y.Cb.Cr Y.Pb.Pr.
PC / MAC VGA to PAL Converter with Remote Control & Size / Position & other functions Use a Video Monitor or Video Projector or TV to Display or VCR to Record PC/MAC G4 VGA Images

PoE Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet Adapter, deliver data & electrical power to Ethernet devices using a single Ethernet cable.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter



Ethernet over Coax Network over Coaxial Cable
Use existing Coaxial Cable for Local Area Network
"RJ45 to Coax to RJ 45 Converter" easily upgrade Composite Video CCTV to "IP Network Camera / Server CCTV System" Ethernet over
PC VGA to Monitor twisted pair balun VGA Extender+ Transmit VGA Red Green Blue Horizontal Vertical sync 4 pair VGA Extender
VGA Passive VGA Extender Balun
PC Red, Green, Blue, Vertical & Horizontal TTL sync signals via 4 Pairs up to 135 metres using Cat 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable
extend VGA RS232 twisted pair amplifiers Transmit VGA
Active VGA + RS232 Extender
PC Red, Green, Blue, Vertical & Horizontal sync via standard 4 Pair Network Cable VGA up to 135 metres using Cat 5 STP Network Cable
Transmitter VGA Splitter vga extender+ vga extender VGA Splitter Cat 5 unshielded twisted pair extender twisted pair amplifier
VGA 5-Way VGA Splitter 4 Ch Amplifier Distributor Extender PC Red, Green, Blue, V&H sync via 4 Pairs up to 300 metres using Cat 5 Twisted Pair


Infrared Illuminators
Automatic On/Off Ready-to-Use Plug-In "SEE-in-the-DARK"
 Infrared LED CCTV Illuminator
Ready-to-Use Hi-Power LIGHT EMITTING DIODE Illuminator
CCTV Infrared Illuminator PCB

DIY PCB Module