Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Line-Interactive


Line-Interactive Back-Up Uninterruptible Power Supply


Suitable for: Personal Computers, CCTV Cameras, ADSL Modems, Personal Video Recorders, Routers, Switchers, VGA Monitors, Web Servers, Stand-Alone Digital Security Video Recorders, Digital TV Set-Top Boxes, Infrared Illuminators, Emergency Exit Lighting, Satellite TV Receivers, Video Cameras, DVD Recorders, Hard Disk Drive Recorders, Amplifiers, Decoders, Television Sets, Plasma Monitors, Facsimile Machines, Dial Up Modems, LCD Displays & many other electronic devices.

Back-Up Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Cat Code: UPS-LI600 Maximum Load 600 VA (PF = 0.6)

  • Surge Protection

  • Overload Protection

  • Short-Circuit Protection

  • Buck & Boost voltage stabilisation

  • LED Display

  • CCCV Battery Charger with excess Discharge Protection

  • Auto Restart when Mains AC recovers

  • DC Power On function

  • This is a Taiwan Quality product.

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Line-Interactive Back-Up Uninterruptible Power Supply for Computers, Digital Video Recorders, Digital TV Set-Top Boxes, Satellite TV Receivers, DVD / HDD Recorders, Amplifiers & Decoders, Television Sets, Plasma & LCD Displays & most other electronic equipment. AC, PC, stabilisation, buck, boost, overload, personal computer, DVR, DVMR, AC power, backup, back-up, short-circuit, back-ups, battery, mains, battery backup, overload, blackout, brownout, brownouts, bypass, computer, conditioner, conditioners, constant voltage, dc to ac power, dc-ac inverters, inverter, inverter UPS, inverters, line interactive, offline, online, on-line, outage, overvoltage, overvoltage protection, power, power conditioner, power conditioning, power failure, power inverter, power line conditioner, power outage, power problems, power spike, power supply, protection, regulation UPS, sags, sinewave, spike, stable, standby, standby UPS, suppressor, surge, surge protection, surges, transients, uninterruptible, uninterruptible power supplies, uninterruptible power supply, UPS, Ups, ups, voltage regulation, voltage sag, voltage spike, voltage surge