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We welcome overseas orders and regularly despatch goods worldwide via Airmail or EMS SpeedPost.

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Insurance Rates: $3 plus $2 per $100 Cover.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard or American Express Credit Card * Bank Telegraphic Transfer. You may e-mail your order, authorisation to debit your Credit Card must be faxed with: Card Number, Expiry Date, Amount, Cardholder's Name, Address and Signature. (Facsimile: 61 8 9344 5905)

We stock Cameras to suit CCIR / PAL TV System used in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and several other countries. ** Plug Packs supplied with equipment or purchased individually have Australian / New Zealand style pins and 240 vac 50Hz mains input, these will probably not suit the mains power voltage / frequency and sockets in other countries.

United States of America, Japan and several other countries use EIA / NTSC TV System our Cameras would only be compatible when used with a Multi-Standard (CCIR / PAL) TV, VCR, Monitor, etc.

Many products: Cat-5 Video Baluns, Twisted Pair Amplifiers, Capture Cards, Software, VCR-CONT, VIDEO-VGA, VGA-VIDEO, Transmitters, Switchers, Quads, Multiplexers and AI Lenses are compatible with PAL / CCIR and EIA / NTSC TV Systems.

Cat-5 Video Baluns, Twisted Pair Amplifiers, Switchers, AI Lenses, Video Capture Cards, Software and VIDEO-VGA are compatible with SECAM TV System (France, Russia).

We supply Cameras to suit EIA / NTSC TV System on an indent order basis, delivery is 3 ~ 6 weeks, minimum quantities / order values apply.

CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System
PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System
EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System
NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System
SECAM = France / Russia TV System

!! IMPORTANT note about  TV Systems !!

Although the CCIR/PAL cameras we stock are incompatible with USA / Japan TVs and VCRs they can be used with our PC Digital Video Recording Systems for HIGHER RESOLUTION IMAGES than possible with EIA/NTSC cameras.

For example:

Our GoVideo-DVR4, GoVideo4-TCP/IP, GoVideo-2 and GoVideo-4 PC based Video Recording Systems capture images @ 320 x 240 resolution (76 800 pixels) with EIA/NTSC cameras, with CCIR/PAL cameras resolution is 384 x 288 (110 592 pixels) 44% MORE DATA.

Our GoVideo-1 PC based Video Recording System captures images @ 640 x 480 resolution (307 200 pixels) with EIA/NTSC cameras, with CCIR/PAL cameras resolution is 768 x 576 (442 368 pixels) 44% MORE DATA.





We provide very comprehensive, very detailed information for all products we stock, additional information (if available) will be supplied on request.
We supply products that are NEW from the manufacturer, they are not returns from a previous buyer, they are not 'Refurbished' Warranty Failures (a policy practised by some suppliers).
We believe buyers expect the product THEY PURCHASE to be NEW, therefore we do not under any circumstances accept the return of goods for Credit or Exchange.
If you are unsure about a purchase decision, before placing your order carefully read the specifications, follow any information links on the product Web Page and read the "
Application Notes".

All goods and services specified in this Catalogue are offered subject to our Sales Policy and Warranty Conditions as detailed in this catalogue unless specifically varied by us in writing. Orders are accepted by us only on the terms that these Conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated in any contract arising there from. Conditions sought to be imposed by a customer which conflict with these Conditions shall be inapplicable to any contract. These Conditions shall be construed and operated in accordance with the law of the State of Western Australia and any contract incorporating these Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Western Australia.


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