Security VGA converter CCTV composite video
Video to VGA CONVERTER Colour Monitor Solution * Display Composite Video & Y/C S-Video images on a PC Monitor * Better than most Video Monitors or Televisions * Less Flicker * Better Linearity * Sharper Images * Zero Over-Scan * Better Convergence * Line-Doubling doubles data used to draw image * suitable for most VGA Progressive Scan Plasma Displays & LCD Projectors * complements and ideal for our HIGH RESOLUTION  Closed Circuit TV Video Surveillance Cameras - High Resolution Quad Processors - High Resolution Multiplexers - High Resolution VCRs * Video to VGA-CONVERTER PC VGA Monitor Converter for CCTV Surveillance & Observation.


Security VGA converter CCTV composite video

(A) $119
(B) $149

Use a PC VGA Monitor for Viewing Composite and S-Video (Y/C) images.

NOW configured specifically for Surveillance Monitoring, default input @ Power-On = Composite Video.

Composite and Y/C (S-Video) to VGA Monitor Converter.

Supplied with Mains 240 vac - 6 VDC Plug Pack, DB15 VGA male to male Cable, Remote Control & Battery.

Cat Code: Cable-RCA3 Video & Stereo AV Cable (Net) $8
Cat Code:
Cable-SV S-Video (Y/C) Cable (Net) $8

Security VGA converter CCTV composite video


View 100% !

View Sharper Images !

View Images Accurately with less Distortion !

View  steadier images with negligible flicker with Line-Doubling !

Ordinary Video Monitors and Televisions are generally more expensive than PC Monitors and the images they produce suffer from many shortcomings:

Distortion (poor linearity)
Low Resolution, lack sharpness and detail
Over Scan (you lose up to 15% of the image)
Poor overall convergence

In contrast, the cheapest Computer VGA Monitor will generally produce images with considerably better:

Linearity (geometrically more accurate)
Bandwidth and Resolution (sharpness and detail)
Zero Overscan (see 100% of the width and height of images)
Convergence (more accurate from edge to edge and in corners)

This hand-sized VIDEO TO VGA MONITOR converter box will convert all Composite and component S-Video (Y/C) video signals into a Line-Doubled non-interlaced VGA signal for display on most progressive scan PC CRT / LCD Monitors, Plasma Displays & LCD Projectors.

On-Screen-Display function and Remote Control allows this user-friendly unit to be easily connected to a VGA Computer Monitor and almost any Video Source such as CCTV Video Surveillance Camera, Quad Processor, Multiplexer, Switcher, VCR, DVD player, TV, Video Game Machines, etc, without any software installation, just plug-in and view.

An existing Computer System Monitor could be shared between Surveillance Monitoring and usual Computer purposes at the press of a button.

Ideal for display of 100% of Quad Screen images, with an ordinary TV or Video Monitor, eight 'sides' of the images (up to 15% of Quad image) may be cropped and lost due to Over-Scan.

Security VGA converter CCTV composite video Security VGA converter CCTV composite video Security VGA converter CCTV composite video
100% seen on VGA Monitor 90% seen on TV / Video Monitor 10% lost on TV / Video Monitor

Over-Scan is typically 5% ~ 15% on an ordinary TV or Video Monitor, above representation is 10%.


l Excellent video quality with negligible flicker compared to an ordinary Video Monitor or TV.
DOUBLES the DATA used to 'Draw' image: "50 x ~ 576 progressive scan lines per second (PAL)", compared to 50 x ~ 288 interlaced scan lines for an ordinary video monitor or TV. (Note: PAL scan rate is 625 lines however only around 576 are viewable)
l Plug-in and View installation, no software or PC required.
l Inputs: Composite VIDEO (RCA female), Y/C (S-Video) (4 pin female) and VGA (DB15 female).
Default input @ Power-On = Composite Video
l Output to VGA monitor (DB15 female).
l Compatible with: PAL BGHI / NTSC M, NTSC 4.43 (50Hz) / PAL 4.43 (60Hz), PAL N / NTSC 4.43 (60Hz), NTSC N / PAL M and SECAM TV systems. This device takes a moment to recognise input signal and therefore is not suitable for discontinuous signals such as from an unsynchronised Switcher, etc.
l Computer VGA output to VGA monitor output
(pass-through) PC = 640x480 60/72/75/85 Hz, 800x600 56/60/72/75 Hz, 1024x768 60 Hz. MAC = 512x384 70 Hz, 640x480 66, 85 Hz.
l On Screen Display (OSD) function.
l Full function
Remote Control with 'Source' selector and adjustable Brightness, Contrast, Colour and *Hue (*NTSC).
l Power Supply: 6 Volts DC, Mains Plug Pack supplied.
l 0.125W (4~8 ohms) Stereo Power Amplifier with Line-In and Speaker Output (3.5 mm phono female).
l Compact form factor : 95 mm (L), 55 mm (W), 30 mm (H), ~ 90 grams.

Minimum system requirement

l No specific or any PC system required.
l VESA VGA compatible monitor, HSync 31.25kHz & VSync 50Hz (PAL) AUSTRALIA or HSync 31.5kHz & VSync 60Hz (NTSC).
l Video input device: e.g. Camera, Quad, Multiplexer, Switcher, Video Sender Receiver, Video Wireless Receiver, VCR, DVD Player, TV, Game Machine or any other Standard Composite Video or S-Video Y/C source.
l Speakers with 4~8 ohms impedance.

Other advantages of using a PC Monitor

l It may be possible to use PC Monitor in standby power saving mode ready to instantly display images using Remote Control.
l Warranty period is often Three Years compared to One for Video Monitors and TVs.
l Usually supplied with a convenient Swivel and Tilt base.

Security VGA converter CCTV composite video


J Use VIDEO-VGA with VCR-CONT to create unique surveillance solutions J
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Wireless Video Transmitter
Distribute Images without Wires to virtually unlimited locations for Display or Recording * $91 ~ $119
Convert to 'Wireless' operation for Portability or virtually unlimited Monitoring / Observation / Recording locations using multiple Receivers