Grand Vision 2000 Pro Video VGA CONVERTER
Grand Vision 2000 Pro Video VGA CONVERTER Video to VGA CONVERTER with TV Tuner Colour Monitor Solution * Display Composite Video & Y/C S-Video images on a PC Monitor * 50 Hz to 58 or 60 Hz Frame Rate Conversion allows PAL / CCIR / SECAM signals to be displayed on 58/60 Hz LCD VGA Monitors * Y.Cb.Cr input * Y.Pb.Pr output * De-Interlaces Video input signal - Progressive Scan VGA output * Better images than possible with most Video Monitors or Televisions * Less Flicker * Better Linearity * Sharper Images * Zero Over-Scan * Better Convergence * Line-Doubling doubles data used to draw image * suitable for most VGA Progressive Scan Plasma Displays & LCD Projectors * complements and ideal for our HIGH RESOLUTION  Closed Circuit TV Video Surveillance Cameras - High Resolution Quad Processors - High Resolution Multiplexers - High Resolution VCRs * Video to VGA-CONVERTER PC VGA Monitor Converter for CCTV Surveillance & Observation.


(A) $199
(B) $229

Supplied with Mains 100~240 vac 50/60 Hz - 6 VDC Plug Pack, DB15 VGA to Mini DIN 8 pin PC-Converter Cable, Stereo Audio Cable, Remote Control & Batteries.

VGA Converter-Monitor Cable $5
USA Adaptor to suit Plug-Pack $8
S-Video (Y/C) Cable $8

Grand Vision 2000 Pro Video VGA CONVERTER

Wireless Video Transmitter CCTV
Distribute Images without Wires to virtually unlimited locations for Display or Recording * $91 ~ $119
Convert to 'Wireless' operation for Portability or virtually unlimited Monitoring / Observation / Recording locations using multiple Receivers

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