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CCTV Video Security system Monitor with Reverse Mirror-Image for Automotive Reversing Rear -Vision Systems. Also used for: Trucks to observe Loading / Unloading of Bins from inside Cab. Passenger Car drawn and Truck "Horse Floats" for observation of Horse(s) during transportation. Semi Trailers and Road Trains as an Electric Rear-View Mirror, for reversing with Trailer(s) and to position Prime Mover relative to Trailer Hitch. In Passenger Cars towing Boats and Caravans. Agricultural Machinery to observe cultivation, harvesting, planting activities. Glider Towing Aircraft to observe Glider and Tow-Line.

MON-BW 5.5 CCTV Recorder Video Monitor

MONOCHROME 5.5 Inch Security system Monitor with AUDIO and
Reverse (Mirror-Image) Video for Auto Reversing CCTV

$119 (A) Incl Tax
$133 (B) Incl Tax

with 240 vac - 12 VDC 1 A Plug Pack + $15


5.5" MONOCHROME Security system Monitor with AUDIO and
Reverse Video (Mirror Image) for Automotive Rear View CCTV
Lightweight Plastic Case

~ 650 Lines Horizontal Resolution (center)
0.5 Watt Audio Output - Internal Speaker
Video Sensitivity 0.5 to 2.0 v p-p, Negative Sync
Standard CCIR 75 ohm Composite Video Input, BNC socket
Line Level Audio Input, BNC socket
Power 12 - 14 Volts DC ~ 600 mA, 2.1 mm × 5.5 mm socket

Front Panel:
On/Off  Volume, Brightness & Contrast.
Rear Panel:
Vertical Hold
Right Side:
Reverse / Normal Video Switch

150 mm (W) 140 mm (H) 175 mm (D)
Weight ~ 1.3 kilograms (3kg³)

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