CCTV Test Pan Tilt UTP Test Security Camera Setup Monitor
 CCTV Test
CCTV Test TEST/SETUP Video Cameras / Lenses / Video Monitors / Pan Tilt Zoom Focus Cameras / RS232 RS422 RS485 devices / TEST DISPLAY ANALYSE Hexadecimal PTZ control data from PTZF controllers / TEST UTP Twisted Pair Cat-5 Cat-6 Network Cables

[CCTV-Test] only $499

CCTV Test Pan Tilt UTP Test Security Camera Setup MonitorCCTV Test Pan Tilt UTP Test Security Camera Setup Monitor

CCTV Test - Aim - Focus Cameras & Lenses without help, save time by not having to move back & forth between Camera & Monitor locations.

This CCTV Test Tool is a CCTV Video Tester * Camera & Lens setup Monitor * Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Focus / Camera-OSD-setup-menu controller * UTP Cat-5 Cat-6 twisted pair Network Cable Tester * Video Monitor tester * PTZF hexadecimal protocol analyser in a single compact package.

This lightweight CCTV Test tool is all you need for common CCTV Camera setup & testing, it is easy-to-carry with a Crisp 960 H-Pixel Bright 2.5inch (6.3cm) colour LCD TFT screen, on-screen operating menu & display for PTZ controller diagnostics.

This PTZF hexadecimal protocol data analyser-controller is compatible with common RS485 protocols, is ideal for testing & programming Cameras in the field, is ideal to verify integrity of PTZ data cabling & to confirm presence of signals at PTZF device input, this unit will Decode & Display the hexadecimal values of RS485 data sent from PTZ controllers, Digital Video Recorders, IP Video Servers, Network Cameras, Network Recorders, PC based Recorders, etc.

User Manual CCTV Test Pan Tilt UTP Test Security Camera Setup Monitor to view pages from 'User's Manual'

CCTV Test Pan Tilt UTP Test Security Camera Setup Monitor


Lenses (Focus & Aim)

Cameras (PAL & NTSC)

Access Camera Setup menus

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Video Monitors (NTSC only)

UTP Cat-5 Cat-6 Twisted Pair Network Cables

RS-232 RS-422 RS-485 Pan Tilt Zoom Focus Cameras

Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Samsung, Panasonic, Molynx protocols

Display Hexadecimal RS232 RS422 RS485 data from Pan Tilt Zoom Controllers - Digital Video Recorders - Network Video Servers - IP Network Cameras etc

On Screen Display (OSD)

Sleep mode & Battery level indicator

960 H-Pixel Display for precise Focussing

Input / Output Video (BNC), RJ45, DB9 & RS485 (press-to-release terminals)

Compatible with these RS485 Devices: DomePTZ-2 DomePTZ-dn2 DomePTZ-3 DomePTZ-dn3 AutoCam-dn

CCTV Test Package Contents
User's Manual
Neck Strap with Clips
Patch Cable BNC to BNC Plug
2 Rechargeable
Lithium Batteries
RJ45 Network Cable Test Terminator
Cable with Test Clips and 2-pin Plug for RS485
 Mains Plug Pack 100~240 vac input
REG12/1.0A 12 VDC 1 Amp Regulated output
European & USA Mains Plug Packs also available

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only $299
CCTV Test Pan Tilt UTP Test Security Camera Setup Monitor

Portable lightweight Video Camera Setup Monitor / Coax Cable Tester
Inbuilt rechargeable Lithium Battery
Colour Liquid Crystal Thin Film Transistor Flat Panel Video Monitor specifically for Camera Setup with 12 VDC output to power Camera


Wireless AV Video Sender Receiver Monitor
7" Wide-Screen 16:9 or 4:3 LCD TFT Colour Video Monitor
Inbuilt 4  Channel
2.4 GHz Video & Audio Receiver Manual Selection Automatic Sequential Switching external Audio & Video Inputs & Outputs fully self contained only requires Power supply or Battery to operate