Video Microscope

Mini-Micro CCTV Camera Video Microscope Economical Low-Cost Colour Video Microscope with inbuilt LED illuminator.

Video Microscope

Video Microscope images captured using CAP 3 CH Video Capture Card.

Video Microscope CCD Image Sensor internal connections
CCD Image Sensor internal connections

Video Microscope Cotton/Polyester Fabric
Cotton/Polyester Fabric

Video Microscope Solder Joint
Solder Joint

Video Microscope Integrated Circuit Pins
Integrated Circuit Pins

Video Microscope Measuring Tape 1 mm graduations
Measuring Tape 1 mm graduations

Video Microscope Human Hair
Human Hair

Video Microscope Human Skin
Human Skin

Video Microscope SMA connector thread
SMA connector thread

Video Microscope $20 Banknote
$20 Banknote


Video Microscope

Video System: PAL fully compatible with Australian TV System.

Scanning System: 2 : 1 Interlace PAL 50 Hz vertical, 15 625 Hz horizontal.

Illumination: 3 White Light Emitting Diodes with Hi / Med / Lo intensity switch.

Video Output: 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, RCA socket via Junction Box on ~ 1500 mm cable.

Power Requirements: 6 ~ 9 Volts DC, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket (center pin +) via Junction Box with Power Switch on ~ 1500 mm cable. Australian/NZ pin Mains Multi-Voltage Plug Pack / Adaptor included.

Dimensions: ~ 125 x 42 x 38 mm, ~ 120 grams.

Made in: Taiwan.

Video Microscope $149 * Colour Video Camera with inbuilt White LED Illuminator * Adjustable Focus * Low Cost Economical Video Inspection Microscope with Illuminator * Connect to 6 VDC and Composite Video AV input on TVs, VCRs, Capture Cards, etc. * White Light Emitting Diode illuminator with 3 intensity levels * 1/3 inch Low-Smear Low Blemish Image Sensor * Inspect and Examine: Printed Circuit Boards, Electrical Contacts, Skin, Hair, Fabric, Insects, Solder Joints, Machined Components, Jewellery, Stamps, Counterfeit Currency Detection.