Mini Security Camera

CIS-II technology Wide Dynamic High-Resolution Mini Fisheye Camera for High Contrast FishEye (panoramic surveillance)
14 bit zero-lag DSP Adaptive Black Compensation 100 000:1 Wide Dynamic 3D DNR 48 zone BLC 94 dB Dynamic Range 52 dB Signal:Noise ratio


CIS-II technology zero lag 14 bit DSP

100 000 : 1 Dynamic Range Mini Fish Eye Camera

Mini Security Camera
Pictured with FishEye Lens

This Fisheye CCTV Camera is ideal for mounting on ceilings facing down in the center of Shops, Offices, etc., to provide a Fish Eye (panoramic) view
Copes with High Contrast & difficult Back Lit situations
CIS-II Wide 94 dB Dynamic Range  image sensor
 52 dB Signal to Noise Ratio | 3 D Digital Noise Reduction
48 individual Back Light Compensation zones

 Frame Integration | Adaptive Black Compensation
 Use out-of-box or tailor parameters using JoyStick menu driven On-Screen Setup


High Resolution Fish-Eye Camera Wide-Dynamic CIS-II technology 14 bit DSP
CCTV Surveillance Camera
 for difficult Back-Lit situations.

Extra-Wide-Angle FishEye Lens (1.68 mm Focal Length) - mount Camera on ceiling facing down in the center of Shop, Office, etc., for panoramic view of large areas. Note: although a Fisheye lens provides a geometrically distorted view when combined with a Motion Detection DVMR (using audible-alarm & motion-detection modes) they are ideal for single-camera surveillance of large areas.

⅓" CIS-II sensor with zero lag Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Black Compensation, Digital Noise Reduction, 48 BLC zones, 1:100 000 WDR.

Out-of-the-Box solution for difficult Back-Lit High-Contrast situations.

Suitable for Panoramic Surveillance & Motion Detection applications & average illumination levels in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, etc.

This Camera excels in average illumination levels & in difficult high contrast situations with bright & dark areas. Visit this page if you need See-in-the-Dark Wide-Dynamic Capability.

ISO9001 Taiwan Quality

[REG12/1A] Plug Pack Regulated 12 VDC 1 Amp $20
[Cable-VP] DIY Plug-In 20m Video & Power Cable

CS Mount version

Wide-Dynamic with DPS technology

Ideal for use with 720 H-Pixel Digital CCTV Video Recorders


All values are approximate.

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

Width of Vision with 1.68 mm FishEye Lens

8.5 m 14.3 m 26.2 m 42.8 m

Additional Camera Lens information


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On Screen Display (OSD): Menu driven setup using JoyStick button on Back of Camera.

Video System: PAL Colour fully compatible with Australian TV System.

835 (H) x 625 (V) Pixel 1/3" CIS-II.

Lens: Fish Eye 1.68 mm Focal Length, there are no accessory lenses for this Camera.

Scanning System: 2 : 1 Interlace, PAL 50 Hz vertical, 15 625 Hz horizontal.

Synchronisation: Internal.

Video Output: 1.14 v p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, BNC socket, ~ 20 cm cable.

Horizontal Pixels: 720 + this value is provided for comparative purposes only. Better than Super-VHS resolution.

Sensitivity: ~ 0.5 lux @ F1.0, AGC = 30 dB, this value is provided for comparative purposes only.

White Balance (WB): ATW / AWC, 3200 ~ 10 000 Kelvin.

Signal to Noise ratio: 52 dB measured with Gamma, Aperture AGC OFF, 3D DNR ON.

Dynamic Range: 94 dB.

Frame Integration: Up to 10 X via OSD setup.

Horizontal Mirror: via OSD.

Vertical Mirror: via OSD.

Back Light Compensation (BLC): 48 individual zones via OSD.

Digital Zoom: via OSD.

Flickerless: via OSD.

Enhance: via OSD.

Gamma Correction: 0.45.

Gain Control: Automatic, Fixed (9 steps), 30 dB max.

Electronic Shutter: Automatic 1/50 to 1/120 000 second, 20 milliseconds to 8.33 microseconds, Manual 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1 000, 1/2 000, 1/4 000, 1/10 000.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): via OSD.

Mask: via OSD.

Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC Regulated, ~ 200 milliamps, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket, center pin = (+), ~ 20 cm cable.

Dimensions: ~ 48 mm x 48 mm (excludes Bracket) ~ 30 mm Deep, ~ 120 grams.

Made in: Taiwan in an ISO 9001 & ISO-14001 certified factory.

Manufacturer's Experience: 25 + Years in CCTV.

Q & A
IMPORTANT: Images below were NOT taken with FishEye Lens