Mini Day Night CCD Camera

Mini Day Night CCD Camera

J Wide Dynamic Range See-in-the-Dark Infrared Night Vision Colour Camera.
~ 460 H-Pixels.
J ~ 1 Lux.
J ~ 52 ~ 60 dB Signal : Noise Ratio.

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HI-TECH * High 460 + H-Pixel Resolution * SEE-in-the-DARK Wall / Ceiling Colour Day / Night Infrared Night Vision Home Security Camera in Water Resistant Case with 4.3 mm Board Lens, inbuilt Infra-Red LEDs, " CCD, Swivel / Tilt Mounting Bracket & Removable Visor.

This is not an ordinary Day / Night camera it is a  revolutionary new camera incorporating following specially developed technologies: High Smear-Rejection Ratio, High Signal to Noise Ratio, Wide Dynamic Range, 131 Layer 5 Element Lens & 3rd Generation Digital Signal Processor.

This Camera is ideal for most common Surveillance applications and for 'disturbance-free' observation (in total darkness) of Babies, Convalescing, Birds, Animals, etc., while Sleeping, Recuperating, Nesting, Calving, etc. Also suitable for discreet observation of Porches, Entrances, Driveways, etc.

Suitable for average to zero illumination levels in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, sheltered, shaded & evenly lit outdoor use under eaves, etc.

DIY Plug-In installation when purchased with Cable-AVP AV Cable, REG12/0.3A Plug Pack & BNC-RCA Adaptor.

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REG12/0.3A Regulated 12 VDC 0.3 Amp Plug Pack to suit $12
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BNC-RCA Adaptor use with Cable-AVP above $2

No optional Lenses for this Camera

All values are approximate.

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

Width of Vision 4.3 mm Lens

2.51 m 4.18 m 7.53 m 12.56 m

CCTV lens



  MINI-COL-IR Ordinary
Day / Night
Scene lit by Day or mixed (visible & IR) artificial light High Tech High 460 + H-Pixel Resolution High Smear-Rejection Ratio
High Signal to Noise Ratio
Wide Dynamic Range
131 Layer 5 Element Lens
Scene lit with an IR Illuminator 3rd Generation Digital Signal Processor
Sharp focus
Mini Colour Infrared Night Vision Video Camera
Blurred focus
High Tech 5 Element Lens
IR blocked
460 + H-Pixel Resolution High Smear-Rejection Ratio
Blurred focus


Main Features


Infrared Light Emitting Diodes (LED) with controller to optimise performance at zero lux (in total darkness).


Specially developed 5 element Lens constructed from glass with 131 layer optical coating provides good focus with Visible, Mixed and Infrared light sources. With this Lens images are clear in darkness with infrared illumination. This kind of performance was previously impossible due to the different focus points of visible and infrared light, ordinary lenses (unless re-focussed) will usually produce images that are blurred and vague.


Solid State IR Cut Filter Switch, with day and other mixed light sources IR Cut Filter is turned on to ensure infrared light which is detrimental to white balance is blocked. As illumination falls infrared LEDs gradually turn on and IR Cut Filter is turned off to allow infrared to pass.


Colour will be reproduced when scenes are lit by infrared illumination allowing identification of coloured lights such as red, green or blue indicator lamps, traffic lights, neon signs, etc. This is not possible with most ordinary Day / Night Cameras as the colour sub-carrier is turned off to improve Signal to Noise Ratio. Using a special proprietary colour rendering circuit MINI-COL-IR is able to leave the colour sub-carrier turned on.


Special cover glass to minimise/eliminate fog build up on either inner or outer surface.


Other Features


~ 60 dB Signal to Noise Ratio, ~ 52 dB minimum (ordinary cameras 40 ~ 48 dB).


120 + dB Smear Rejection Ratio (ordinary cameras 90 ~ 110 dB).


750 mV dynamic range (ordinary cameras ~ 450 mV).




Day / Night Video Camera


Video System: PAL fully compatible with Australian TV System.

542 (H) x 586 (V) 317 612 Pixel " Inch Interline Transfer LOW BLEMISH CCD Sensor, due to the sensitive nature of the chip manufacturing process there may be more imperfections in the photodiodes in this Special CCD Image Sensor than in an ordinary sensor, Security lenses.

Colour Day / Night Infrared Light Emitting Diode CCTV Infrared Night Vision information 'Primer' IR Night vision.

Lens: Board Type 4.3 mm Focal Length, there are no Accessory Lenses for this Camera, CCTV lens.

System: 2 : 1 Interlace PAL 50 Hz vertical, 15 625 Hz horizontal.

Synchronisation: Internal.

Video Output: 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, BNC socket on ~ 30 cm cable.

Horizontal Resolution: 460 + pixels (this value is provided for comparative purposes only) Better than VHS * Near Super-VHS resolution.

Minimum Illumination: ~ 1 lux @ F1.2 (this value is provided for comparative purposes only), 0 lux with LEDs 'ON'. The Infrared LEDs illuminate ~ 80% of the Width-of-Vision and are effective up to approximately 5 m depending on the reflective characteristics of subject.

Smear Rejection Ratio: 120 + dB, copes with higher levels of illumination (Daylight) than ordinary (non AI Lens) type cameras before smear becomes evident. CCTV smear Smear. See GEM-II for pictures illustrating 'Smear'.

Dynamic Range: ~ 750 millivolts, provides a greater correct exposure range between darkest and brightest areas and therefore better colour rendition. Ordinary cameras normally have a 3:1 linear dynamic range that is limited by the saturation of Cyan Magenta Yellow and Green filter at 450 mV and a minimum signal level of 150 mV (450 mV : 150 mV = 3:1 ). This camera with 3rd generation DSP, special CCD and special RGB mosaic conversion algorithm achieves 750 mV saturation on Red colour and minimum signal level of 100 mV = 7:1 dynamic range (750 mV : 100 mV) 2.5 times better than ordinary cameras. See GEM-II for pictures illustrating 'Dynamic Range'.

Light Emitting Diodes: Twelve ~ 840 nm wavelength Infrared, these produce a dull Red visible glow. Automatic Light Sensor switches LEDs On/Off depending on light level.

Spectral Sensitivity:  ~ 400 to ~ 1000 nm, controlled via Solid-State IR CUT Switch.

Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES): 1/50 to 1/120 000 second, 20 milliseconds to 8.33 microseconds, CCTV.

Automatic Gain Control: Yes.

White Balance: Automatic / Automatic Tracking, zero Colour Rolling (with fluorescent lamps).

Spectral Response: ~ 400 to ~ 1000 nm with an Infrared 'CUT' Notch between approximately 720 ~ 830 nm, Security.

White Balance Range: 3200 ~ 10000 K.

Signal to Noise ratio: Typically 60 dB, minimum 52 dB, measured with AGC off.

Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC Regulated, ~ 160 milliamps with LEDs On, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket on ~ 30 cm cable.

Dimensions: ~ 49 mm Diameter, ~ 78 mm Long excluding cable Union, ~ 100 mm including cable Union with Cable at 90, ~ 200 grams.

Made in: Taiwan in an ISO 9001 & ISO-14001 certified factory.

Manufacturer's Experience: 22 + Years.

Tiny Microphone Preamplifier Tiny Microphone
Need Sound bug microphone

Day Night Colour Infrared Light Emitting Diode (Night Vision) Cameras

Colour CCTV Day Night Cameras with inbuilt Infrared Light Emitting Diodes "See-in-the-Dark" and produce images when visible illumination is zero.

At average levels of illumination these Cameras produce Colour images, depending on their sensitivity (Lux) at low illumination levels and in total darkness the image is Monochrome.

These Cameras generally have a relatively high sensitivity image sensor and Fixed Iris Lens therefore under high illumination levels images will be overexposed for the reasons outlined here, an exception is MINI-COL-IR which has a special Wide Dynamic Range allowing it to cope with higher illumination levels than ordinary Cameras.

Ordinary CCTV Colour Cameras are relatively insensitive to Infrared because they have an IR CUT Filter between the Lens and Image Sensor, this filter excludes Infrared radiation with a wavelength greater than ~ 700 nm that would otherwise adversely affect White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness.

Day / Night Colour CCTV Cameras are sensitive to Infrared because they either do not have an IR CUT Filter or utilise a special NOTCH IR CUT Filter that excludes the wavelengths most harmful to colour quality (720 ~ 830 nm) from reaching the Image Sensor.

A Colour Camera that does not have an IR CUT Filter usually has poor colour rendition characterised by a Pink-Red 'tint' when the illumination is InfraRed rich, use of a 'Notch' Filter helps however White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness are compromised for Infrared sensitivity. (Image Sharpness can be restored by using a specially designed Lens that corrects the focus shift between Visible and Infrared)

The IDEAL Day / Night Infrared Sensitive Colour CCTV Camera would utilise an Automatic Iris Lens to cope with high illumination levels and the Lens would also have a large aperture (low 'F' number) to maximise light transmission when illumination levels are low * it would also utilise a Traditional IR CUT Filter when illumination levels are adequate for Colour and then REMOVE the IR CUT Filter when levels are low Dome-DayNite, Maxi-DayNite, Dome-D/NiteEx, Maxi-D/NiteEx & CCS-IRdnWD have these features and are recommended for OPTIMUM results - the ULTIMATE SOLUTION is AutoCam-dn or DomePTZ-dn these also have Automatic-Focus to ensure crisp images under all conditions.

Infrared rich light sources include Daylight and most Filament type lamps including common Spot lamps, Tungsten lamps, Halogen lamps, etc.

The majority of Light emitted from 'Cold' type sources such as Fluorescent, Mercury Vapour, Sodium Vapour, etc., is visible, these sources contain little Infrared energy.

SUMMARY: "See-in-the-Dark" Infrared capability is a trade-off that affects Colour Quality particularly in "Infrared Rich" environments.

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High Tech High 460 + H-Pixel Resolution High Smear-Rejection Ratio High Signal to Noise Ratio Wide Dynamic Range 131 Layer 5 Element Lens 3rd Generation Digital Signal Processor Mini Colour Infrared Night Vision Video Camera Day Night CCTV Video Surveillance Infrared Camera, High Sensitivity SEE in the DARK with Infrared LED, LOW BLEMISH Panasonic CCD Image Sensor. Suitable for average to zero light levels in Homes, Offices, Showrooms etc. Night Vision Camera using Infrared Light Emitting Diodes. Ideal for discreet surveillance, Board lens for sharper focus & better results in low light & with InfraRed Illumination.