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960H infrared night vision security camera
Extraordinarily high 960H Pixels
0 Lux with Infrared illuminator
33% more Pixels IR Night-Vision Mini Security Camera

enhanced Effio-E 960H Extra High Resolution Ball Security Camera
+ million Pixels 0 Lux IR LEDs
Extra-High-Resolution 33% higher effective resolution ⅓" 960H SONY CCD & enhanced Effio-E DSP IR LED Night Vision Ball Security Camera water-resistant metal-housing


Infrared Illuminators
Automatic On/Off Ready-to-Use Plug-In "SEE-in-the-DARK"
 Infrared LED Illuminator invisible
Ready-to-Use Hi-Power LIGHT EMITTING DIODE Illuminator
Infrared Illuminator PCB

DIY PCB Module


Day Night Colour Infrared Light Emitting Diode (Night Vision) Cameras
Colour Day Night security Cameras with inbuilt Infrared Light Emitting Diodes "See-in-the-Dark" and produce images when visible illumination is zero.
At average levels of illumination these Cameras produce Colour images, depending on their sensitivity (Lux) at low illumination levels and in total darkness the image is Monochrome.
These Cameras generally have a relatively high sensitivity image sensor and Fixed Iris Lens therefore under high illumination levels images will be overexposed for the reasons outlined here.
Ordinary security Colour Cameras are relatively insensitive to Infrared because they have an IR CUT Filter between the Lens and Image Sensor, this filter excludes Infrared radiation with a wavelength greater than ~ 700 nm that would otherwise adversely affect White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness.
Day / Night Colour security Cameras are sensitive to Infrared because they either do not have an IR CUT Filter or utilise a special NOTCH IR CUT Filter that excludes the wavelengths most harmful to colour quality (720 ~ 830 nm) from reaching the Image Sensor.
A Colour Camera that does not have an IR CUT Filter usually has poor colour rendition characterised by a Pink-Red 'tint' when the illumination is InfraRed rich, use of a 'Notch' Filter helps however White Balance, Colour Rendition and Image Sharpness are compromised for Infrared sensitivity. (Image Sharpness can be restored by using a specially designed Lens that corrects for focus shift between Visible and Infrared)
The IDEAL Day / Night Infrared Sensitive Colour Camera utilises a Lens with an Automatic Iris to cope with high illumination levels - has a large aperture (low 'F' number) to maximise light transmission and is corrected for Infrared:Visible focus-shift, it also utilises a Traditional IR CUT Filter when illumination levels are adequate for Colour and REMOVES the IR CUT Filter when levels are low our Maxi Cameras have these features and are recommended for OPTIMUM results.
Infrared rich light sources include Daylight and most Filament type lamps including common Spot lamps, Tungsten lamps, Halogen lamps, etc.
The majority of Light emitted from 'Cold' type sources such as Fluorescent, Mercury Vapour, Sodium Vapour, etc., is visible, these sources contain little Infrared energy.
"See-in-the-Dark" Infrared capability using a notch (or no) IR-CUT Filter is a trade-off that adversely affects Colour rendition in "Infrared Rich" environments
See in the Dark Infrared Night Vision Day Night surveillance Camera Filter characteristics