FREE SOFTWARE UPDATE for GoVideo-W98/2k DVR 4 to 16 Channel PC based Digital Video Recorder with Dial-In Remote View - Dial-Out Paging * Windows 98SE - Windows 2000 - Windows ME compatible * Digital  Video Recording CCTV Surveillance System Software & PCI Video Capture Card * Use with Colour or Monochrome CCTV Video Surveillance Video Cameras * Use your PC for DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING * Movement Detection with Masking * Variable Detection Sensitivity * Dial-Up Remote Viewing * Automatic Dial-Out to: Pager - Telephone - Remote PC * DVR (Digital Video Recorder) captures much higher resolution images than conventional Quad & VHS VCR. Suitable for EIA, NTSC, CCIR, PAL, TV / Video Systems.


Software Update
for: GoVideo-W98/2k & GoVideo-RT


This is also a pre-release XP OS compatible version


Available only to our customers on-request.

This update is supplied Free-of-Charge without any guarantee whatsoever.


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Version 6.321


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Version 5.20


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Version 5.50