Security Camera
4 Channel Video Capture Card * Combine this Card with your PC and create your own DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER with Time Lapse & Movement Detection modes * Capture 768 x 576 x 32 bit Uncompressed or Compressed Colour Images

See CAP 3 CH New 2 x Composite + 1 x S-Video (Y/C) input Capture Card

PCI Capture Card, W95/98 Drivers & basic Video Capture software on Floppy Disc

(A) $109
(B) $119

with Surveillance Recording, Video Works & Internet Phone software on CD ROM + $10

4 Channel Video Capture Card Video Capture Card


Version with Masking & Audible Warnings, CCTV


Optional 4 Channel Surveillance Recording Software

Time Lapse Recording
Paste images to Clipboard
Save sequences as AVI file
Up to 15 Frames per second
Run minimised on Task Bar
Quad screen display (in a window) of 4 channels
Save images as BMP or JPEG files
Motion Detection Recording with Time/Date
Video Frame Size in 4 Ch mode: Up to 384 x 288 (per camera, PAL) CCTV Systems

Compatible with CCIR / PAL  *  EIA / NTSC   *  SECAM TV Standards


Minimum Surveillance Video Recorder System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98.
System RAM:16 MB or above.
Motherboard: PCI 2.1 compliant.
Hard disk space: Plenty of disk storage for recording.
CPU: Intel Pentium 166 or above, Pentium lIl 800 or better  recommended.
Display card: 16-bit high or 24-bit true colour SVGA Direct Draw compliant.


Capture Card

Single Chip Bt878 BrookTree IC Video Capture, PCI 2.1 compliant.
Compatible with Windows 95/98 OS.
Compatible with CCIR/PAL (Australia) EIA/NTSC TV Systems (USA) & SECAM (France) TV systems.
4 standard composite video (AV) 75 ohm inputs via RCA sockets.
No VGA connector or Video Frame Buffer required.
Capable of up to 768 x 576 x 32 bit Image Capture.



One PCI Slot and IRQ (Interrupt Request).

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