USB Video Capture Box
USB Video Capture Box * Use this Box with your DeskTop or LapTop PC to capture motion and still images * compatible with W98 - ME  W2000 OS * compatible with CCIR - PAL - EIA - NTSC - SECAM TV Systems * Capture up to 640 x 480 Resolution Colour Images

USB-VidCap2 Digital Video Recorder Security

USB Video Capture Box * Plug-In & Capture * Compact solution for LapTop PCs * Ideal for DeskTop PCs where lack of a free IRQ or PCI Slot excludes the use of a PCI Capture Card.

USB Video Capture Box - W98/MEW2000 Drivers - Basic Capture - VideoWorks 4.2 - Image Folio 4.1LE-  Internet Phone 5.0 (Demo) applications on CD ROM

Only $89 !

Bundled with: GoVideo-1 Software for W98 on CD ROM & KeyPro for Surveillance Video Recording at up to 640 x 480 resolution see GoVideo-1 for details of application. only ! $179

 USB Video Capture Box

Motion Capture at up to 30 fps at CIF format (352 x 288 pixels).

Snapshot function via software or hardware using Button on USB Box.

Supports TWAIN interface for image editing Applications.

Hot Plug & Play (no need to power off PC).

External USB V1.0.


 Video Capture at 80 x 60 to 640 x 480 Pixels

Compatible with CCIR / PAL  *  EIA / NTSC   *  SECAM * TV Standards


Minimum Harware Requirement
PC: Intel Pentium II or higher with USB interface.
64 MB or better RAM.
DirectX6 or higher.


USB Capture Box
Powered via USB Port.
Compatible with W98 - ME - W2000 OS.
Compatible with CCIR/PAL (Australia) * EIA/NTSC (USA) * SECAM (France) * TV systems.
Standard composite video (AV) 75 ohm input, via RCA socket.
Capable of up to 640 x 480 Pixel Capture.

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