Video Recorder TCP/IP
Stand-Alone 4 Camera Digital Video Motion Recorder * TCP/IP Local Area Network, Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus & HDD-Bay interfaces * up to 60 images per second * 4 times more pixels per image compared to a Quad & 24 Hr TL VCR * Reliable Hardware-Embedded non-Windows Operating System no Windows OS or PC knowledge required * Alarm Inputs & Output * Search by Date / Time * Full / Quad screen Monitoring / Recording / Playback * Timer - Alarm - Motion Detection recording modes * Push-Button control via Front Panel, no Keyboard, Mouse or VGA Monitor required * Infrared Remote Control - TCP/IP Remote Viewing-Recording-Playback - RS232 ASCII Remote Control.


SA-DVMR-LAN/4 (Net) $749

fitted with 120 GB Hard Disk Drive + $200

UPS-LI600 UPS only $99 when purchased with this item

SA-HDD-Bay (Net) $299


4 Camera Digital Video Motion

CCTV Recorder - InfraRed Remote Control - LAN Remote View - HDD-Bay interface
TCP/IP Local Area Network DVR

Compatible with: 'Pan/Tilt Domes'

  • Stand-Alone 4 Camera DVMR with Alarm I/O, RS485 Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus, RS232 Remote Control & TCP/IP Local Area Network interfaces.

  • Easy Push-Button control via Front Panel, no Keyboard, Mouse or VGA Monitor required.

  • Reliable Efficient Embedded Operating System no Windows OS or PC knowledge required.

  • Infrared Remote Control and RS232 ASCII Remote Control.

  • Motion Detection with Masking and adjustable sensitivity.

  • Timer, Timer & Alarm, Motion, Motion & Alarm recording modes with recycling of storage.

  • Remote RS485 Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus control.

  • Up to 720 GB storage capacity, two 120 GB internal HDDs and four 120 GB external using optional SA-HDD-Bay. 10 + Days storage @ 5 images-per-second with one 120 GB HDD.

  • Designed for Worldwide Market compatible with CCIR/PAL & EIA/NTSC Video Systems & Mains Voltages.

  • Full Screen Switching or Quad Screen recording modes.

  • Quad, Full Screen & Picture-in-Picture Live Real-Time (50 ips) Display (depending on recording mode) via Composite or S-Video outputs. A low-cost TV with AV input can be used for Monitoring/Playback or a PC VGA Monitor using VID-VGA+.

  • Freeze & Zoom mode.

  • 1/50 to 50X Playback Speeds (1/60 to 60X EIA/NTSC).

  • 0.1 to 50/60 images-per-second Recording rate (50 CCIR/PAL / 60 EIA/NTSC).

  • Alarm Inputs & Output.

  • 12 Volt DC Powered (can be Battery powered via a 12 Volt Regulator) Universal Mains Power Supply included.

  • Time, Date, Title.

  • Images can be 'Marked & Saved' on internal HDD (800 MB) & Protected from overwriting.

  • Images can be copied from DVMR to VCR, DVD recorder, HDD recorder, etc., via S-Video or Composite Video outputs. Clips can be recorded to PC in AVI format or still images in JPEG  format via LAN interface using Remote Viewer.

  • Recording with Live Real-Time (50 ips) Display or Playback via Video outputs.

Images from DVMR Composite & S-Video video outputs. (Full-Screen recording mode)

Live Monitoring Full-Screen Picture in Picture
Live Picture-in-Picture
Live Monitoring Full-Screen 4 Channel
Live Monitoring
Live Monitoring Full-Screen Single Channel
Live Monitoring
Motion Detection Area
Motion Detect Setup

Playback Full-Screen Single

Playback Full-Screen 4 Channel
Playback Full-Screen Single Channel
On Screen Display Setup
On-Screen Setup

* click on image to view full size *

Comparison: SA-DVMR-LAN/4 with traditional Time Lapse VCR system

SA-DVMR-LAN/4 with 240 GB storage in "Quad Recording" mode. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & Quad Screen Processor. (PAL signal)

414 720 pixels per image.

92 160 pixels per image.

720 x 576 pixels per image.

320 x 288 pixels per image.

50 images per second.

5.5 images per second.

~ 6 500 000 internal image storage. ~ 20 Million with 'HDD Bay'.

540 000 images/fields per Tape.

~ 1.5 Days storage @ 50 Images-per-Second Capture Rate.
* ~ 5 Days with 'HDD Bay'.

~ 15 Days storage @ 5 images per second Capture Rate.
* ~ 45 Days with 'HDD Bay'.

45 + Days storage with 'HDD Bay' @ lower Capture Rate &/or using Motion Detection &/or Alarm Inputs.

* External 'HDD Bay' holds 4 HDDs.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

Non-Stop automatically overwrites oldest files on FIFO basis.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

 Results from our Test Bench
Signal Source: PAL Analog off-air TV (complex, low SNR images) split 4 ways using Vid-Dist/4.

Continuous Recording - 4 Cameras Storage 120 GB (one HDD) Storage 240 GB (two HDDs)
Full Screen 5 ips 11 + Days 23 + Days
Quad Screen 5 ips 7 + Days ~ 15 Days
Full Screen 25 ips 2 + Days 4 + Days
Full Screen 50 ips ~ 25 hours 2 + Days
Quad Screen 50 ips ~ 18 hours ~ 1.5 Days

Above information is presented as a guide only, due to variables such as image complexity, image quality (SNR), etc., these figures may not be attainable or may be exceeded.


  • Video Camera Inputs: (4) 75 ohm impedance composite video (BNC socket) to suit 1 V p-p mono or 1.14 V p-p colour CCIR or EIA monochrome or PAL or NTSC color.

  • Video Outputs: (4) looping 75 ohm impedance composite video (BNC socket), (2) 75 ohm impedance composite video for Monitor(s) or VCR (BNC socket), (1) S-Video (Y/C) for Monitor or VCR (4 pin mini socket).

  • VGA Output: This version not stocked, we recommend using VID-VGA+ (compatible with most VGA Monitors) via S-Video output.

  • Power Supply - Universal: Input IEC 3 pin, 110 ~ 240 vac, 50 ~ 60 Hz. Output: 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC Plug, 12 Volts DC Regulated, 4 Amps.

  • Compression Method: JPEG

  • Image File Size: Variable, depends on image complexity, quality (Signal : Noise Ratio), etc., approximately 6 ~ 27 kilobytes (PAL 720 x 576).

  • Colour Resolution: 16 + million colours.

  • Horizontal Resolution: ~ 600 Horizontal Lines (this value is provided for comparative purposes only)

  • HDD-Bay interface: 40 pin socket

  • LAN interface: RJ45 8p8c socket, TCP/IP.

  • RS232C interface: DB9 9 pin male socket.

  • RS485 interface: Press-to-Release wire terminals.

  • Alarm I/O: Inputs (4) floating @ 5 Volts - programmable Active High or Low, Output (1) SPDT relay, Press-to-Release wire terminals.

  • Storage: 2 internal HDD, 4 external HDD using SA-HDD-Bay. Hard Disk Drives IDE 7200 RPM ATA 133 up to 120 GB Maxtor or IBM recommended - HDD not included, please read this.

  • Easy HDD Installation: Remove Top cover (8 screws), set HDD jumper to Master/Slave, connect power & IDE cables, secure HDD to case with screws, refit Top cover and Power On.

  • Dimensions: ~ 435 mm (W) ~ 44 mm (H) ~ 360 mm (D) excludes Sockets.

  • Weight: ~ 3.8 kilograms without HDD.

  • Package Contents: DVMR, User Manual, Mains Power Supply, Infrared Remote Control, CD ROM with Free Remote View application, 2 AAA Batteries, Mains Power Cable.

  • MAXIMISE RELIABILITY: Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply, click here for more information.

FREE TCP/IP Remote Viewer Software

  • Compatible with Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP Operating Systems.

  • Static & Dynamic (conditional) IP address.

  • Leased Line, ADSL & Cable using Modem / DHCP Server / IP Sharer.

  • Multi & Single Camera Live Monitoring.

  • Multi & Single Camera Playback from DVMR.

  • Search DVMR Recordings.

  • Images stored in DVMR may be saved via LAN in JPEG format or Motion Clips in AVI format or Printed.

  • Single user Remote View application.

  • Remote-View of Live images via LAN (if DVMR is in Motion Detect mode images are sent only when motion is detected), Remote-Playback and Recording of images stored in DVMR, DVMR Recording rate is reduced during Remote-View operation, DVMR Recording is suspended during Remote-View Playback.

  • To view Remote Viewer Software User Notes

Images from Remote Viewer
Signal Source: Off-Air Digital TV split 4 ways

Remote Viewer in Live Monitoring
Screen Shot in Live Monitoring mode

Remote Viewer in Playback
Screen Shot in Playback mode

Saved Image from Remote Viewer
'Saved' jpeg image in Playback mode

* click on image to view full size *

Designed for use Worldwide

  • Compatible with CCIR mono / PAL colour and EIA mono / NTSC color TV Systems.

  • Universal Mains Power to 12 Volts DC Regulated Power Supply suits most countries, input is via common IEC 3 pin (PC type) Mains Power input socket, input voltage range: 100 ~ 240 volts AC, frequency 50 ~ 60 Hertz.

TV Systems

  • CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System

  • PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System

  • EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System

  • NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System


HDD-Bay holds 4 HDDs - HDDs not included

Hard Disk Drives

  • Easy HDD Installation: Remove Top cover (8 screws), set HDD jumper to Master/Slave, connect power & IDE cables, secure HDD to case with screws, refit Top cover and Power On.

  • Processing of claims for Hard Disk Drives fitted to DVRs may be delayed as they involve the return of HDD to our supplier who in turn returns it to the manufacturer...etc. To avoid delays we suggest you purchase HDD from your local PC hardware supplier who will often be able to supply at a lower price ! Our experience is that when treated properly HDD failure is rare.