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GoVideo-DVR4 info


Hardware Installation

1. Turn off and unplug computer from Mains Power, remove PC cover.  

2. Carefully plug Capture Card into a free PCI expansion slot.

3. Connect the CCTV Camera(s) or other composite video source into RCA socket(s).

4. Replace the computer cover.


Software Installation

1. Turn on your computer, place installation CD-ROM into CD Drive and let it boot up.

2. Windows95/98 will detect the newly added hardware and display the following message.

 3. If not found by installation program point the installation process to CD Drive containing installation CD-ROM. This adapter requires both video and audio drivers therefore computer will repeat the same procedure to install audio driver after the video driver installation process is completed.

4. If your PC has or has previously had a video capture card installed, the card, it's driver, registry and system entries must be removed otherwise they will cause conflicts.

5. Follow the directions to finish the driver installation.

6. Run the Autorun.exe to install GoVideo-DVR4 Surveillance System, VideoWorks or IPhone5.0 application software.


Surveillance System Operation

Monitor Window

*** Close any unused windows (channels without a video signal).

 Record State: When this icon is Red color, it is recording.

Camera Name: Shows Camera ID allocated to this channel.

 Start Record: Select or Enter filename and location to commence recording of AVI file for this channel.

 Snapshot: Press this icon to open the Snapshot Window.

 Restore Window Size: You can press this icon to restore the default window size.


Snapshot Window.

 Save Picture: Save this picture to a Bitmap file.

 Paste Picture: Paste this picture to clipboard.

 Print: Print this picture.


Tool Bar Area.


System Setup/Exit .

You can press the “System” button to setup camera properties or exit system.


Add/Remove Camera.

You can press the “Camera” button or icon to add or remove a camera.


Start Record.

You can press the ”Record” button or icon to start recording any camera.



You can press the ”Snap” button or icon to
open Snapshot Window.


Set-Up Bar Table (Motion Detect). Choose the camera to set parameters or function.



Motion Detect Area. Change the style of motion detect area as follows.


 Add detect area in window.

 Remove detect area in window.

 Select all of window area in window.

 Invert detect area.

 Clear all detect area.


Change Area Style and Color.



Drag the Bar to change the motion detect sensitivity.



Check or Clear this checkbox to show or hide detect area on monitor.



Set-Up Bar Table (Record).



Camera ID Name.



Image Quality (Higher Quality = Larger File).



Date/Time Information.



Select Information text properties: Transparent, Background Colour and Font.



Set-Up Bar Table (Video Setup). Change the video brightness, contrast, saturation and Hue (NTSC only).


Select input video standard. (Australia = PAL B,D,G,H,I)



VideoWorks and Internet Phone Application

VideoWorks Application.


Click ‘Presto! VideoWorks’ to start VideoWorks Application.



Internet Phone Application.

Vocaltec Internet Phone 5.0 is demo version, you can purchase license at


Click ‘Internet Phone 5’ to start Internet Phone Application.