Security Cameras
4 Channel EXPANDABLE to 16 Channels CCTV Digital PC Video Surveillance Recording System Software & Video Capture Card * Use with Colour or Monochrome CCTV Video Surveillance Video Cameras * Use your PC for DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING * Movement Detection with Masking * Variable Sensitivity * Dial-Up Remote Viewing * Automatic or Manual Dial-Out to Pager or Telephone with user Text or Sound file * DVR (Digital Video Recorder) captures much higher resolution images than conventional Quad & VHS or Super VHS VCR.


Digital 4 ~ 16 Channel PC Digital Video Surveillance Recording System with Paging & Remote Viewing
Expandable to 16 Channels

(A) $  999
(B) $1099

4 Channel PCI PC Capture Card, GoVideo-4/16 Software & User Manual

CCTV PC Video Surveillance Recording

1 ~ 4 Cards per PC * Single and 4 Channel Cards may be mixed

PC Video Surveillance

Minimum Security Video Recorder requirement: Pentium III 800 or better. 64 MB DRAM or more. W95/98 OS. 8 MB VRAM VGA Card or better. External Voice Modem. Full Duplex Sound Card. HDD(s) capacity to suit User's storage/archiving requirements, at least 5 GB.

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