Mobile Remote View Security DVR
Security CCTV DVR 4 Ch Network 3G remote
Full-Screen 414 720 pixel Real-Time 100 FPS Recording H264 Network 3 G DVR Security  CCTV DVR Audio Recorder Motion Detection HDD Recorder PTZ-RS485 USB LAN VGA interfaces

Mobile Remote View Surveillance Video Recorder Security DVR 414 720 Pixel D1 Full Screen Recording @ Real-Time 100 Frames-per-Second (25 FPS/Camera).

Excellent for High-Resolution Security Recording, Remote View & Playback.

DVR4rt-H264 $249 ISO9001 Taiwan Quality
BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information Bulk-Buy $175 (10+)


Hard Disk Drive 1000 GB fitted in DVR $149

Hard Disk Drive 2000 GB fitted in DVR $199

Mouse-H264 simplifies operation $8

Cable-VGA DVR to VGA Monitor $10

H264 Security CCTV Recorder Stand-Alone 4 Camera Video 1 Camera Audio Motion Detection HDD Network / 3G Security Recorder.

H264 compression for higher Network transfer rate & small file size. Dual Video Streaming one for Local Recording, one for Network Transmission.

Simultaneous Recording & Playback or Network (ADSL). Supports 3GPP / GPRS Remote View software not supplied by us available from third party suppliers Symbian OS Windows Mobile JAVA Blackberry iPhone & Android, pages from Mobile manuals.

Timer, Continuous, Time-Lapse & Motion Detection recording modes.

Pan Tilt Zoom RS485 Pelco compatible Camera Control via Mouse, IR Remote or Network (ADSL).

Full Screen D1 Recording / Playback / Live Monitoring, Image copy via Network or USB.

3GPP / GPRS Mobile / ADSL Remote * Motion & Alarm triggered e-mail notification
Mobile Remote View Security DVR
Mobile Remote View Security DVR
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Network (ADSL) Remote Operation DVR-Setup/Live/Playback/Backup using IE Browser XP Vista Windows-7 Remote Desktop for Mac OS X 10.6 above
Quad or Full Screen Live View / Playback
414 720 Pixel Full Screen D1 Recording resolution
Image Copy via Network (ADSL) or USB ThumbDrive
H264 5 level compression for quality/small-files
Network (ADSL) or 3G / GPRS Remote

120 Frames per Second Recording rate @ D1 Resolution
(30 FPS/Camera)
RS485 Pan Tilt Zoom Remote Speed Dome Control
Simultaneous Recording & Playback / Network Access
Motion DetectionImage Pop-Up to alleviate monitoring tedium. Sounds & Displays Full-Screen Image when motion is detected
Infrared Remote Control & VGA Output included


Mobile Remote View Security DVR Mobile Remote View Security DVR Mobile Remote View Security DVR
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Image source DTV recorded @ 720x576 @ 'Highest' quality.

pages from Security DVR User Manual
to view
pages from H.264 DVR User Manual

Blackberry Symbian Windows Mobile DVR Remote Viewto view pages from Blackberry Symbian Windows Mobile Remote View ManualiPhone 4S & Android DVR Remote Viewfor iPhone 4S & Android

  • 4 Video 1 Audio H.264 DVR D1 Full-Screen Real-Time Recording Remote access via Network allows DVR to be secured out of sight and controlled via PC & Local Area Network / ADSL or Worldwide via WWW.

  • H264 DVR Hardware Video Compression for small file size longer archives.

  • Operating System embedded Linux.

  • Fully controllable via Network & PC perform Setup & Live-View & Playback & Backup & PTZ Camera Control, etc etc.

  • User Friendly 'Graphical User Interface' full control via Mouse & DVR or Mouse & PC.

  • Support 3GPP, smart mobile phones, 3G GPRS Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, JAVA, Blackberry, iPhone, Android.

  • RS-485 interface for Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras control via DVR or Remotely via Network.

  • Pre-Alarm recording.

  • Post-Alarm recording.

  • Search Modes: Date, Time, Event (motion & alarm).

  • Playback: Forward/Reverse, x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, step image by image, Pause.

  • Ethernet Protocol TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, DHCP, PPPOE (ADSL).

  • Remote (PC Client) Application compatible with Windows-XP, Vista, Windows-7, DirectX9.0 required.

  • free Central Monitoring System Software for Remote Access and control monitoring of up to 16 DVRs / Sites.

  • Motion Detection individually configurable for each Camera, 10 sensitivity levels, multiple programmable areas.

  • Event Log: up to 1000 events, Types: Alarm, Motion, Video Loss, Power On/Off, Record On/Off, Remote Login, HDD-Error.

  • Multi Language: English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Herbew, Turkish, Russian, Farsi, Arabic

  • Infrared Remote Control, socket for external Infrared Receiver Sensor (not supplied).

  • Recording Resolution: Each Camera is individually configurable, 720 x 576 (CCIR/PAL) / 720 x 480 (EIA/NTSC) or 720 x 288 / 720 x 240 or 360 x 288 / 360 x240.

  • Maximum Recording Rate: 25 / 30 Frames per Second each Camera 100 FPS total = Real-Time regardless of resolution.

  • Recording Compression: 5 levels each Camera is individually configurable.

  • AV Inputs 4 Video, 1 Audio, (standard 75 ohm impedance composite video via BNC, audio via RCA).

  • AV Outputs 1 Video, 1 Audio, a low-cost TV with Composite Video input can be used for Monitoring & Playback or a PC VGA Monitor via VGA-Output (HD15).

  • Images can be copied to PC via LAN interface.

  • Images can be copied via USB to external memory devices and viewed on PC.

  • Storage: 1 internal Hard Disk Drive Serial ATA up to 2 000 GB, WD recommended, HDD NOT included.

  • Designed for Worldwide Market compatible with CCIR/PAL & EIA/NTSC Video Systems, 12 Volt DC Powered (can be Battery powered via a 12 Volt Regulator), Universal Mains Power Supply included, IEC Power Cables available for United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and most other countries, details here.

  • MAXIMISE RELIABILITY: Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

  • Dimensions/Weights: ~ 337mm (W) ~ 60 mm (H) ~ 256 mm (D) excludes Sockets, ~ 1.8 kilograms, Shipping ~ 2.5 kilograms. ADD 0.7kg for HDD.

  • Package Contents: DVMR, Mains Power Supply, Mains Power Cable to suit destination Country, Infrared Remote Control, HDD Mounting Screws, CD ROM containing User Manual & Software.

Designed for use Worldwide

  • Compatible with CCIR mono / PAL colour and EIA mono / NTSC color TV Systems.

  • Universal Mains Power Supply - Input: 100 ~ 240 volts AC, frequency 50 ~ 60 Hertz, C14 Connector. Output: 12 Volts DC Regulated, 3 Amps.

TV Systems

  • CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System

  • PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System

  • EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System

  • NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System

  • FPS = Frames per Second

  • fps = fields per second

  • ips = images per second