Real Time fluid-motion 16 Video 4 Audio 2 way Audio Mobile Phone Network ADSL Remote DVR
Real-Time fluid-motion Network Digital Video Recorder Full-Screen 704x576 Recording 16 Camera 4 & 2-way Audio
simultaneous HDMI & VGA & Composite outputs - Mobile / ADSL Remote View Pan/Tilt/Zoom control Alarm I/O

Real-Time Security CCTV Digital Video/Audio Recorder. Mobile live-view. USB/Network image/data copy/backup. ADSL/Network Remote View Playback Setup Backup. Use HDMI with a HDTV for very-detailed live Multi-Screen monitoring.

Suitable for high resolution Recording in Police Stations, Showrooms, Banks, Offices, Hospitals, Homes, Jewellers, Warehouses, Service Stations, Shops, etc.

DVR16-400 $699
BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information Bulk-Buy $489 (5+)


Hard Disk Drive 1TB *fitted in DVR $149

Hard Disk Drive 2TB *double just 1/3 more $199

Mouse-H264 simplifies operation $8

Cable-VGA DVR to VGA Monitor $10

Cable-HDMI/HQ DVR to HDMI Monitor/HDTV $15

4096 Kb/s Encoding rate = High Quality Recording
Low bit rate = Poor Quality

When *fitted with HDD DVR is set to Record 24/7 in Motion Detection mode connect Cameras & Power & "Recording will be in progress"

Suitable for situations that require high-resolution real-time fluid-motion 24/7 Recording, Live monitoring, Network Live view & occasional Playback/Backup of incidents.

Connect up to sixteen cameras, live real-time monitoring with a Video-Monitor/TV or VGA/PC or HDTV Monitor or all three simultaneously.

Real Time fluid motion Full Screen 405 504 pixel recording - H.264 dual-stream video compression - Easy backup via USB or Network - Up to 6 TB HDD capacity (2 x 3 TB).

free DMSS Mobile Phone & CMS/CCS/PSS software for simultaneous monitoring of multiple Sites/DVRs.

lower cost DVR


Real-Time & Full-Screen 405 504 pixel 16 Channel recorder
16 Video inputs * 4 Audio inputs * 2-way Audio

Real-Time D1 Network & Mobile Remote View Full Screen Security DVR
Network Digital Video Recorder
click image to enlarge

Dual Stream Video Compression for small file size, higher transmission rate & reduced Network/ADSL Mobile Phone bandwidth
400 FPS @ 704x576
Up to 6 TB HDD storage
simultaneous HDMI & VGA & Composite Video outputs

Remote access with Internet Explorer - Google Chrome - Firefox (ActiveX Plugin)



Image copied from DVR to USB Memory Image copied from DVR to PC via Local Area Network Image copied from DVR to PC via ADSL / Internet / Network
click image to view full size
Image copied from DVR to USB Memory Image copied from DVR to PC via Local Area Network Image copied from DVR to PC via ADSL / Internet / Network
Images copied from DVR,
source DTV, recorded @ '704576' @ best quality

Main Processor High performance dual-core embedded microprocessor
Operating System Embedded LINUX
System Resources Video Recording has priority and is unaffected by other processes, simultaneous all-channel Playback & Recording loads system heavily
Control Modes Front panel, USB mouse recommended, IR remote control, Network
Input 16 Channel, BNC sockets (1.0 V p-p, 75 Ω)
Standard PAL (625 Line, 50 FPS) Australia, NZ, UK. NTSC (525 Line, 60 FPS) USA, Japan
Output HDMI 19-pin socket, VGA HD15 socket, Composite Video (Main) BNC socket, Composite Video (Spot) BNC socket (1.0 V p-p, 75 Ω)
Input 4 Channel, RCA socket (200-2800 mV, 30 kΩ)
Bidirectional Talk 1 Channel, RCA socket (200-2800 mV, 30 kΩ)
Output 1 Channel, RCA socket (200-3000 mV, 5 kΩ)
Live Monitoring 1, 4 (1~4 or 5~8 or 9~12 or 13~16), 8 (1~8 or 9~16), 9 (1~9 or 8~16), 16
Full Screen any Channel 4-Split 1~4 or 5~8 or 9~12 or 13~16 8-Split 1~8 or 9~16 9-Split 1~9 or 8~16 16-Split
click image to view full size Images captured via Network, typical of those via DVR VGA & HDMI outputs
Resolution HDMI/VGA 19201080, 12801024, 1280720, 1024768
Privacy Masking 4 self-defined four-sided zones for privacy masking for each camera
OSD Camera Title, Time, Video Loss, Camera Lock, Motion Detection, Recording
Video/Audio Compression H.264 / G.711 (Audio Recording may suffer from minor break-up when system is heavily loaded)
Image Resolution D1/4CIF (704576/704480). HD1 (352576/352480) 2CIF (704288/704240). CIF (352288/352240). QCIF (176144/176120) Our Recommendation 704576
Encoding Speed Main Stream: D1, HD1, 2CIF, CIF (1~25/30 FPS) 25/30 FPS = Real-Time fluid-motion Our Recommendation 25 FPS unless archive period is a factor
Extra Stream: QCIF (1~25/30 ips). CIF (1~6/7ips).
Bit Rate 32~4096 Kb/s Our Recommendation 4096
Image Quality CBR, VBR (1~6 level, level 6 is best) Our Recommendation CBR
Recording Mode Manual, Schedule (Regular, Continuous), MD (Video detection: Motion detection, Camera blank, Video loss), Alarm, Stop Our Recommendation Motion Detection 24/7
Recording Priority Manual > Alarm > MD > Regular
Recording Interval 1~120 min. (default: 60 min.), Pre-record: 1~30 sec., Post-record: 10~300 sec
Video Detection & Alarm
Trigger Events Recording, PTZ movement, Tour, Alarm, Email, Spot Output
Motion Detection Zones: 396 (2218), Sensitivity: 1~6 (level 6 is highest)
Video Loss & Camera Blank Support
Alarm Input 16 Channel
Relay Output 3 Channel
Playback & Backup
Playback Channel 1 / 4 / 8 / 16 (split)
Search Mode By: Time/Date - By: recording type Alarm or Motion Detection or Normal or All
Playback Functions Play, Pause, Stop, Play, reverse Play, slow Play, fast Play, Backup selection, Digital zoom
Backup Mode via USB Flash drive / USB HDD / USB CD/DVD-RW / Network
Ethernet RJ-45 port (10/100/1000M)
Network Functions HTTP, TCP/IP, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, Alarm Server
Remote Operation Monitor (Live View), Playback, System setting, File download, Log information via inbuilt Web Server using Internet Explorer (in compatibility mode), Google Chrome or Firefox (using ActiveX Plugin)
Hard Disk
Hard Disk 2 SATA up to 3TB, WD10EVDS, WD10EARX, WD20EVDS, WD20EARX Our Recommendation buy with HDD fitted
Storage requirements Audio: 28.8 MB/H, Video: up to ~1800 MB/H each Channel
HDD Management Hard Disk Hibernation Technology, HDD Fault Alarm & Raid (Redundancy 2 x HDD required)
USB Interface Mouse Back-Panel, Backup Front-Panel
RS232 Yes
RS485 PTZ control
Power Supply Universal - Input: 100 ~ 240 volts AC, frequency 50 ~ 60 Hertz, C14 Connector. Output: 12 Volts DC Regulated, 5 Amps via 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC Plug
European & USA Power-Supply &/or Adaptor available for Export Orders
Power Consumption ~ 32 Watts with 2 TB HDD while Recording all Channels
Dimension (mm) 375 x 280 x 55 (WDH) excludes I/O Sockets
Weight (kg) DVR ~ 2.1 without HDD. Shipping 3.6 with packing & accessories, Volume 0.027m
Manufacturer 15 + years experience - passed ISO9001 quality management system certification - goal to become #1 in DVRs in China
this page is under construction & may contain errors & omissions

this page is under construction & may contain errors &/or omissions

D1 resolution Real Time Mobile Remote Live View - VGA Output

Network Digital Video Recorder free Software
pages from free PSS CMS CCS software Manual * pages from free Mobile Phone Surveillance info

PSS CMS CCS & Mobile software are provided 'free of charge' with limited support.

Since it is impractical for us to test operation with every combination of Phone Make, Phone Model, Phone Operating System/Version, Network Provider (Optus, Telstra, Vodaphone, Virgin, etc etc) & Network Type (2G, 3G, GSM, GPRS) support for Mobiles is limited.

Third-Party DMSS applications for iPhone/IPod/iPad: * * iPad only: *

Designed for use Worldwide

  • Compatible with CCIR mono / PAL colour and EIA mono / NTSC color TV Systems.

  • Universal Mains Power Supply Input: C14 Connector.

TV Systems

  • CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System

  • PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System

  • EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System

  • NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System

  • FPS = Frames per Second 25 (PAL) / 30 (NTSC) = Real-Time fluid motion

  • fps = fields per second 50 (PAL) / 60 (NTSC) = Real-Time fluid motion

  • ips = images per second