CCTV Recording Software USB Video Capture

CCTV Recording Software USB Video CaptureCCTV Recording Software USB Video CaptureCCTV Recording Software USB Video Capture

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(B) $115

Universal Serial Bus Video Capture Device with Drivers to suit W98, ME, W2000, XP.

101 376 pixel image capture with CCIR/PAL Cameras * Composite Video input.

Includes Free Surveillance Recording and Remote View software.

CCTV Recording Software USB Video Capture

* FREE * Surveillance Recording & Remote View applications.


Low power consumption, ideal for portable computers.

Compatible with all TV standards: CCIR/PAL (Australia - Europe), EIA/NTSC (USA - Japan), SECAM (France - Russia).

Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1) Plug and Play under Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP.

USB powered, no power adapter needed.

Composite Video Input via RCA socket.

Hot plug and play capability no need to turn off PC when installing.

Supports following video format and frame rates with compression: (AVI, BMP) 352X288 25~30 fps / 352X240 25~30fps, 320X240 30 fps / 240X180 30 fps, 176X144 30 fps / 160X120 30 fps.

Dimensions: ~ 110x ~ 56 x ~ 36 mm.


FREE SOFTWARE: Limited support for FREE software !

Recording and Remote View applications.

Adjustable video source brightness, contrast, etc., quality, alarm, motion detection area.

Motion Detection detects image changes and records video clips.

Image quality and Compression ratio adjustable.

User can define the area they wish to observe with masking and variable sensitivity.

Video file database, delete, backup or review.

Storage Recyclable, when disk space is low oldest files are overwritten on FIFO basis.

Remote view through TCP/IP or IPX protocol (Internet/Intranet), fixed IP is recommended.

Supports following network architecture: T1,T3, ADSL, ISDN, PSTN, Cable modem, & Hi building etc.

CCTV Recording Software USB Video Capture



CPU: Pentium II 600 MHz or better.
OS: Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP with latest updates.
One USB Port.
Hard Disk space: Plenty of disk storage for recording, at least 4GB.
System RAM: 128 MB or better.

Video Camera or other signal source with standard 75 ohm composite video output, monochrome or colour.


MAXIMISE RELIABILITY: Use an On-Line Uninterruptible Power Supply linked to Automatic Shut-Down Software to reduce the risk of Operating System faults or Hard Disk Drive damage caused by 'Head to Disk contact' that may result in the loss of Data (images) and carefully follow Shut-Down procedure. Click here for more information.



USB Capture Device.
User Guide.
Software on CD ROM: W98/ME/W2000/XP Drivers and Free Surveillance application.

101 376 Pixel USB Video Capture Device compatible with W98 / ME / W2000 / XP OS * ideal for portable PC & suitable for CCTV Video Surveillance Recording with Colour or Monochrome CCTV Video Surveillance Video Cameras * Combine this Card with your PC & create your own DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER with Movement Detection, Masking & Variable Sensitivity * Remote TCP/IP Viewing * DVR (Digital Video Recorder) captures better quality images than Time Lapse VHS VCR * Free Recording & Remote TCP/IP View application.