Surveillance CCTV Video Recorder

Network Remote Surveillance Recorder - Network AV Surveillance Recorder - Motion Detection Network Surveillance Recorder - Hard Disk Drive Network Surveillance Recorder


Low Cost 4 x Video 1 x Audio Network Remote Surveillance Recorder Motion-Detection  Hard Disk Drive Recording

Surveillance CCTV Video Recorder

M-JPEG compression for  BEST Recorded Image Quality
MPEG-derived compressor for small Network file size
174 080 Pixel 640 x 272 Full-Screen 50 images per second Recording
More than 9 times higher Recording Rate than 24 Hr TL VCR & MUX
USB Image (data) Copy View & Copy individual images on PC

Better than a VCR & Quad
7.5 times more pixels per image
Quad or Full-Screen Live / Remote View & Playback
Infrared Remote Control (option)


Low Cost
Hard Disk Drive Network Remote Surveillance Recorder with four Video and one Audio Camera recording capability. Continuous - Scheduled - Motion Detection Recording modes ideal for most Shop, Home, Warehouse, Factory, Showroom & similar applications.

CCTV Recorder excellent replacement for a conventional Video Cassette Recorder and Quad or Multiplexer. This Network Remote Surveillance Recorder will replace and outperform a 24 Hr TL VCR and Quad or MUX, it will Record Images with up to 7.5 times more pixels or up to 9 times more Images per second.

Reliable Hardware-Embedded non-Windows Operating System.

Push-Button operation via Front Panel.

Full-Screen Recording, Quad or Full Screen Live Monitoring, Remote Viewing and Playback.

USB Data Copy (Flash Memory) for Image Copy and Playback on PC.

[DVMR-LC4N] only $199
BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information $133 < 12 + >
Taiwan Quality

Fitted with:
1000 GB Hard Disk Drive + $99

[Rem-Cont] IR Remote Control $29 only $19 with HDD
VID-VGA+] Video to VGA Converter
only $85 with HDD

Maxi True Day Night Security CamerasHarness the 640 H-Pixel recording capability to a 700+ H-Pixel Day/Night IR Camera details here.


  • Low-Cost
    Stand-Alone 4 Camera Motion Detection Network Remote Surveillance Recorder with USB Image Copy.

  • Reliable Efficient Embedded Operating System.

  • Recording Modes: Full Screen with Time & Date Stamp, Motion Detection with variable sensitivity (using software analysis of image from each Camera), Scheduled, Continuous or Scheduled + Motion Detection.

  • Automatic Recycling of Storage - when HDD is full automatically overwrites oldest data on FIFO basis.

  • Scheduled Recording: Daily with 24 hour range in 1 hour increments.

  • Recording Resolution: 640 x 272 (CCIR/PAL), 640 x 224 (EIA/NTSC). (174 080 or 143 360 pixels Full Screen)

  • Maximum Recording Rate: EIA/NTSC 60 ips (images per second). CCIR/PAL 50. (Full Screen)

  • Per-Camera recording rate is user configurable from 3 to 25/30, allows higher recording rate for important areas & lower rate for lower priority areas.

  • Image Compression: RECORDING M-JPEG 3 levels of compression - NETWORK MPEG-derived for small file size & reduced Network bandwidth.

  • Storage Capacity: Up to 1 000 GB on one internal HDD, 5 ~ 10 Days storage @ 25 images-per-second in Continuous Recording Mode with 250 GB HDD, longer using larger HDD, higher compression, Motion Detection &/or Scheduled (Business Hours) recording modes.

  • Storage: 1 internal Hard Disk Drive SATA 7200 RPM up to 1 000 GB, Hitachi Recommended, HDD NOT included.

  • Live Monitoring: Full-Screen or Quad Screen 50 ips Real-Time.

  • Fast Forward, Pause and Playback.

  • Video In / Out: Inputs 4, Output 1, standard 75 ohm impedance composite video via BNC female connectors, CCIR or EIA monochrome or PAL or NTSC color, a low-cost TV with AV Composite Video input can be used for Monitoring/Playback or a PC VGA Monitor using VID-VGA+.

  • Audio In / Out: Line level via RCA female connectors..

  • 10 level Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue adjustment for each Camera.

  • Images can be copied from DVMR to VCR, DVD recorder, HDD recorder, PC, etc., via Composite Video output.

  • Images (clips) can be copied via USB Flash-Memory interface and viewed on PC using PC Viewer, individual images can be selected and saved.

  • Watchdog to maximise reliability, Hardware and Software are continuously monitored and system is reset if a fault or error is detected (boot-up default settings apply after a reset).

  • Designed for Worldwide Market compatible with CCIR/PAL & EIA/NTSC Video Systems, 12 Volt DC Powered (can be Battery powered via a 12 Volt Regulator), Universal Mains Power Supply included, IEC Power Cables available for United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and most other countries, details here.

  • MAXIMISE RELIABILITY: Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

  • This device is designed for surveillance, recording & playback may not be as fluid as that produced by a device designed for entertainment.

  • Dimensions/Weights: ~ 290 mm (W) ~ 70 mm (H) ~ 290 mm (D) excludes Sockets, ~ 2 kilograms, Shipping ~ 2.5 kilograms. ADD 0.7kg for HDD.

  • Package Contents: DVMR, Mains Power Supply, Mains Power Cable to suit destination Country & HDD Mounting Screws. Download User Manual using link below, software download URL is listed on Purchase Receipt.

  • Surveillance CCTV Video Recorderto view pages from User Manual, this PDF document will open in a new Window.


Comparison: DVMR-LC4N with traditional Time Lapse VCR systems

DVMR-LC4N with 1000 GB storage in 'continuous' recording mode @ Highest Quality. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & Quad Screen Processor. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & 4 Camera Multiplexer. (PAL signal)

174 080 pixels each Camera in Full mode @ 640 x 272 resolution.

23 040 pixels each Camera.

92 160 pixels each Camera.

12.5 images (average) per Camera each second. (total 50 images per second)

5.5 Quad-Screen images each second.

1.375 images each Camera each second.

5.5 fields/images each second.

43 000 000 ~ 86 000 000 + image storage capacity.

540 000 fields per Tape.

540 000 fields per Tape.

10 ~ 20 Days storage @ 50 Images-per-Second.

100 ~ 200 Days storage @ 5 Images-per-Second.

200 + Days storage @ lower Recording Rate &/or Higher Compression &/or using Motion Detection &/or Scheduled Recording mode.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

Non-Stop automatically overwrites oldest files on FIFO basis.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

Above information is presented as a guide only, due to variables such as image complexity, image quality (SNR), compression, etc., these figures may not be attained or may be exceeded.


Designed for use Worldwide

Compatible with CCIR mono / PAL colour and EIA mono / NTSC color TV Systems.

Universal Mains Power to 12 Volts DC, 3 Amp (2.1 x 5.5 mm DC Plug) Regulated Power Supply suits most countries, input is via IEC C14 socket, input voltage range: 100 ~ 240 volts AC, frequency 50 ~ 60 Hertz.


CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System
PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System (50 fields / 25 Frames per second)
EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System
NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System