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TCP/IP Network NVR

DVR TCP/IP Network Recorder

Stand-Alone 4 Camera Surveillance Video Recorder JPEG Video Motion CCTV Recorder inbuilt CD WRITER * TCP/IP Local Area Network & Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus interfaces * up to 60 images per second * 8 times more pixels per Camera compared to a Quad & 24 Hr TL VCR * Reliable Hardware-Embedded non-Windows Operating System no Windows OS or PC knowledge required * Alarm Inputs & Output * Search by Date / Time * Full / Quad screen Monitoring / Playback * Timer - Alarm - Motion Detection recording modes * Push-Button control via Front Panel, no Keyboard, Mouse or VGA Monitor required * Infrared Remote Control - TCP/IP Remote Viewing-Recording-Playback - RS232 ASCII Remote Control. This is a time-proven product manufactured in Korea.

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Fitted with:
080 GB Hard Disk Drive + $79
250 GB Hard Disk Drive + $129
500 GB Hard Disk Drive + $399 Specially tested for compatibility.
VGA Monitor Output + $99

Rack Mount Kit $15
VGA male to male Cable $5

  • Stand-Alone 4 Camera DVMR with CD WRITER,  Alarm I/O, RS485 Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus, RS232 Remote Control & TCP/IP Local Area Network interfaces.

  • Easy Push-Button control via Front Panel, no Keyboard, Mouse or VGA Monitor required.

  • Reliable Efficient Embedded Operating System no Windows OS or PC knowledge required.

  • Infrared Remote Control and RS232 ASCII Remote Control.

  • Motion Detection with Masking and adjustable sensitivity.

  • Pop-Up Image and Audible Alarm may be utilised in Alarm mode to eliminate tedious and unproductive visual monitoring, DVMR attracts user's attention when activity occurs in areas under surveillance.

  • 400 record Log of Alarm, Motion and Video Loss events.

  • Timer, Timer & Alarm, Motion, Motion & Alarm recording modes with recycling of storage.

  • Remote RS485 Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus control.

  • Up to 400 GB storage capacity, ~ 37 Days storage @ 5 images-per-second, much longer using Motion Detection recording.

  • Designed for Worldwide Market compatible with CCIR/PAL & EIA/NTSC Video Systems & Mains Voltages.

  • Full Screen Switching recording.

  • 207 360 Pixel Full Screen Switching recording (PAL).

  • Quad, Full Screen & Picture-in-Picture Live Real-Time (50 ips) Display via Composite or S-Video outputs. A low-cost TV with AV input can be used for Monitoring/Playback or a PC VGA Monitor with VGA Output Option.

  • Freeze & Zoom mode.

  • 1/50 to 50X Playback Speeds (1/60 to 60X EIA/NTSC).

  • ~ 0.1 to 50/60 images-per-second Recording rate (50 CCIR/PAL / 60 EIA/NTSC).

  • Alarm Inputs & Output.

  • Watchdog to maximise Recording reliability, Hardware and Software are continuously monitored and system is reset if a fault or error is detected (boot-up default settings apply after a reset).

  • 12 Volt DC Powered (can be Battery powered via a 12 Volt Regulator) Universal Mains Power Supply included, IEC Power Cords available for United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and most other countries, Security Camera.

  • Time, Date, Title.

  • Images can be Copied in 700 MB blocks (~ 27 000 images) directly to Compact Disc using inbuilt CD WRITER and viewed on a Windows PC using included Media Player application.

  • Images can be copied from DVMR to VCR, DVD recorder, HDD recorder, PC, etc., via S-Video or Composite Video outputs.

  • Clips can be recorded to PC in AVI format or still images in JPEG  format via LAN interface using Remote Viewer.

  • Recording with Live Real-Time (50 ips) Display or Playback via Video or optional VGA output.

  • This device is designed for surveillance, recording & playback may not be as fluid as that produced by a device designed for entertainment.

Images from CCTV RECORDER Composite & S-Video video outputs, captured using CAP 3 CH.

CCTV Recorder
Live Picture-in-Picture
Quad-Screen TCP/IP Network
Live Monitoring
Video TCP/IP Network
Live Monitoring
TCP/IP Security NVR
Motion Detect Setup

Network DVR

Video TCP/IP Network Recorder
On-Screen Setup

* click on image to view full size *

Comparison: DVMR-LAN4CD CCTV Recorder with traditional Time Lapse VCR systems

DVMR-LAN4CD CCTV Recorder with 400 GB storage in 'continuous' recording mode. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & Quad Screen Processor. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & 4 Camera Multiplexer. (PAL signal)

200 000 + pixels each Camera.

23 040 pixels each Camera.

92 160 pixels each Camera.

12.5 images each Camera each second.

50 images total each second.

5.5 Quad-Screen images each second.

1.375 images each Camera each second.

5.5 fields/images each second.

~ 14 000 000 image storage capacity.

540 000 fields per Tape.

540 000 fields per Tape.

~ 3.5 Days storage @ 50 Images-per-Second Capture Rate.

~ 37 Days storage @ 5 images per second Capture Rate.

37 + Days storage @ lower Capture Rate &/or using Motion Detection &/or Alarm Inputs.

CD-RW can be replaced with a HDD to increase storage capacity by 100%.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

Non-Stop automatically overwrites oldest files on FIFO basis.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

 Results from our Test Bench
Signal Source: PAL Digital off-air TV (complex, high SNR images) split 4 ways using Vid-Dist/4.

Continuous Recording - 4 Cameras Storage 400 GB
5 ips ~ 37 Days
25 ips ~ 7 Days
50 ips ~ 90 hours

Above information is presented as a guide only, due to variables such as image complexity, image quality (SNR), etc., these periods may not be attained or may be exceeded.


  • Video Camera Inputs: (4) 75 ohm impedance composite video (BNC socket) to suit 1 V p-p mono or 1.14 V p-p colour CCIR or EIA monochrome or PAL or NTSC color.

  • Video Outputs: (4) looping 75 ohm impedance composite video (BNC socket), (2) 75 ohm impedance composite video for Monitor(s) or VCR (BNC socket), (1) S-Video (Y/C) for Monitor or VCR (4 pin mini socket).

  • VGA Output: Option + $99 fitted, not available separately, HD15 15 pin female socket, suits 50 Hz refresh rate PC VGA Monitors. A popular alternative is VID-VGA+ which allows Monitor to be shared with a PC & suits 50 / 60 / 75 Hz Monitors.

  • Power Supply - Universal: Input IEC 3 pin, 110 ~ 240 vac, 50 ~ 60 Hz. Output: 2.5 x 5.5 mm DC Plug, 12 Volts DC Regulated, 5 Amps.

  • Compression Method: JPEG

  • Image File Size: Variable, depends on image complexity, quality (Signal : Noise Ratio), etc., approximately 6 ~ 27 kilobytes.

  • Colour Resolution: 16 + million colours.

  • Analogue-Digital Capture Resolution: 720 Horizontal Pixels (Max), this value is provided for comparative purposes only.

  • LAN interface: RJ45 8p8c socket, TCP/IP.

  • RS232C interface: DB9 9 pin male socket.

  • RS485 interface: Press-to-Release wire terminals.

  • Alarm I/O: Inputs (4) floating @ 5 Volts - programmable Active High or Low, Output (1) SPDT relay, Press-to-Release wire terminals.

  • Storage: 1 internal IDE 7200 RPM ATA 100/133 Hard Disk Drive, up to 400 GB, Hitachi recommended for maximum reliability - HDD not included. [400-5.55+]

  • Easy HDD Installation: Remove Top cover (8 screws), set HDD jumper to Master, connect power & IDE cables, secure HDD to case with supplied screws, refit Top cover and Power On.

  • Dimensions: ~ 435 mm (W) ~ 68 mm (H) ~ 360 mm (D) excludes Sockets.

  • Weight: ~ 4.9 kilograms without HDD, ~ 7.1 kilograms with accessories and packing.

  • Package Contents: DVMR, User Manual, Mains Power Supply, Infrared Remote Control, CD ROM with Free Remote View application, Mains Power Cable, 4 Adhesive Rubber Feet, HDD retaining screws.

  • MAXIMISE RELIABILITY: Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

FREE TCP/IP Remote Viewer Software

  • Compatible with Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP Operating Systems.

  • Static & Dynamic (conditional) IP address.

  • Leased Line, ADSL & Cable using Modem / DHCP Server / IP Sharer.

  • Multi & Single Camera Live Monitoring.

  • Multi & Single Camera Playback from DVMR.

  • Search DVMR Recordings.

  • Images stored in DVMR may be saved via LAN in JPEG format or Motion Clips in AVI format or Printed.

  • Single user Remote View application.

  • Remote-View of Live images via LAN (if DVMR is in Motion Detect mode images are sent only when motion is detected), Remote-Playback and Recording of images stored in DVMR, DVMR Recording rate is reduced during Remote-View operation, DVMR Recording is suspended during Remote-View Playback.

  • To view Remote Viewer Software User Notes

Images from Remote Viewer
Signal Source: Off-Air Digital TV split 4 ways

Remote Viewer DVR
Screen Shot in Live Monitoring mode

Remote View NVR
Screen Shot in Playback mode

Remote TCP/IP Network View
'Saved' jpeg image in Playback mode

* click on image to view full size *

Designed for use Worldwide

  • Compatible with CCIR mono / PAL colour and EIA mono / NTSC color TV Systems.

  • Universal Mains Power to 12 Volts DC Regulated Power Supply suits most countries, input is via common IEC 3 pin (PC type) Mains Power input socket, input voltage range: 100 ~ 240 volts AC, frequency 50 ~ 60 Hertz.

TV Systems

  • CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System

  • PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System

  • EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System

  • NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System

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