Surveillance Video Recorder

hard disk recorder mpeg-2
MPEG-2 DVD DTV Resolution CCTV Video Recorder

HIGH MPEG-2 DVD/DTV DEFINITION Stand-Alone 4 Camera TRIPLEX Digital Security Video & Audio Recorder with CD Writer & USB Flash-Memory interface for copying images* simultaneous Record / Playback / Network Transfer * Infrared Remote Control.

MPEG Video Recorder * Up to 720 x 576 Pixel Recording Resolution * MPEG-2 compression for high DVD/DTV image quality * Local Area Network & Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus interfaces * up to 120 images per second * up to 18 times more pixels per Camera compared to a Quad & 24 Hr TL VCR * Reliable Hardware-Embedded non-Windows Operating System no Windows OS or PC knowledge required * Alarm Inputs & Outputs * Search by Date / Time * Full / Quad screen Monitoring / Recording * Timer - Alarm - Motion Detection recording modes * Push-Button control via Front Panel, no Keyboard, Mouse or VGA Monitor required * Infrared Remote Control - Remote Viewing-Recording-Playback - JPEG images can be easily/quickly copied to Compact Plug-In USB Flash Memory. This is a time-proven ISO 9001 Korea Quality product.

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Fitted with:
080 GB Hard Disk Drive + $79
250 GB Hard Disk Drive + $129

UPS-LI650 UPS only $99 when purchased with DVMR

Extra High 700 + H-Pixel RESOLUTION Colour Day/Night SEE-in-the-DARK Infrared Sensitive Video Camera with Motorised movable IR Cut Filter - LOW BLEMISH SONY CCD Image Sensor - Infrared LED Illuminator- Automatic Iris Lens - Variable Focal Length Lens - Infrared Night Vision - VANDAL HARDENED - Robust Aluminium Case - Thick Acrylic Dome - Security Screws with Wrench - Side or Top Cable entry - Dome Wall / Ceiling Colour Camera - Suitable for Extra High Resolution images and zero illumination levels in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, sheltered outdoor use under eaves - This Camera is ideal for many Surveillance applications and for 'disturbance-free' observation (in total darkness) of Babies, Convalescing, Birds, Animals, etc., while Sleeping, Recuperating, Nesting, Calving, etc - Taiwan Quality etc. Use our PC Digital Video Recording Systems for High Resolution image capture with Motion Detection, Masking, Dial-Up, Paging, LAN & other facilities.Harness the 720 H-Pixel capability to a 700+ H-Pixel Day/Night IR Camera security camera.

  • Stand-Alone 4 Camera MPEG-2 Network Digital Video Recorder with Audio - inbuilt CD Writer - Remote Control - Alarm I/O - USB -  RS485 Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus - Local Area Network interfaces

  • MPEG-2 image compression for subjectively better (DVD / DTV ) Image Quality than common MPEG-4.

  • Easy Push-Button control via Front Panel or Remote Control, no Keyboard, Mouse or VGA Monitor required.

  • Reliable Efficient Embedded Operating System no Windows OS or PC knowledge required.

  • Infrared Remote Control.

  • Motion Detection with Masking and adjustable sensitivity.

  • Timer, Timer & Alarm, Motion, Motion & Alarm recording modes with recycling of storage.

  • Remote RS485 Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus control.

  • Up to 250 GB storage capacity, 25 + Days storage @ 5 images-per-second, much longer using Motion Detection or Scheduled (Business Hours) Recording or higher compression.

  • PAL Recording Resolution - Full Screen 720 x  576, Quad Screen 360 x 288.

  • Quad & Full Screen Live Real-Time (50 ips) Display via Composite or S-Video outputs. A low-cost TV with AV input can be used for Monitoring/Playback or a PC VGA Monitor using VID-VGA+.

  • 1 to 120 images-per-second Recording rate (25 Full Screen / 100 Quad Screen CCIR/PAL - 30 Full Screen / 120 Quad Screen EIA/NTSC).

  • Alarm Inputs & Output.

  • Option to display Time, Date & Title during DVR Live Monitoring & Playback.

  • Images can be Copied to Plug-In USB Flash Memory.

  • Images can be Copied directly to Compact Disc using inbuilt CD WRITER and viewed on a Windows PC using Remote View application.

  • Images can be Copied via LAN interface using a Windows PC and Remote View application.

  • Images can be copied from DVMR to VCR, DVD recorder, HDD recorder, PC, etc., via S-Video or Composite Video outputs.

  • Simultaneous Recording / Playback / Network Transfer.

  • 'Recording with Live Real-Time (50/60 ips) Monitoring' or 'Recording and simultaneous Playback' via Video Outputs or 'Monitoring / Playback / Recording' via LAN interface.

  • Designed for Worldwide Market compatible with CCIR/PAL & EIA/NTSC Video Systems & Mains Voltages. IEC Power Cords available for United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and most other countries, cctv.

  • This device is designed for surveillance, recording & playback may not be as fluid as that produced by a device designed for entertainment, audio recording may be affected by minor break-up (similar to Cellular Telephone) depending on DVMR workload.

  • to View  DVR pages from User Manual ** This is a PDF document ~ 2.1 MB and will open in new Window.

  • security dvr to view Network pages from User Manual ** This is a PDF document ~ 3.5 MB and will open in new Window.

mpeg-2 digital video recorder

Comparison: DVMR-AV4HR/CD with traditional Time Lapse VCR systems

DVMR-AV4HR/CD with 250 GB storage in 'continuous' recording mode. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & Quad Screen Processor. (PAL signal)

24 hour Time Lapse VHS VCR & 4 Camera Multiplexer (MUX). (PAL signal)

414 720 pixels each Camera in Full mode @ 720 x 576 resolution.

103 680 pixels each Camera in Quad mode.

23 040 pixels each Camera.

92 160 pixels each Camera.

6 images each Camera each second in Full mode.

25 Quad-Screen images each second in Quad mode.

5.5 Quad-Screen images each second.

1.375 images each Camera each second.

~ 12 to 96 + MILLION image storage capacity.

540 000 fields per Tape.

540 000 fields per Tape.

~ 5 to 10 Days storage @ 25 (Full) / 25 (Quad) Images-per-Second Capture Rate.

~ 25 to 50 Days storage @ 5 (Full) / 5 (Quad) Images-per-Second Capture Rate.

50 + Days storage @ lower Capture Rate &/or using Motion Detection or Alarm Inputs or Scheduled (Business Hours) Recording.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

1 Day & 3 hours storage.

Using 3 hour Tape in 24 hour TL (27 hour) mode.

Non-Stop automatically overwrites oldest files on FIFO basis.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

2 ~ 3 minutes Downtime while Tape rewinds to start.

Above information is presented as a guide only, in practice variables such as image complexity, image-to-image changes, image quality (SNR), compression rate, resolution, etc., affect storage, above periods may not be attained or may be exceeded. Above data applies to 'Video recording', AV recording will reduce storage by 5% ~ 10%.

Results from our Test Bench with 250 GB HDD in continuous single-Camera Video & Audio recording mode: 120 hours @ 25 ips (real time) @ 720 x 576 resolution @ Highest Image Quality (largest file size), Signal Source: PAL Digital off-air TV (complex, high SNR images).

  • Watchdog to maximise Recording reliability, Hardware and Software are continuously monitored and system is reset if a fault or error is detected (boot-up default settings apply after a reset).

  • Video Camera Inputs: (4) 75 ohm impedance composite video (BNC socket) to suit 1 V p-p mono or 1.14 V p-p colour CCIR or EIA monochrome or PAL or NTSC color.

  • Audio Inputs: (4) Line-Level (RCA socket).

  • Video Outputs: (4) looping 75 ohm impedance composite video (BNC socket), (2) 75 ohm impedance composite video for Monitor(s) or VCR (BNC socket), (1) S-Video (Y/C) for Monitor or VCR (4 pin mini socket).

  • Audio Output: (1) Line-Level (RCA socket).

  • VGA Output for PC Monitor is possible using VID-VGA+ via S-Video output, allows Push-Button switching between DVMR & PC.

  • Compression Method: MPEG-2 with user configurable compression rate to balance Image Quality against Storage.

  • Image Size: Variable, depends on image complexity, image-to-image-changes, signal quality (Signal : Noise Ratio), resolution, compression, etc., approximately 2 ~ 16 kilobytes. (DVD quality = 4 Mb/s)

  • Colour Resolution: 16 + million colours.

  • Recording Resolution: 720 x 576, 360 x 288 (PAL), 720 x 480, 360 x 240 (NTSC).

  • LAN interface: RJ45 8p8c socket.

  • RS232C interface: DB9 9 pin male socket.

  • USB interface: 1.1 for USB Flash Memory Stick, via common 4 pin socket, see page 52 of DVR pages from User Manual for a list of compatible types. ** This is a PDF document ~ 2.1 MB and will open in new Window.

  • RS485 interface: DB9 9 pin male socket.

  • Alarm I/O: Inputs (4) - programmable Normally Open or Normally Closed, Output (2) Normally Open, programmable by Camera, triggered by Alarm-input &/or Video-Motion-Detection, Press-to-Release wire terminals.

  • Storage: 1 internal IDE 7200 RPM ATA 100/133 Hard Disk Drive, up to 250 GB, Maxtor & Hitachi recommended - Use ATA133 for Optimum Performance - HDD not included.

  • Easy HDD Installation: Remove Top cover, set HDD jumper to Master, connect power & IDE cables, secure HDD with supplied screws, refit Top cover and Power On.

  • Dimensions: ~ 380 mm (W) ~ 85 mm (H) ~ 300 mm (D) excludes Sockets.

  • Weight: ~ 5.5 kilograms without HDD, ~ 6.8 kilograms with accessories and packing.

  • Package Contents: DVMR, User Manual, Mains Power Cable, Infrared Remote Control, CD ROM with LAN Remote View application, HDD retaining screws.

  • MAXIMISE RELIABILITY: Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Designed for use Worldwide

  • Compatible with CCIR mono / PAL colour and EIA mono / NTSC color TV Systems.

  • Universal Mains Power to suit most countries, input voltage range 115 ~ 230 volts AC, frequency 50 ~ 60 Hertz via common IEC 3 pin (PC type) Mains Power input socket, IEC Power Cords available for United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and most other countries, security cables.

TV Systems

  • CCIR = Australian / European Monochrome TV System

  • PAL = Australian / European Colour TV System

  • EIA = USA / Japan Monochrome TV System

  • NTSC = USA / Japan Color TV System

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