diy network remote view cctv security dvr camera pack
Network DiY Surveillance Dome 720H Camera CCTV Pak
Network four Dome high resolution CCTV surveillance security Cameras + Network Digital Video Recorder

Bundled Colour 4 Dome Camera CCTV Surveillance Pak with Network Remote View MOTION DETECTION Digital Video Recorder. Suitable for Monitoring Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Shops, Homes, etc.

PakCN-4HR $485 Taiwan Quality

High Resolution CCD Security Camera+High Resolution CCD Security Camera+High Resolution CCD Security Camera+High Resolution CCD Security Camera+
H.264 D1 100 Frames Real Time DVRNetwork Remote Surveillance Recorder IP
Quad Screen or Full Screen Live Monitoring

This Dome Camera Pack contains: One DVR4rt-H264 H264 Stand-Alone 414 720 pixel Full-Screen 100 FPS Recording Network (ADSL) Remote View Hard Disk Drive Surveillance Recorder with four Video and one Audio Channel recording capability, Continuous - Scheduled - Motion Detection Recording modes + Four DOME-sonyHR 720H Wall / Ceiling Colour Dome Security Cameras with ⅓ inch High Resolution 437 664 Pixel SONY CCD Image Sensor, Digital Signal Processing, Automatic White Balance, Automatic Electronic Shutter & Automatic Gain Control.

DVR storage Options

Hard Disk Drive 1000 GB fitted in DVR $149

Hard Disk Drive 2000 GB fitted in DVR $199

You may change Cameras to suit your requirements, perhaps an Outdoor or High Resolution or VariFocal for a specific area.
Click on Image or Blue underlined link for detailed information about upgrade Cameras

One Covert-PIR in place of one DOME-sonyHR $0

Covert PIR Security Camera
Covert Hidden-Camera |
COLOUR Pinhole Security Camera Module
concealed in a PIR Detector Case | ⅓" SONY Super HAD II CCD

One Ceiling-IRHR in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$40

Ceiling recessed Downlight style Security Camera
Recessed Ceiling (Downlight style) Colour | Night Vision IR | ⅓" SONY Super-HAD-II CCD Image Sensor

One EffioE-960HBall in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$40

Effio 960 + H-Pixel Extra-High Resolution Infrared Ball Camera
Extra High 960H & Sony EffioE DSP | Ball style | Day/Night Infrared |
⅓" SONY EXview Super HAD CCD

One EffioE-Smoke/p in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$40

Covert HD CCTV Smoke Camera
Covert Hidden-Camera | Extra High 960x576 resolution | ⅓" SONY 568 032 Pixel EXview HAD II CCD & EffioE DSP Colour Module concealed in Smoke Detector Case

One Pixim-Ball in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$60

Ball Security Camera Seawolf Day Night Camera
Higher Resolution | New Technology Pixim Seawolf DPS Image Sensor | for difficult high contrast lighting conditions | Wide Dynamic | Day/Night IR | Indoor/sheltered-Outdoor

One Ball960H-IRHR in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$60

HD CCTV 960H Rugged Aluminium Ball Security Camera
Extra High
960H resolution | Variable Focal Length 2.8~12 mm Lens | ⅓" Sony EXview Super HAD CCD | Vandal-Hardened | Day Night Security Camera

One SonyCCD-dnIR in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$90

Sony CCD Day Night Security Camera
Higher Resolution |
Outdoor/Indoor | IR-CUT for vivid Colour Rendition | Variable 2.8~12 mm focal Length Auto Iris Lens | better under high & low illumination levels

One DOME-D/N in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$120

700 + H-Pixel Security Camera
Higher Resolution | Indoor/
sheltered-Outdoor | IR-CUT for vivid Colour & IR sensitivity | Variable Focal Length 3.7~12 mm AI Lens | Camera Module & Lens made-in-Japan
use with an IR-Illuminator to See-in-the-Dark

One EffioE960H-dnIR in place of one DOME-sonyHR +$140

Day Night Extra High Resolution 960H Security Camera
Sony CCD Effio DSP Extra High Resolution 30% more Pixels than traditional CCD
| Outdoor/Indoor | Variable 4~9 mm focal Length Auto Iris Lens | IR-CUT for vivid Colour Rendition



for: DIY Plug-In installation: four 20 metre Cables, Regulated Power Supply, Power Cable Splitter & Adhesive CCTV Surveillance Deterrent Warning Stickers.

 20 metre Security Camera Video & Power cable 20 metre Security Camera Video & Power cable 20 metre Security Camera Video & Power cable 20 metre Security Camera Video & Power cable
 20 metre Plug-In CCTV Video Camera Video + Audio + Power cable 20 metre Plug-In CCTV Video Camera Video + Audio + Power cable 20 metre Plug-In CCTV Video Camera Video + Audio + Power cable 20 metre Plug-In CCTV Video Camera Video + Audio + Power cable
4 Plugs & Socket Power multiple Cameras Microphones other devices Power Supply Regulated 12 VDC Adhesive Deterrent Warning Labels
Cables, Power Supply, etc., included in PAK-Install varies depending on Camera combination.

Putting it all together...

"PAK-INSTALL" includes everything to interconnect Cameras, DVR and Power Supply, straight forward plug-in connection, no soldering - cutting - joining required.

Alternatively a sub-contract: "Computer LAN Cable" or "Telephone Cable" or "TV Antenna" or "Satellite TV" or "Alarm" installer should be able to easily install cabling. See "Yellow Pages" for cabling sub-contractors.

Cable-RCA2 $4
Dual ~ 1.5 m Cable two RCA Plugs at each end interconnect Monitor DVR etc
Use this Cable to connect DVR Video &/or Audio outputs to Video Monitor, TV AV inputs, etc, twin ~ 1.5 metres with RCA Plugs both ends.

BNC Plug to RCA Socket Adaptor
Use this Adaptor to convert DVR BNC Video output to RCA Socket for use with RCA cable above.

Mouse-H264 $8
Genius NetScroll 120 Optical
Use this Mouse to simplify DVR operation, Genius NetScroll 120 Optical wheel mouse, 3 button, 800dpi.

Cable-VGA $10
30 cm & 2 metre HD15 VGA male to male Plug
Use this VGA Cable to connect
DVR to VGA Monitor, ~ 2 metres HD15 S-VGA male to male Plugs.

Tiny Microphone & Preamplifier connect to VCR TV Tape Recorder Audio Monitor PC Sound Card AV Wireless Transmitter Sender Better than most inbuilt Camera microphones wider pick up angle larger pick up area use more than one for large areas use for general audio monitoring use for covert hidden concealed spying bugging surveillance monitoring applications  Security Microphones | CCTV Microphones | Surveillance Microphones | Camera Microphones | Bug Microphone | Spy Microphone | Hidden Microphone | Covert Microphone | Concealed Microphone
$5 Tiny Capsule easily concealed, better pickup than most inbuilt Camera microphones.


Deterrent Warning Labels - Stickers Adhesive Deterrent Warning Labels.

Warning LabelAdhesive Deterrent Warning LabelCCTV Warning LabelSecurity Warning Sign

CCTV Warning SignCCTV Deterrent SignWarning Sign

Surveillance SignCCTV Sign

Deterrent Warning Sign