Concealed Security Camera disguised as Fire Sprinkler
Concealed Security Camera - CCTV Security Camera hidden in Fire Sprinkler - Security Camera disguised as Fire Sprinkler

Discreet Hidden Camera Covert Security Camera concealed in a Fire Sprinkler Housing.

This covert discreet hidden Sprinkler security camera is perfect for monitoring and recording.

Covert-Fire $69


Power Supply 12 VDC 0.3 Amp $12

Cable Video & Power 20 m $25

Microphones better than inbuilt microphones from $5

Versatile and can be used for various applications such as a Cleaner-Cam in the office or Cash-Register-Cam or Door-Monitoring-Cam in shops or elsewhere for general surveillance, monitoring and recording.

Colour Security Camera with a 3.6mm Lens in a Fire Sprinkler Housing with Video and Power connectors on a cable.

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High Sensitivity & High Signal-to-Noise Ratio Sony CCD



Colour Security Camera Module with 3.6 mm Focal Length Lens fitted in and disguised as a Fire Sprinkler.

Specifically designed to blend with the surroundings in commercial situations this is easily added to an existing Security Recording system, simply connect Camera Video Output to an unused Security DVR Video input.

This Security Camera can be easily connected to the Composite Video Input (AV, Yellow RCA socket) on most TVs and Domestic or commercial Recording Devices, if required a Microphone can be easily added and a single small diameter DiY Plug-In Cable used for Video, Audio & Power over 20 m or more.

297 984 Pixel CCD unlike similar cameras (CMOS sensor) this Security Camera has a Sony Charge Coupled Device (CCD) with significantly higher Sensitivity and higher Signal-to-Noise ratio than an a CMOS sensor.


All values are approximate.

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

Width of Vision with 3.6 mm Lens

3 m 5 m 9 m 15 m

Additional Security Camera FOV info



Video System: PAL fully compatible with Australian TV System.

512 (H) x 582 (V) 297 984 Pixel " Sony Super HAD CCD.
Super Hole Accumulation Diode SONY Microlens Charge Coupled Device structure
click on image to enlarge

Lens: 3.6 mm, there are no optional lenses for this camera, Security Camera lens information.

Scanning System: 2 : 1 Interlace, PAL 50 Hz vertical, 15 625 Hz horizontal.

Synchronisation: Internal.

Video Output: 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, BNC socket, ~ 20 cm cable.

Horizontal Pixels: 500 + (this value is provided for comparative purposes only) Better than Super-VHS near DVD resolution.

Sensitivity: ~ 0.5 lux @ F1.2 (this value is provided for comparative purposes only).

Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES): 1/50 to 1/100 000 second, 20 milliseconds to 10 microseconds, additional information here.

Signal to Noise ratio: ~ 48 dB, measured with AGC Off.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Yes.

Back Light Compensation (BLC): Automatic.

White Balance: Automatic.

Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC Regulated, ~ 100 milliamps, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket, center pin = (+), ~ 20 cm cable.

Dimensions (mm): ~  68 x 83.

Mass: ~  100 grams.

Manufacturer: Over 10 years experience. ISO 9001, CE, FCC, RoHS certification. OEM & ODM supplier.

Made in China.

Security Camera disguised as Fire Sprinkler


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