Surveillance CS Mount Camera
EXTRA HIGH RESOLUTION C and CS Mount Colour CCTV Video Surveillance Camera, Automatic Iris Lens output, Aluminium Case. Connect to 12 VDC & Composite Video AV input on TVs, VCRs, Capture Cards, etc. 1/4 inch Colour
LOW BLEMISH CCD, Digital Signal Processing, suitable for well lit areas in Homes, Offices, Showrooms etc. Accepts CS or C Mount Fixed, Manual or Automatic Iris lenses for sharper overall focus, get full frame / screen 'Head & Shoulders' or 'Cash Drawer' shots at ~ 10 m with 69 mm Lens.



" CCD C/CS Mount Digital Signal Processing Security System Colour Camera

$189 (A)
$219 (B)

Surveillance CS Mount Camera
EXTRA HIGH RESOLUTION " LOW BLEMISH CCD Surveillance CS Mount Camera Digital Signal Processing Colour CCTV Video Surveillance Camera * Ideal for well lit areas in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Warehouses, Outdoors, etc. DIY Plug-In installation when purchased with Plug Pack and Cable/Adaptor Set.

Tiny Microphone Tiny Microphone Preamplifier

Microphone Preamplifier Capsule CCTV Bug wider angle & better pick up than most inbuilt microphones + $15
with 4, 8, 12 or 16  mm C Mount Fixed Iris Lens + $25
with Aluminium Swivel Mounting Bracket + $5
with Regulated 600 mA Plug Pack & EXTRA 3 Months WARRANTY + $25
with DIY AV Plug-In 20 metre Cable & Adaptor Set + $30
High-Quality 3 Year Warranty Japanese CS Mount Lenses ('with camera' prices)
These Lenses produce Sharper images and pass more than 2 X more light than a common Fixed Iris C Mount Lens, use these to vastly improve the Low-Light performance of Camera / Lens combination and for Lower-Noise images,
CCTV Lens.
2.5 mm F1.6 Manual Iris $80
3.8 mm F1.6 Manual Iris $66
8 mm F1.4 Manual Iris $59
5 ~ 50 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Manual Iris $153

Any one lens may be purchased at  'with camera' price, all lenses suitable for this Camera are listed near bottom of this page, click on the underlined Lenses link for prices.

Width of Vision with:

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

4 mm Lens

2.7 m 4.5 m 8.1 m 13.5 m

8 mm Lens

1.4 m 2.2 m 4 m 6.7 m

12 mm Lens

0.9 m 1.5 m 2.7 m 4.5 m

16 mm Lens

0.7 m 1.1 m 2 m 3.4 m

Additional Lens selection info

Security Lenses      

Video System: PAL Colour fully compatible with Australian TV System.

582 (H) x 752 (V) ~ 430 000 Pixel inch Interline Transfer LOW BLEMISH CCD.

Scanning System: 2 : 1 Interlace, PAL 50 Hz vertical, 15 625 Hz horizontal.

Synchronisation: Internal.

Video Output: 1 v p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, BNC socket.

Lens Mount: CS or C with 5 mm spacer ring.

Horizontal Resolution: ~ 600 + lines. Better than VHS * BETTER THAN Super-VHS resolution.

Minimum Illumination: ~ 6 lux @ F1.2.

Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES): 1/50 to 1/100 000 second, 20 milliseconds to 10 microseconds. AES is always On - Not suitable for use with Auto Iris Lenses.

Signal to Noise ratio: ~ 48 dB.

Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC Regulated, ~ 110 milliamps, 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC socket.

White Balance: Automatic.

Dimensions: ~ 47 mm Wide, ~ 42 mm High, ~ 110 mm Deep excluding sockets, ~ 180 grams.

Made in: Taiwan.

Manufacturer's Experience: 15 + Years in CCTV.


Aluminium Housings Weatherproof & Indoor

Plug-In DIY AV 20 metre Cable / Adaptor Set: 20 metre AV Cable with moulded Plugs & Socket. Two RCA Plugs & DC Plug for Camera end. Two RCA Plugs for input device, DC Socket for Plug-Pack. Two BNC-RCA Adaptors for Camera, VCR, Quad, Switcher, Multiplexer, Monitor, Transmitter, etc.

20 metre AV Cable BNC Plug to RCA Socket


Monitor - another solution