professional Box style high 'deterrence' value camera surveillance
C Mount & CS Mount CCTV Camera Surveillance
professional Box style high 'deterrence' value
for Home, small business & commercial CCTV video security systems
CS mount CCTV | C mount Security | Day Night CS mount CCTV | Infrared mount night vision | C & CS mount IP Network

$49 includes 4 mm Lens & Bracket

C Mount CCTV Video Surveillance Camera SONY CCD SONY ChipSet

480 H-Pixels 0.02 Lux
1/3" SONY Image Sensor & SONY ChipSet C-Mount & CS-Mount Video CCTV Cameras
Monochrome Infra-Red Sensitive

$69 ~ $99

Effio 960H Sony Super HAD II CCD Wide-Band DSP
960 horizontal pixels 0.1 Lux
HD CCTV 33% better than SDTV DVD D1
ighest ever composite resolution 568 032 Pixel 960H Sony EXview Super HAD II CCD & Effio-E Wide-Band DSP Extra-High-Resolution Colour & Infrared sensitive

following are not C or CS Mount they are Compact All-in-One lower cost alternatives

$165 ~ $219
2.8~12mm Megapixel AI IR-CUT Lens EffioE 960H
960H 0 Lux with IR LEDs
Megapixel varifocal 2.8 ~ 12 mm AI IR-CUT Lens
SONY ExView 568 032 Pixel Super HAD II CCD
EffioE enhanced DSP Motorised IR-CUT vivid Colour maximum low light sensitivity
OSD Setup IR illuminator





$179 ~ $239
Pixim Seawolf 690 HTVL effective
690 HTVL-E 0 Lux with IR LEDs
Pixim Seawolf DPS Image Sensor Outdoor Indoor Surveillance Camera Excels in High Contrast & Back-Lit conditions Wide Dynamic 2.8~12mm Automatic-Iris Lens Day/Night Infrared


 Infrared Illuminators
Automatic On/Off Ready-to-Use Plug-In "SEE-in-the-DARK"
 Infrared CCTV Illuminator
Hi-Power IR Illuminator for Day Night CCTV
CCTV security Infrared Illuminator

DIY PCB Module


 Deterrent Warning Labels - Stickers

CCTV warning signDeterrent CCTV Warning SignAdhesive Security warning signwarning camera security signCCTV camera warning sign
Adhesive Deterrent Warning Labels * Adhesive Advertising Labels * Compliance * CE Mark * C-tick * Serial Number * Product Identification * Instruction or Specification * Logo-Name-Contact * CCTV Installed by 'your name'.

 Discontinued C Mount &  CS Mount Camera Surveillance

EffioE-CS960H CCD960H-IRHR Effio-960Hcs CAM-DVR EffioE-960Hcs CCS-SHAD-HR CS-CIS-IIwd CS-IRdnLP Pixim-CS EffioE-760Hcs CS-2660 Sony CCD CS Mount  CS-SonyHQ1 Licence Plate  special High Sensitivity High Resolution Security  CS-dnHR+ CCS-C660 Security  CCS-C680HR Video  CCS-C660 CCTV  CCS-SONY Video  sony ccd mono cs mount cctvvideo  CCS-SONY-AI sony ccd mono cs mount cctv video  Video  CCS-SHAD-HR Video  monochrome low light cctv dsp video  CCS-C680HR Video  colour cctv video  CCS-IRdnWD Wide Dynamic colour day night high resolution moving ir cut filter cctv video  CCS-GEM-I Video  cctv dsp video  Maxi-DayNite day night infrared movable ir cut filter variable focal length auto iris lens colour cctv video  AutoCam-dn Video  auto focus zoom dsp day night ir cut video  Auto-Cam auto focus zoom dsp video  CCS-C660HR Video  1260 Colour CCTV  1313 CCTV Video  1313HR CCTV Video  152 Day Night Colour CCTV  1640 CCTV Video  1660 CCTV Video Camera 1817 CCTV video Camera 1827 Colour CCTV Video Camera 250 CCTV Video Camera 260 Colour CCTV Video Camera 313 CCTV Video Camera 313HR CCTV Video Camera 52 Day Night Colour CCTV Camera 571 Colour CCTV Video Camera 640 CCTV Video Camera 660 CCTV Camera 72 Colour Day Night CCTV Video Camera 817 CCTV Camera 827 Colour Video Camera 305 Camera 300 CCTV Camera 301 Video Camera 370 Camera 371 Camera 375 CCTV Camera 250 Colour CCTV Camera 375 Camera 250 CCTV Camera 2001 CCTV Video Camera 25 Video Camera 25ll Camera 27 Video Camera 4 Camera 4ll Camera 5 CCTV Video Camera 550 Camera 555 CCTV Camera 571 Camera 5ll CCTV Video Camera 6 Video Camera 6ll CCTV Video Camera 7 Video Camera 7ll CCTV Video Camera 9 Video Camera 9H CCTV Video Camera 9Hll Video Camera 9ll CCTV Video Camera C10HR Camera C11 Video Camera C11HR Camera C640 Colour CCTV Video Camera C817HR Colour Video Camera CdnHRIR 2 Colour Day Night High Resolution Moving ir Cut Filter CCTV Video Camera CCS-CdnIRHR Colour Day Night High Resolution Moving IR Cut Filter CCTV Video Camera CCTV C Mount Colour CCTV Video Camera Comparison CCTV CS Mount Mono CCTV Video Camera Comparison CCTV Colour Video Camera Comparison GEM CCTV DSP Video Camera GEM Monochrome Low Light CCTV DSP Video Camera Gem SONY CCD high resolution mono Video Camera X125 Video Camera