CS Mount Security Camera


Digital Signal Processing Hidden Camera

$404 Including Tax

COLOUR/MONO DAY/NIGHT Infrared CS Mount Security Camera


Super Automatic Gain Control

12 VDC / 24 vac Line-Lock Ext Sync

Video & DC Automatic Iris Lens outputs

Advanced Automatic Tracing White Balance

Digital Horizontal & Vertical Aperture Correction

Intelligent Automatic 225 area Digital Control Back Light Compensation

High Picture Quality & Sensitivity from SONY "Super HAD CCD" & "SS-1M" technology

Versatile Exposure control Automatic Electronic Shutter AND/OR Automatic Iris Lens Control

Infra-Red Sensitivity.
Special Design Colour/Day Monochrome/Night for infrared illumination.
Digital Signal Processing cuts/filters unwanted infrared illumination that normally influences colour balance to produce high quality colour images when lighting is adequate, automatically changes to high sensitivity low-noise monochrome operation in low (zero with IR source) light conditions.


High Sensitivity with MicroLens on pixels.
HIGH SENSITIVITY "Super HAD CCD" technology from SONY reduces, as far as possible the in-effective areas between the on-chip microlenses formed over each pixel, and thus further increases the efficiency of utilisation of the incident light to provide higher sensitivity and improved signal:noise ratio.

1/3" 315 444 element Super HAD CCD Sensor: 0.3 lux at F1.2 Sensitivity, 500 + line Horizontal Resolution.


Updated SS-1M SONY chipset.
Uses updated "SS-1M" SONY chipset technology to ensure crisp, sharp, natural colour images and optimum light control using a new algorithm, wide range auto tracing white balance 2 000 ~ 18 000 degrees Kelvin with the capability to simulate chromatic correction function of the human eye plus artificial intelligent auto/manual exposure system.

SONY technology is complemented with manufacturer's proprietary digital camera 16 bit microprocessor and firmware.


Advanced Digital ATW (Auto Tracing White Balance).
Conventional Automatic White Balance processes colour according to the average colour of all objects, if a large area of the image is one colour colour reproduction will be unbalanced. In order to simulate the human eye/brain which has a chromatic correction function, the advanced auto tracing function used in this camera is capable of detecting absolute colour temperature and trace white in most conditions and reproduce an excellent colour image. The colour temperature range is 2 000 ~ 18 000 degrees Kelvin.


Versatile Exposure System Shutter and/or Iris.
Four exposure modes controlled by DSP to change electronic shutter speed automatically, the range of AES (Automatic Electronic Shutter) can vary continuously from 1/50 ~ 1/100 000 second and the AI (Automatic Iris) DC Lens iris is controlled in response to light on CCD to ensure optimum exposure. The AES and AI modes may be used to reduce blurring of motion under appropriate lighting conditions. The manual exposure is mainly for industrial imaging together with manual gain to suit special applications.

Intelligent digital Automatic BLC (Back Light Compensation).
This intelligent automatic BLC is a newly developed digital light level control system, it is activated automatically by screen histogram and 225 area window weighting integration to control iris gain and white balance simultaneously. Optimum results will be attained with a DC Automatic Iris Lens, it is also effective with other lens types.


Super AGC (Automatic Gain Control).
The super AGC function more effectively improves the sensitivity and flexibility compared to conventional AGC. In surveillance applications the super AGC automatically boosts the video signal gain by 6 dB over the AGC range, so the subject under low light illumination may be more clearly recognised.


Digital Horizontal and Vertical Aperture Correction.
This camera employs a digital aperture enhancer, this feature improves image sharpness and ideal for situations where the object merges into a similar colour/shade background, moreover it is also effective for VCR recording providing crisp sharp images.

External Synchronisation.
When powered from a 24 vac supply cameras may be synchronised to alternating current supply, phase adjustment to compensate for varying cable lengths.



Infra-red wavelength 820 ~ 1000 nanometers

C or CS Lens Mount, DC-Drive and Video-Drive automatic iris lens output socket 4 pin.  

1/3" 0.3 lux @ F1.2, SONY Super Hole-Accumulation-Diode CCD Sensor 542 (H) 582 (V)

PAL 625 scanning lines, 500 + line Horizontal * 400 line Vertical Resolution, Internal Synchronisation or Line Lock with 24 vac supply.

Gain Control: AGC 30 dB standard, Super-AGC 36 dB, Manual Gain 0, 6, 12, 18 dB.

Signal : Noise ratio better than 48 dB

Automatic Exposure System: AES 1/50~1/100 000,  FL 1/100~1/100 000, AI Mode 1/50, AES + AI.

Manual Exposure System: 1/50, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/5000, 1/10 000 second.

White Balance: ATW Standard range 2 500~9 500K.  AWB conventional. Push-to-Lock. Preset: indoor 3 200K - 4 200K - 4 700K, outdoor 6 300K. MWB Red / Blue bias.

Back Light Compensation: Automatic detect, histogram plus 225 area central window weighted, Average or Peak selector.

Gamma: 0.45 or 1.0

Video Output: Composite 75 ohms 1 v p-p unbalanced, BNC socket

Power Supply: 12 Volts DC Regulated or 24 vac, ~ 3.5 Watts

Dimensions: 57 (W) 56 (H) 105 (D) excluding sockets.

Construction: Metal Case

Manufactured in Taiwan

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