Day Night InfraRed sensitive Colour Camera Automatic Focus Motorised Zoom

High Resolution 230X Zoom Automatic Focus TRUE Day Night Colour CCTV Surveillance Cameras Digital Slow Shutter Frame-Integration significantly enhances Low-Light & Infrared performance

 Day Night InfraRed sensitive Colour Camera Automatic Focus Motorised Zoom

High Resolution 230X Zoom Automatic Focus TRUE Day Night Colour Camera
This Camera utilises an Automatic mechanically movable Infrared Cut Filter for Vivid Colour Rendition & maximum low light & Infrared Sensitivity PLUS Automatic-Focus that negates Visible-InfraRed Focus Shift ensuring Crisp Colour & Monochrome Images
These innovations eliminate the major shortcomings associated with ordinary Day Night Colour Cameras

Digital Slow Shutter Frame-Integration to significantly enhance Low-Light & Infrared capability

Internal BalUn for Video via Twisted Pair Cable
Sony Super HAD CCD


Camera Module made in JAPAN

~ 48 dB Signal : Noise Ratio

0.3 ~ 0.005 (DSS) Lux


2 Wire Remote Zoom
RS485 Interface
750 + H-Pixels

Fully Self Contained True No-Compromise Day Night InfraRed sensitive Colour
Surveillance Cameras with Automatic Focus & Motorised 230X Zoom, Plug-In & View.

MOVABLE InfraRed CUT Filter for superb colour rendition & maximum low-light & Infrared sensitivity.

Internal BalUn for Video & Power via Twisted Pair Cat-5/6 LAN Cable.

0.03 Lux, higher sensitivity using Frame Integration (Digital Slow Shutter).

Motorised Automatic / Manual Focus & Zoom.

230X Zoom (23X Motorised Lens, 10X Digital).

Camera Module made in JAPAN.

On-Screen menu driven Setup.

Remote Zoom via 2 wires.

750 + Horizontal Pixels.

RS485 Interface.

This CCTV Systems Camera is fitted with a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) that utilises Sony's patented Super Hole Accumulation Diode (HAD) & MicroLens Technology that drastically improves sensitivity & quality.

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(previously 220X Zoom 22x10)

$389 for mixed order over $1000
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ISO9001 Taiwan Quality

[REG12/1A] Plug Pack Regulated 12 VDC 1 Amp $20
[Cable-VP] DIY Plug-In 20m Video & Power Cable
[Mike] Microphone & Preamplifier $20
[Rect-Reg+] Rectifier Regulator for long cable run, 24 vac power, etc

Compatible RS485 Devices:
2-Wire 128 Channel Joystick Controller

CCTV-Test/LC PTZF Setup & Monitor
CCTV-Test PTZF Setup & Monitor & Analyser
IPwTX Wired / Wireless Network AV Server

Ideal for use with 720 H-Pixel Digital CCTV Video Recorders

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All values are approximate.

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

Width of Vision @ 3.8 mm setting with Digital Zoom = 0

2.5 m 4.2 m 7.5 m 12.5 m

Width of Vision @ 87.4 mm setting with Digital Zoom = 0

0.12 m 0.2 m 0.37 m 0.62 m

Width of Vision @ 87.4 mm setting with Digital Zoom = 10

- - - 0.06 m

Additional Camera Lens information



Security Surveillance Video System: PAL Colour fully compatible with Australian TV System.

Security Cameras 752 (H) x 582 (V) 437 664 Pixel LOW BLEMISH 1/4" inch SONY Super HAD MicroLens Interline Transfer CCD.
Super Hole Accumulation Diode SONY Microlens Charge Coupled Device structure
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Lens: Motorised Focus/Zoom/Iris, 23X Optical ZOOM, focal length 3.8 mm ~ 87.4 mm, Automatic Iris, Automatic / Manual Focus, 64 Zoom / Focus Positions.

Scanning System: 2 : 1 Interlace, PAL 50 Hz vertical, 15 625 Hz horizontal.

Synchronisation: Internal or Line Lock with Phase adjustment (24 vac operation).

Video Output (1): 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 75 ohms, suit Australian TV, VCR, AV & Video inputs, BNC socket.

Hidden Camera Video Output (2): 1.14 V p-p Composite Video 100 ohms balanced via 8P8C (RJ45 8P) socket for use with Cat-5/6 UTP LAN Cable and compatible with all Composite Video BalUns on this page.

Horizontal Pixels: 750 + (this value is provided for comparative purposes only) Better than Super-VHS resolution.

Sensitivity: ~ 0.03 lux @ F1.6 50 IRE in Night Mode (without IR CUT filter) AGC On, more sensitive using Digital Slow Shutter (Frame Integration), these values are provided for comparative purposes only..

Surveillance System Movable Infrared Optical Filter:
Movable Infrared Cut Filter Day positionmoreMovable Infrared Cut Filter Night position
In Day mode (well lit, colour) mechanism automatically positions IR-CUT optical filter between Lens and Image Sensor to exclude Infrared radiation that would otherwise adversely affect colour reproduction, this ensures colour rendition not possible with ordinary non-filtered or notch-filter type Day/Night cameras.

In Night mode (low light, monochrome) mechanism automatically removes IR-CUT optical filter to allow Infrared radiation to pass boosting low light and Infrared sensitivity, the result is significantly better night images using an Infrared Illuminator or with Infrared rich light sources. Infrared Response without Infrared filter is ~ 700 to ~ 1100 nm better than a 'CCTV notch IR Filter', additional CCTV Infrared Night Vision.

Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES): 1/50 to 1/100 000 second or Fixed 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000 or 1/10000 additional surveillance camera information. (see Frame-Integration below).

Frame-Integration: Digital Slow Shutter Off, 6, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24, 30 or 36 Frames, Due to the nature of Frame Integration clear images of moving objects may not be possible.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): On/Off, 0 ~ 24 dB 9 steps.

Hidden Cameras Signal to Noise ratio: ~ 48 dB, measured with AGC off.

Back-Light Compensation (BLC): On/Off, 48 zones.

RS485: PELCO-D Protocol 2400 bps for control of Zoom, Focus & Iris. When used with Wireless Video Two-Way Audio RS485 Alarm I/O Web Cam Server Video Recorder select EP Pelco-D 2400 bps. When used with version 1 (< 21/07/08) of PTZFa-TX485 to address Camera press Clear, enter Camera #, press CAM * to access OSD enter 64, press CALL, use Joystick to emulate Up/Down/ENT/Exit keys on rear of Camera. IMPORTANT CAMERA OSD is not accessible using standard Pelco CALL 95 command, Camera OSD requires CALL 64.

White Balance: ATW / AWB / OFF.

Other Functions: Title, ALC, Enhancer, Zoom/Focus Speed, Horizontal/Vertical Reverse, Gamma, Mask, Freeze, Cross Line, Language, Positive/Negative, + moreDigital Slow Shutter - Frame Integration - Day Night - Movable IR Cut Filter - Colour CCTV Video Cameras with integral Motorised Zoom Lens - Automatic Focus - 220X Zoom - RS485 Interface - Sony Image Sensor - 750 + Horizontal Pixels - 50 + dB Signal to Noise Ratio - High 0.005 lux Sensitivity using Frame Integration - Suitable for high to average levels of illumination indoors or outdoors - Suitable for regular &amp; difficult / problem CCTV Video Surveillance Observationfor: 'Pages from User Manual'.

Security System Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC Regulated ~ 300 mA (~ 800 mA Peak when Zoom/Focus/IR-CUT motor operates), via Screw Terminal Block. Consider cable resistance when installing, ask us about solutions if voltage drop is a problem with existing wiring. (Cable-2155/Skt 2.1 x 5.5 mm Socket on Cable for use with 20 Metre Cable or Power Supply)

Dimensions: ~ 67 mm Wide, ~ 78 mm High, ~ 127 mm Deep including Mounting Base & Connectors, ~ 450 grams.

Day Night InfraRed sensitive Colour Camera Automatic Focus Motorised Zoom

Security Systems Made in: Taiwan.

Manufacturer's Experience: 15 + Years, ISO 9001 Certified.




Colour Day Night Infrared Sensitive CCTV Video Camera integral Motorised Zoom Lens Automatic Focus 230X Zoom & RS485 interface Sony Image Sensor * 600 + Horizontal Lines * up to 52 dB Signal to Noise Ratio * High 0.02 lux Sensitivity using Frame Integration * Suitable for high to average levels of illumination indoors or outdoors