CS Mount Surveillance Camera

C and CS Mount DAY / NIGHT / INFRARED Colour CCTV Video Surveillance Camera, Video Drive & DC Drive Automatic Iris Lens output, Aluminium Case. 1/3 inch LOW BLEMISH SONY EXTRA VIEW HAD CCD, Digital Signal Processing, used with an Automatic Iris lens this camera is suitable for 24 HOUR Surveillance from zero light levels with IR Illumination through to Full Daylight it will produce sharp monochrome through to Full Colour images. Accepts CS or C Mount Fixed, Manual or Automatic Iris lenses for sharper overall focus.


1/3" SONY EXTRA VIEW HAD CCD C/CS Mount Digital Signal Processing Colour CS Mount Camera Surveillance Day / Night / IR Camera

$480 (A)
$539 (B)

LOW BLEMISH 1/3" SONY EXTRA VIEW HAD CCD SENSOR COLOUR DAY / NIGHT / Infra-Red C/CS Mount Digital Signal Processing Colour CCTV CS Mount Surveillance Camera * Ideal for Extra Sharp, Extra High Resolution images and 24 Hour Surveillance applications with artificial or Infra-Red Illumination. May be used indoors or outdoors in Homes, Shops, Showrooms, Offices, Car Yards, Outdoor Displays, 24 Hour Web-Cams, Warehouses, etc., etc,.

with 8, 12 or 16  mm C Mount Fixed Iris Lens + $25
with Aluminium Swivel Mounting Bracket + $5
with Regulated 1 Amp Plug Pack + $25
with DIY AV Plug-In 20 metre Cable & Adaptor Set + $30
High-Quality 3 Year Warranty Japanese CS Mount Lenses ('with camera' prices)
These Lenses produce Sharper images and pass more than 2 X more light than a common Fixed Iris C Mount Lens, use these to vastly improve the Low-Light performance of Camera / Lens combination and for Lower-Noise images.
2.5 mm F1.6 Manual Iris   $81 J 2.5 mm F1.6 Automatic Iris $136
3.8 mm F1.6 Manual Iris   $67 J 3.8 mm F1.6 Automatic Iris $118
8 mm F1.4 Manual Iris   $59 J 8 mm F1.4 Automatic Iris $109
3.5 ~ 6 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Manual Iris   $88 J 3.5 ~ 6 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Automatic Iris $144
3.5 ~ 9 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Manual Iris $100 J 3.5 ~ 9 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Automatic Iris $162
5 ~ 50 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Manual Iris $155 J 5 ~ 50 mm F1.4 Variable Focal Length Auto DC Iris $180   

Any one lens may be purchased at  'with camera' price, all lenses suitable for this Camera are listed near bottom of this page, click on the underlined Lenses link for prices.

Automatic Gain Control

Back Light Compensation

TTL Automatic White Balance

Composite Video & Y/C S-Video outputs

Video & DC Automatic Iris Lens outputs

Automatic Horizontal & Vertical Aperture Correction

High Picture Quality & Sensitivity from SONY "Extra View HAD CCD"

Width of Vision with:

@ 3 m @ 5 m @ 9 m @ 15 m

3.8 mm Lens

3.6 m 6 m 10.8 m 18 m

8 mm Lens

1.8 m 3 m 5.4 m 9 m

12 mm Lens

1.2 m 2 m 3.6 m 6 m

16 mm Lens

0.9 m 1.5 m 2.7 m 4.5 m

Additional Lens selection info

CCTV Lens      

Infra-Red Sensitivity.
Special Design Colour/Day Monochrome/Night for infrared illumination.
Digital Signal Processing cuts/filters unwanted infrared illumination that normally influences colour balance to produce high quality colour images when lighting is adequate, automatically changes to high sensitivity low-noise monochrome operation in low (zero with IR source) light conditions.

High Sensitivity with MicroLens on pixels.
"Extra View HAD CCD" technology from SONY reduces, as far as possible the in-effective areas between the on-chip microlenses formed over each pixel, and thus further increases the efficiency of utilisation of the incident light to provide higher sensitivity and improved signal:noise ratio.

1/3 Inch 437 664 element LOW BLEMISH SONY Extra view HAD CCD Sensor: 0.019 Lux at F0.75, 3200K  @ 10 IRE output, B/W condition, 640 line Horizontal Resolution.

Digital Horizontal and Vertical Aperture Correction.
This camera employs digital aperture correction, this feature improves image sharpness and ideal for situations where the object merges into a similar colour/shade background, moreover it is also effective for VCR recording providing crisp sharp images.



Video System: PAL Colour fully compatible with Australian TV System.

752 (H) x 582 (V) 437 664 Pixel 1/3 Inch LOW BLEMISH SONY Interline Transfer Hole-Accumulation-Diode Extra View CCD.

Infra-red sensitive wavelength 850 ~ 1050 + nanom.

0.11 Lux (F0.75, 3200K) @ 10 IRE output, Colour condition.

0.019 Lux at F0.75, 3200K  @ 10 IRE output, B/W condition.

C or CS Lens Mount, DC-Drive and Video-Drive automatic iris lens output, common 4 pin socket.  

PAL 625 scanning lines, 640 lines Horizontal * 400 line Vertical Resolution, Internal Synchronisation.

Automatic Gain Control: 0 ~ 18 dB, On/ Off Switch.

Signal : Noise ratio better than 50 dB.

Automatic Exposure Shutter: AES 1/50 ~ 1/100 000 second.

White Balance: TTL Automatic.

Back Light Compensation: On / Off, AES and DC Drive Auto Iris modes.

Gamma: 0.45.

Video Output: Composite 75 ohms 1 v p-p unbalanced, BNC socket, Y/C 75 ohms unbalanced Y = 1 v p-p, C = 0.286 v p-p, 4 pin socket.

Power Supply: 12 Volts DC Regulated, ~ 6 Watts, screw terminals.

Dimensions: 65 (W) 60 (H) 120 (D), ~ 450 grams.

Construction: Metal Case.

Made in: Taiwan

Manufacturer's Experience: 24 + Years in CCTV


Aluminium Housings Weatherproof & Indoor

Plug-In DIY AV 20 metre Cable / Adaptor Set: 20 metre AV Cable with moulded Plugs & Socket. Two RCA Plugs & DC Plug for camera end, Two RCA Plugs & DC Socket for Plug-Pack & Monitor/VCR/Etc. One BNC-RCA Adaptor to connect to Monitor/VCR/Quad/Switcher/Multiplexer/Etc.

20 metre AV Cable BNC Plug to RCA Socket


Monitor - another solution

VGA Converter CCTV



Lenses C: 8, 12, & 16 mm. CS: 2.5, 3.8, 8, 25 mm, 3.5 ~ 6, 3.5 ~ 9, 6 ~ 15, 5 ~ 50 mm * Varifocal.