Joystick PTZ Controller RS485 Pelco
Security Camera RS 485 Remote Joystick Pan / Tilt / Camera / Auxiliary PTZ Controller
for CCTV Video Surveillance Cameras / Pan-Tilt -Zoom-Focus-Auxiliary Receiver / Speed Dome PTZ Camera

128 Channels / Addresses * PTZ Controller controls up to 128 Devices.

Control: Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus / Camera OSD Setup / Auxiliary: Washer - Lights - Locks - etc etc

PTZFa-TX485 $149 ISO9001 Taiwan Quality
BULK BUY Price click on TRUCK for more information Bulk-Buy $99 (10+)

Power Supply 12 VDC 0.3 Amp $12

Two-Wire PELCO-D, PELCO-P, COP-2 compatible RS485 Controller

2400 bps, 4800 bps, 9600 bps data rate


RS485 / PTZ Control with Backlit Liquid Crystal Display.

Control Switches: Auto Pan. Lens: Iris/Focus/Zoom. Iris-Open / Focus-Near / Zoom-Wide. Iris-Close / Focus-Far / Zoom-Tele. On. Off. Shot. CAM-ID. Clear. 0-9 Number. Call. Preset. Joystick.

Compatible with these RS485 Devices:
22X-ZoomAF Quick-Install Auto-Focus Camera
QuicKam26X 26X VariFocal Lens SONY CCD
QuicKam18X 960H 18X Variable Lens
DomePTZ-2 220X Zoom Dome Camerap>

RS485 Analyser displays hexadecimal data from any RS485 controller

Security Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Speed Dome Controller RS485

Security CCTV Camera Joystick Pan Tilt Zoom Controller
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